13 Feb 2020

How To Build A Successful On-Demand Delivery App Like Postmates?


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On-Demand Delivery App

It is quite observable that every sector is enjoying the advantages of apps due to its great importance, as they have not just helped the businesses to get acquainted with the new approaches, but also help in building an amazing relationship with the customers.

Numerous apps are available in the market to cater to the different kinds of needs of the people. This includes food apps, medicine apps, banking apps, taxi apps, grocery apps, e-commerce apps, and many others. The consistent increase in the usage of various apps has shown us the increased dependency of the people on the apps.

Like any other app, nowadays on-demand food delivery apps are gaining popularity and have taken the market by storm.

But there is a question that always arises in the mind that what is making the on-demand food app like Postmates to grow popular day by day? Let’s dig out the facts further with this post…

A word about Postmates

Discover, order, and track!

Yes, these three are the main functions of the Postmates app. However, unlike any other food delivery app, Postmates doesn’t suffice its services to groceries only, but users can order much beyond it.

Today, Postmates holds the presence in more than 100 metropolitan areas in the USA and allows the users to grab anything from their local stores and get it delivered at their doorstep for a small fee.

The business model of Postmates

You would be surprised to know that the business model of Postmates is quite similar to UberEats. The method of human courier network, allows them to order anything from anywhere within the city.

Features of Postmates

Yes, just like any other food delivery app, Postmates too holds multiple features and functionalities, that are promising and convincing enough. Some of the most celebrating features of Postmates are:

  • It allows customers to order anything from anywhere within the city.
  • There is a nominal delivery fee, depending on the distance covered for delivery.
  • Consumers can get special featured stores, and the delivery is promised within 60 min only.
  • Users can order 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
  • Customers get the option to track the location of the delivery guy.
  • There is an availability to get order notification on their mobile device and GPS is used by the company to match demand.

How to stand apart from the rest in the chaotic on-demand food delivery sector?

There are a few more aspects as well, which help your app to get recognition in its market. So let’s take a quick look at how you can make your on-demand food delivery app to succeed further…

Offers convenience

On-demand food delivery apps have always proved to be one of the best options in terms of saving time. Whenever anything of our need gets over, generally people rush to the market and if that thing is not available in one grocery store, then they move to some another store.

This situation is irksome and time-consuming as well. In such circumstances, people can easily buy the products of their requirements with just one click and they do not need to go anywhere. On-demand food delivery apps not just help the customers by saving their time, but have also saved them from a lot of hassle.

Order updates

This is another important feature that has taken the on-demand food delivery apps to the zenith of success, which is the order update feature.

Now, users don’t need to be perplexed anymore, and they can order anything and get the updates. With the use of an on-demand food delivery application, users can stay updated regarding our orders. Also, they can easily track that where the order has reached and at what time they can expect the order at the doorstep.

Products’ availability

There are many situations in life when users can feel the need of products irrespective of time and it can be a day or night. If it is night time then there are the least possibilities that they will get the product or the shops are opened. But this situation can be tackled with the use of the grocery app as it provides the feasibility to the customers to avail the items 24*7. Whether it is a day or night, people can easily buy products from online stores.

Multiple payment options

The best part which further adds on to the benefits of using on-demand food delivery apps is the availability of multiple modes of payment. Apps also offer leverage to the people to choose the mode of payment as per their convenience.

The users can easily make the payment using the debit card, credit card, and net banking as well. This kind of convenience makes the app popular and desirable amongst the people.

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App notifications

Notifications play a major role in making these apps quite fruitful and demanded. Notifications keep the users notified about the various offers and discounts. In this highly competitive world, vendors keep on introducing new offers and discounts as a part of marketing strategy to attract the customers but if they do not reach the customers they are just useless.

Hence, notifications keep the consumers updated about the benefits that can be availed by the customers on various products like cereals, rice, soaps, shampoos, and many others. This kind of strategy makes consumers delighted and contented.

So these are few aspects which are fostering the growth of the food delivery app like Postmates, if you too are willing to get the best on-demand food delivery app for your food business or grocery business, then just reach out to Techugo team today.

Are you still puzzled with the fact that how much it would cost to build an app like Postmates?

The cost of the app can go up or down, depending upon different pivotal factors, that must be taken into consideration, such as:

  • Location of the Agency
  • Backend Technology preference
  • Technology-stack
  • App design and development

Still confused???

How about reaching out to the Techugo team and see which features & functionalities can help your mobile app to get the success, and what would be the estimation of the project.

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