18 May 2023

On-Demand Laundry App Development: Solution Specific for Your Business Expansion!


Shivani Singh

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On-Demand Laundry App Development

Bring in the absolute transition to how you operate your laundry business with the robust laundry app development. As people are occupied with different activities today, getting their clothes cleaned and ironed becomes a lot more challenging. That’s why they are switching to on-demand laundry apps. 

Their use is as easy as winking, and we can set up schedules for clothes pick up & delivery. In times of urgency, these apps provide the most convenience to users while allowing them to get their clothes washed, cleaned, and ironed. As the Global Online Laundry Service is expected to reach $110.1 billion by 2028, investing in the same will be profitable for your business. 

As we have on-demand apps for everything, whether it’s about food delivery, car wash, grocery delivery, pharmacy delivery, ride-sharing, and laundry, the time is not that far when our lives will revolve around these different kinds of on-demand solutions. So, isn’t it a phase where you should start bringing digitization to your existing laundry business? 

If yes, you must delve deeper into the values, benefits, and other aspects of the laundry app development instead of pitching your idea straight to the best mobile app development company. You will not meet your desired goals until you know how digitization can make you move ahead.

Now, let’s get started!

What is Laundry App Development?

Booking of desired services like clothes package pickup, washing, dry cleaning, ironing, spot removal, delivery, etc., within a single click. Yes, that’s what the laundry app development is all about.

It eases and modifies how customers use laundry services while adding cutting-edge technologies and letting business owners extend their service range, reach, and customer base. 

If you want to make an app like Cleanly, a famous laundry app, a mobile app development company with a never-ending streak of providing customer satisfaction can help.

Why Are Laundry Apps Essential Today? 

People today go gaga over new trends in fashion & clothes. However, as they have so much in their pipelines, it gets hard to extract some time from their occupied hours to wash and iron the clothes with stains, foul smells, dirt, and others. 

Luckily, the experts in the laundry industry have already known about the clearing method, stain removal, and cloth type, which makes it a reason to consumers why they are relying on their services. 

That’s not it!

Also ReadWhat All It Takes To Build An On-Demand Laundry App?

The choice to schedule the pickup and delivery of laundry via smartphones has brought urgency among consumers to access laundry apps frequently. While operating various tasks on our own turns out to be challenging, app development like this ensures convenience in the best way. 

Stats Indicating the Worth of Laundry App Development Service

Laundry apps have a significant influence on our lives, and here are a few facts and figures that prove this statement. 

Stats Indicating the Worth of Laundry App Development Service

  • The dry clean segment can make it at a CAGR of 29.1% from 2022-2030.
  • The laundry industry market, valued at $22.33 billion in 2022, can reach $187.76 billion by 2030. 
  • By 2028, we can expect the reach of the global online laundry service market to be $110.1 billion, at a CAGR of 28.4%.

After looking at these stats above, isn’t it looking like an obvious thing for bracing a huge customer base with laundry app development? 

Indeed, more opportunities would be at your door when you have the support of a laundry app development company that builds a dynamic product for you. 

How Does a Laundry App Work? 

The information above is just a bit about laundry app development because, from here, we are diving into the depth of the same. So, make sure to get a complete insight and learn about the working procedure of a laundry app. 

  • Search

To find the right service, the user needs to use the search tab. Instead of manually writing the services they want, users can filter the search while selecting the services, price range, and location. 

Interesting, right? 

  • Order & Schedule

Now that the user comes to this step, they enter their address, location, and delivery time where the pickup and delivery will be done. The user can schedule the order if the current time is occupied.  

  • Payment

From all the options provided inside the app, like Cash on Delivery, Debit/Credit Card, UPI, etc., users can choose the preferred one and make the payments. 

  • Live Tracking

Just like an eCommerce app provides users with a live tracking mechanism, an on-demand laundry app brings the same while showing different stages like washing is processed, the order has been picked up, delivery today/tomorrow, clothes are being ironed, etc. 

Significant Business Models for Laundry Mobile App Development

To derive revenue from your own laundry app, you must adopt a suitable business model. Check out the table and unveil the relevant differences between on-site and marketplace business models. 

Laundry Mobile App Development

  • On-Site Model

It is perfect for businesses that run their laundry business in the market. The consumer can sit relieved as the delivery and pick up are done from their doorsteps. Here are various reasons showing how this model can attract customers and let them use the app in specific ways, like choosing the delivery time for laundry clothes, entering the pickup time and address, making payments online or cash on delivery, and getting updates on the procedure. 

