31 May 2020

Now Send Food To Your Loved Ones With Uber’s New Sharing Feature

Gunjan Manral

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The online food delivery is picking every bits and piece for restaurants to revive their revenue funnel once again. Sadly, Covid-19 has paralyzed restaurant businesses around the world among many other sectors and has changed the way we lived and accessed services few months ago.

Although, the restaurants have undergone a seismic shift, and are going through a disaster. As cities across the world forced them to stop serving dine-in customers in fear of spreading the deadly virus, and as a consequence they have experienced a major decline in their revenue stream.

When restaurants are struggling to survive during global crisis, food delivery apps are bringing a ray of hope for them to beat the blues of economic slump.

Online food delivery is a blessing amid Covid-19 pandemic

With the help of food delivery apps, restaurants have found a way to ensure hygiene and win back the trust of their customers. Restaurants are following rigid food safety and security measures to evade infection in every possible way. Also, with the help of such apps, it has become easier for people who are disabled or sick may not be able to cook, to get food at their doorstep.

Online food delivery is not just a luxury, but it’s what people are relying on for their own food security amid pandemic.

US customers can send a treat to their friends with Uber!

The excitement wrapped in a packet by UberEats has unleashed a new feature. With this feature, customers can send food to friends, family, or coworkers and share details. This makes it an easier platform to track the deliveries. Although, in the past as well UberEats customers could order and send food to their friends. But it required the sender to track the delivery and provide updates to the receiver.

In this new feature, such hassle is eliminated and lets the person receiving the food track the delivery on their phone. As per the official announcement made, with this rollout, Uber has partnered with Starbucks. This move will encourage the customers to send a treat to their friends through its #SendACup campaign.

Indeed, introducing this feature is a great attempt by Uber, to meet the growing demand for delivered food during the COVID-19.

How Uber is impacted by Covid-19?

Uber for Business, is a platform introduced for corporate customers in more than 20 countries this year. To meet the surge in demand, as employees are practicing WFH across the globe. However, despite demand, the Eats division has suffered losses.

On May 4, Uber on-demand food service has pulled-off from the Czech Republic, Egypt, Honduras, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, and Ukraine. Also, in the UAE, the company has transferred its Uber Eats business operations to Careem. But with this new feature, it is expected that the company will gain back its lost charm, and will function smoothly.

Future of dining decoded during the pandemic

No wonders, but COVID-19 has changed the DNA of a lot of industries, and in this run, the hospitality industry has faced the major brunt. There are different restaurants that served the customers in a huge number before the pandemic. But now these restaurants are facing the biggest concern looming on their heads; reduced number of customers.

You cannot deny that the Coronavirus outbreak has forced more people to rely on food delivery apps as they stay home. On the other hand, restaurants have closed dine-in options, which has further created havoc.

With the help of the food delivery app, it becomes easier for restaurants to meet the growing demands of consumers. Several people are stuck in their homes or struggling to refill their fridges because of bare shelves in grocery stores, food delivery apps are helping them.

It might sound insane to some of you out there, but coronavirus pandemic has brought incredible business opportunities to restaurants. And they can serve and cater their services to millions of people stuck at home and missing their favorite restaurant food, with app technology.

Food delivery apps and Pandemic

Just like the rest of the industries, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the restaurant industry is in a serious reckoning. However, online food delivery biz is booming during COVID-19, and this is where you need to nail the deal. For a restaurant business, it becomes quite hard to survive, due to a decrease in physical footfall. Also, this pandemic is expected to change long-term behaviors of consumers, letting food delivery turned out to be a significant revenue generator for many restaurants around the world.

Uber and its sister venture UberEats are putting their best foot forward to win the battle. And trying to compensate people affected by COVID-19 with food delivery services. The company is following different measures to address the issue, where letting drivers clean their cars regularly and asking those with COVID-19 to self-isolate. Also, it has instituted the contact less delivery services for better social distancing measures.

Food for thought

Many restaurants have delivered food during the COVID-19 pandemic, and are embracing this new technology model to generate revenue. Hence if you too are looking forward to streamlining your revenue stream for your restaurant business, then you must not delay it any further. And must grab the biggest bite from the technology to stay afloat amid and after pandemic as well.

To help your restaurant grow higher with an online food delivery app, we at Techugo are working relentlessly to bring you the desired result.

Give us a call today for a no-obligation quote for your online food delivery app concept.

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