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31 May 2017


I generally hit the panic button in my life (unintentionally of course) when I text my friends for cancelling a planned evening, where I can’t make due to my work engagements.…in return I end up getting the endless messages with all angry emoticons and the one last message always comes, stating, you wake up to a client call, sleep after a client call, talk only with clients and that’s all which makes you called a successful CTO…. Oouch, it hurts!!! But who can tell this to my friends that at times the work demands and it makes you cancel the most prominent meetings and you have to adjust and gulp down that bitter essence from the expensive chalice of your designation…ok, let’s stop here and let me jump out of my role of a sophisticated corporate executive, and grab your attention why I am here today…

Something which always catches my fancy and does not disturb my professional demands is Shopping, yes you heard me right, and I think every girl in every nook and corner of this world while reading this piece could relate to my situation. By default, every girl genetically loves fashion and can sell arms and length to acquire branded stuff from D&G, Gucci, Mango, Ralph Lauren and many others in the collection. We can travel from one axis point to another to access the latest fashion from every possible country in our reach, but sadly very few of us are lucky enough to choose UAE, London & Paris as their favorite and next door shopping destinations, but for the people like me, who are bound to travel not even till 150 km due to our professional commitments have mobile apps to rely upon.

Bond Between Mobile Apps & Fashion

The fashion exists everywhere, and to access it, the best possible way is technology offered in the form of a mobile app. Do you think why am talking so technical?, no it has got nothing to do with my association with a mobile app development company, but this is the voice of a modern time user, who wants to access everything at the fingertips. If I have, to sum up, the benefits mobile apps can give to the fashion industry in the UAE, then I believe this entire blog would be invested in that writing only, but for my readers, I would like to summarize it to a few points, please take a look:

  • Virtual Store
  • Accessibility
  • Brand Building
  • Promotion
  • Updates on regular discounts
  • Widen your customer base


Well, these are some of the advantages you get from fashion mobile app for your fashion brand, apart from these, the most significant one, that is:


On coming back to my point, I adore the January month most due to the Dubai festival, but had never been lucky to visit the fashion stores of top notch UAE fashion designers and their successful fashion brands, but I always admire their collection, for the exquisite and most wearable dresses designed by them. When it comes to designer dresses and mostly which are flaunted on the ramp are not wearable every time, and I think many readers out there can agree with me, but some of the fashion brands in UAE, have carved a niche for themselves in the booming fashion industry in UAE.

Many fashion designers in the UAE, are accessing the global and the most accessible platform for mobile apps and able to hit the global market. The fashion industry in UAE is evolving at a larger scale and the business possibilities for the fashion designers in UAE are endless if given an accurate business marketing strategy.

The sweet delight of fashion industry fills the cart of business revenue with a mobile app designed for the fashion brand. Every fashion statement is unique and has the potential to reach its targeted users, but due to distances between, at times it gets little difficult, like the fashion brands in UAE, are already popular and their popularity can go quadruple in size if a mobile app is chosen as a source of reaching their targeted audience. With a right dose of marketing and the app development strategy, it all would bless the need of the customers like me, who are willing to buy the exclusive couture in our wardrobe in a blink.

On the other hand, the professional within ME wants to shout aloud and update my readers that, if you have a fashion brand or just have a concept of fashion app, you must not prolong it further, and must get your brand linked with a mobile app to reach the wider spectrum of the audience throughout the globe. My current company Techugo is a top mobile app development company in UAE and we have already assisted various fashion startups across the globe to find their success platform.

A request to UAE fashion designers, you all are wonderful and your creations are breathtaking, so please do not keep your followers from other countries (like me especially) abstain from accessing your exclusive fashion pieces. So, for your fashion mobile app development requirement, just hit the mail button or reach us on Skype on the below-mentioned id and I assure you, that you will receive a prompt reply from my team, we are waiting to hear from you…Don’t lag behind and adopt the mobile app for your brand before it gets too late….hope to have those wonderful UAE fashion pieces soon in my wardrobe.

You can reach us at:

Skype: aks141

Skype: ankit.techugo



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