  • Marketplace/ Aggregator Model

Not just the business owners but also third parties can emphasize the use of this business model. Apps that run with this model let customers compare the price, read reviews, understand the services, check the quality, and evaluate which is the most suitable. The app owner deducts some percent of the share from every transaction customers make. 

Revenue Models for You to Keep Up the Pace

Now, we will learn about those monetization models that let you churn out the most revenue from your on-demand laundry app. So, are you excited to know further?

If yes, continue exploring!

  • Subscription 

We all pay subscriptions after accessing the trial version of an app like Netflix and Spotify to use the app more on a monthly or annual basis.

What about adding this revenue model to your laundry app development?

It would be a pleasure for users who want to use your app more often. They can avail of some more dynamic services within the set time frame. 

  • In-app Advertising

This model lets you receive an amount from the third parties who use your platform to advertise their brands. Depending on the data sources, like preferences, customization, and location, you can receive the cost. 

  • Partnerships and Affiliations 

You can collaborate with other apps providing rewards, discounts, and offers in the same industry and thus scale up revenue generation.  

Different Types of Laundry Services Apps

As there are many types in the laundry app category, you must pick the right one for your business. 

Types of Laundry Services Apps

  • Laundry Management Apps

The service owners can dedicatedly manage their business operations while utilizing features like inventory management, reporting, total orders, feedback, and others. It becomes seamless for them to operate their business operations, all thanks to these apps. 

  • Dry Cleaning Apps

The name is quite enough to show you the relevance of this app type. Users can choose the services from the laundry app to dry clean their clothes and schedule the pickup and delivery locations for getting it done.

  • Laundry Subscription Apps 

From the different subscription options available, users can locate the one that suits them the best. Not just these apps provide users with convenience but also save their cost and time doing laundry every day.

  • Aggregator Laundry Mobile Apps

Customers receive services like dry cleaning, washing, ironing, folding, etc., from online laundries registered in this app type. The service provider near their location and providing the same services a customer needs will be easily found among so many available options. 

  • On-Demand Dedicated Laundry Apps 

All business owners who want to build their dedicated laundry apps can go for this app type and provide services like dry cleaning, laundry, ironing, folding, etc. 

  • Laundry Loyalty Apps

If you want to attract your users with different kinds of rewards, cash-back offers, discounts, and others, this could be a perfect option. However, the way to generate money from this category is through advertisement. 

What Features can you Add to Your Laundry App?

We have covered the features to integrate into your laundry app development. 

Thank us later!

However, as of now, learn these features that can make a robust on-demand laundry app in one go. Also, don’t forget to utilize the on-demand laundry app development services from your potential technical partner to create a streamlined and efficient online marketplace for businesses and consumers. 

Now, let’s get started!

Laundry App Features

Features for Customers

Quick Log-in

Profile Creation

Apply Filters

Service Provider Info.

Order Placement

Favorite Section

Pick-Up & Delivery

Discounts & Offers & Subscriptions

Payment Gateways

Order Tracking

Refund & Order Cancellation



Order History

Reviews and Rating

Features for Service Providers 



Customer Data

Order Management

Push Notification

Loyalty Program

Payment Management

Delivery Management



Support System


Features for Delivery Person


Order Search

Route Map 

Earnings Management

Order Management

GPS Integration


Other Advanced Features to Add to Your On-Demand Laundry App

The features above are insufficient if you want to release a power-packed app in the market. 

Then what else to add?

Some more app features that help you build a competitive profile are: 

1. Multilingual

The multilingual feature should enable people from all cultural backgrounds to understand the content inside the app. 

2. In-App Messages

Customers can connect to the delivery person directly to get a hassle-free experience. Instead, they can elaborate on the requirements using in-app messages.

3. Bill Estimator

An estimated cost of all services the customer will receive is provided with this feature so that they can have a complete insight into the spending. 

4. Last Mile Delivery

Instant delivery of services is possible when you integrate the feature. Within 30 minutes, the delivery person not just picks up the clothes but also delivers the same.

5. OTP Verifications

The registered number will receive an OTP for a safer and more secure payment. Also, it will smooth the way a user places the order.  

Why are On-Demand Laundry App Development Services Prevalent Today?

For businesses, generating revenue is crucial. However, for customers, what’s the most significant is getting the services conveniently. 

