4 May 2018
Updated on July 19th, 2019

Now Create ‘MEANINGFUL’ Relationships Through Facebook


Ankit Singh

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Humans indeed are one of the most beautiful creations by God, except the fact that now the nature destruction is only caused by the humans…a sad fact indeed…but am not here to discuss this today, and will take some different opportunity to address this severe issue, so let’s hop back to my main point to be here today and addressing you all…

C’mon…don’t take me wrong from the title of this post, neither am going to give a motivational speech about the relationships here nor am going to advocate the rule of a healthy relationship…please keep me aside, that is not my forte to deal with ( a serious pun intended J)

…and fortunately my job as a COO of a leading feature development company Techugo, encourages my socializing skills to an unknown digit, wherein I get in touch, meet, talk and share my views from a larger number of people hailing from different walks of life across the globe…J

Well enough information about me !!!!  J

But what has majorly brought me here today is the Facebook…NOOOO don’t take me wrong again am not hinting at the Facebook data breach, but a new feature which is going to be a product of Facebook, and this feature is not going to be of any random genre but of the Dating.


This was my reaction when I read first about it, and maybe it is yours as well while reading this post…

So instead of cracking the nuts of speculation any further than what is this and how is this going to happen even??? Let’s read together in this post…

And the voyage has begun…. J


Amidst the chaos of the recent fiasco of Facebook data breach, and the much debated question from the users across the globe that whether it is safe to trust Facebook for the security reasons, during the F8 developer conference at San Jose, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg thrown some powerful news by announcing one of the wildest announcements, and biggest distractions, of the day- A dating feature Facebook’s very much own product.

I know it sounds surprising and somehow it gives the rush to our adrenaline as well, considering the affable social platform of Facebook that what all Facebook would hold in together within this feature to make it compete with the known dating features Tinder, Match to name a few.

To increase the level of excitement Zuckerberg has added while describing this new dating feature that it is a tool to build “real long-term relationships – not just hookups”. “We want Facebook to be somewhere where you can start meaningful relationships,” and he continued by saying . “We’ve designed this with privacy and safety in mind from the beginning.”- Mark Zukerberg

Unquestionably, this very announcement made the audience gap with an excitement.


A lot actually…

  •     This dating feature will be an opt-in dating functionality allowing the users to build dating profiles separate from their primary profiles.
  •      This new dating feature would link the user to events and groups on the larger platform, letting the users with dating profiles to connect via shared interests or commonly attended events.
  •      This profile will only include the first names.
  •       Users would find the people through events that they are interested in.
  •      Once a user would express the interest, they would see other users as well open to dating and are interested in the event.
  •       To minimize the chaos from any angle, the dating conversations will be limited to text only.
  •        Also, the users who have declared themselves as single would be able to use the feature.
  •       As per the report, it will have a separate dating profile, a separate inbox for the messages from the dating version of the feature.
  •       Friends or anybody in your contact list will not be able to see the dating activities. Amidst this, all features, something which caught my attention was that this dating feature is likely to be a free service… YES, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT & CORRECT…which would challenge the business revenue of Tinder.



I think the answer to this question is a BIG FAT Yes…and the reasons are many, which I have collected below…

Fact #1

Facebook has close to 2 billion monthly active users, and surprisingly not a single dating feature till date has achieved it.

Fact #2

Take it or leave it, but there is no other Social media platform, which would compete the online presence of Facebook.

Fact #3

It is likely to be free and maybe this is going to be a major reason as well.

Yet there are few questions, which are still unanswered and everybody would love to know the answers…

Will it allow the block the contact? Can you report a stalker? What about the customer support system? Will there be some adverse steps to be taken for an offender? Or the most significant HOW FAR IT WILL BE SECURED???

These questions and many more other might come up with the usage of this dating feature, so let’s wait till the time this feature finally rolls in and make the sizzling entry in the feature market…keep the fingers crossed…

Indeed this year has been an intense year for the Facebook team and the users of course, but I truly believe and expect that it will be great move to make a difference in the people’s lives.

So with this hope that Facebook team would mirror their promise in this upcoming dating feature, I would love to whisper the fond adieu to you all, and please keep watching this space for more technology-filled information…

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