1 Oct 2019
Updated on May 11th, 2022

Online Dating Application – Looking Forward To Woo Your App Users?


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Online Dating Application

Online dating application is creating a lot of stir in the market with its popularity. Keep reading if you want to develop a flawless app and woo all the users!

Even though we are seeing a huge increase in the development of a dating application, its demand is nowhere near a declining stage. Its popularity is continuously moving in a direction to reach its zenith, especially in the US.

They have created a unique type of social network. Even the people who are inclined towards the traditional way of finding love, have started using apps. Because everybody around them is using it.

Its a fact that there are a lot of similar apps out there in the market, but this never guarantees efficiency. So if you are planning to create one for your business then ensure that it stands out the cut-throat competition with its features.

In the world where every single one of them is in a rat race to follow a successful trend, you need to stun them with your app’s efficiency.

Let us first start by understanding the key factors that your users want.

The Million Dollar Question- What User Wants? 

Exclusive dating apps have the capacity to satisfy their users’ urge to find and have that special bond. And since many of the users are not able to find there perfect fit in this modern era, they come running towards these apps. But, the user’s biggest concern before installing and joining it is the security.

And even the research has proved that security and privacy is the biggest issue for the users of dating apps. Because to be honest the world is filled with a lot of psychopaths and criminals. And in addition to this, there has been a significant increase in the number of crimes that happen once the people go out with someone they met online.

Don’t worry, I am not trying to scare you off. Rather I am trying to make you understand the requirement of increased security. So if mobile dating apps are hovering over your business mind, then you need to take over the masses by keeping their security concerns in priority. One way to do that is to keep a check on who is signing up. Providing a secure environment for users is undoubtedly the best way to survive the cutting edge competition.

The next thing that users can’t live without is seamless user experience. Most of you know that it is one of the major features that one cannot ignore, but still, there are many applications that refrain from providing a 100 percent efficiency to its user. This eventually results in a low number of downloads or uninstallation of applications. Therefore, it is something that requires extra attention from the first phase of development as well.

Take Tinder for an example. The reason behind its popularity is its immaculate user experience. It has not only simplified the process of finding a date near you but has also changed the typical scrolling method to swiping one. In a nutshell, Tinder has a stylish user interface and a satisfying user experience. And as a result, it is the best dating app for relationships.

I think now you must be having a clear idea of your user expectations. Now, let’s start with the must-have functionalities that your dating app can’t survive without.

Access Control

A lot of applications allow users to sign up with the help of Facebook. This is because huge chunk of the audience is attracted to a simple one-click sign-up solution. The data that they feed during the sign-up process can be used to find the perfect match online. This is done after assessing the likes and dislikes of both parties.

Another thing that your dating app development company needs to get a hold of is that the application should not share any information associated with it on the users’ Facebook. Doing so can pose a threat to the users’ security and can completely destroy its scope of development. Because many of the users want to separate their private life from social media, they never take the privacy issues lightly.

But sign-in via Facebook is an important feature because, with its help, the dating application checks the authenticity of the posted pictures. And after that, it restricts any fake profile or nudity.

Its A Match!

Different applications have different kinds of approaches when it comes to providing the best options to the user. But for starters, I would like to acknowledge the fact that online dating service has reduced the efforts. Who would have thought that finding soulmates was just a few clicks away?

On one hand, some applications use algorithms to find your perfect fit, while others just stick to location, mutual friends and preference as criteria. Let’s have a look at both of them.

Using math, or to be precise, using a matching algorithm is definitely something that raises a few eyebrows. Because it is not easy for everyone to understand that a mathematical algorithm is sufficient, to asses compatibility between two different people by estimating their personalities and interests.

On Hinge the matches are formed with the help of mutual friends, and Tinder uses preference and location as a criterion.

If you believe that algorithms are the sure-shot solution for finding a partner, then creating applications based on the similar concept is your best bet. For example, OkCupid is the best example that has implemented this technology. It asks a similar set of questions to all its users and the match the best fits together, with the help of its algorithm.

Establishing Communication

Your application will never be successful if you do not integrate it with an efficient messaging portal. Because excluding this feature would mean the initial match was made for nothing. There are some apps that have no constraints over starting the conversation after the match is created successfully. While some of the applications have a time limit over the same.

Delay happens because people want to keep their options open and keep looking for a better one.


The most important point that I want to address is that an online dating application has the capacity to expand your business capabilities. Once you develop a better understanding of how the complete process works, it can act as a great opportunity by providing you an enhanced revenue funnel.

But before that, you need to know all its features and functionalities. Reach out to the best mobile app development company and take your first step towards the journey of success.

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