And guess what?

Laundry app development caters to the needs of these two parties. Want to learn how?

Read the pointers below: 

On-Demand Laundry App Development Services

Why do Customers love Laundry apps? 

Here are significant benefits. Such as: 

  • Time-Saving

Consumers are not required to put their time into cloth washing, so they will get more time to do other stuff. The delivery personnel of the laundry app visits the user’s place, picks up the clothes, and delivers them when they are washed and cleaned. 

  • Pricing

Customers can see the exact price of every service, including dry cleaning, washing, folding, ironing, etc., and get a transparent picture of the hidden cost. Another factor that leads to customer engagement. 

  • Convenience

Not just people can access the cloth washing services but also schedule the time when they want pickup and delivery. Amazing, right? Indeed the laundry app development provides various reasons why users love using these digital solutions. 

  • Tracking  

What’s the status of the delivery?

Users can quickly locate the same with the GPS integration on an on-demand laundry app. From the item picked up, reached, washed, to ship, everything will be there on the smartphones screens of users, and thus, the transparency between the business and customers increases. 

  • Professional Services

All service providers inside the laundry app are, at most, professionals with expertise in their fields. Yes, they know the suitable methodologies and ways to remove stains and turn the cloth as it was newly purchased. Looking at their dynamic range of services, various customers prefer their usage. 

How can Businesses Make an Impact with Laundry App Development?

Reasons for businesses to invest in their own laundry apps are: 

  • Extend Customer Approach

Not just the local audiences but businesses can target people from the neighborhoods and different countries because of the presence of various service providers within the same space. 

  • Business Opportunity

Many lucrative business growth opportunities will come in front because the demands for these apps are rapidly increasing. That means your business can flourish and enjoy growth in the upcoming years. 

  • Operational Efficiency

Management of the laundry business becomes seamless with a laundry app that lets startups manage orders, dispatch the same, update the status, schedule the process, set up a reminder for orders, and many more things. As everything becomes a one-tap job, operational efficiency gets enhanced and rebooted. 

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

With the dynamic UI/UX design that lets users access your app and perform simple steps to get the services, you can contribute to a better customer experience. 

  • Scalability

Your business can grow in the future with the dynamic number of users adopting the laundry app development. Furthermore, with the integration of some top tech trends, you can present yourself as a threat to all your competitors. 

What Measures Can Lead You Ahead in Laundry App Development?

To initiate the journey in Laundry app development, ensure to perform steps such as: 

  • Project Research

Get a proper analysis of the project that you want to develop while searching for answers to the following questions: 

  • What is prevalent in the market on the current day?  
  • How are competitors moving ahead? 
  • What are their approaches to attracting customers?
  • What do the customers most require? 
  • What is the cost to develop an on-demand app?

Once you get solutions to these questions, you will learn what you need and thus make a plan to achieve the same. 

  • Divide App Development

It is obvious to join hands with some industry experts who can build your own on-demand laundry app. Well, Techugo can help not only in choosing the right technologies and platform for your app but also in creating robust methodologies that derive your business towards various progressive milestones. Also, the team of the on-demand app development company will divide the development into different phases and steps to ensure the credibility of each of them. 

  • Wireframing

Setting up the prototype/wireframing lets you know how your app will look after the development. It is more of a blueprint structure designed to provide users with ease and comfort while navigating the app. 

  • App Development

Now, here we are starting the laundry app development, and no one can make your app as gigantic as you want instead of Techugo. The team has all expertise, experience, and skills required to create a robust mobile app. 

  • Debugging

Testing is crucial to ensure that the app is bug-free. The quality assurance team of our company leaves no stone unturned to create the app of your dream. Even they will make your reality better while adding exceptions to it.

  • App Deployment

Once everything is clear, it’s time to deploy the app on your preferred platforms, such as Google Play Store, App Store, and the web server. You don’t require to do anything, as this is also taken care of by the development team you pick to create an app cleanly. 

  • App Support and Maintenance

What if the device your app is supporting gets some updates?

You must update your app too to match the modifications arriving in the device, and app support and maintenance ensure the same.

Connect with Techugo for Laundry App Development!

Laundry app development brings you closer to your business goals. So, it’s a stepping stone you must cross to achieve newer heights. 

Want to learn more?

Book a consultation today with Techugo, a top mobile app development company in India, and witness how your business progresses.

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