26 Jun 2019

Online Dating Hacks For Everyone In The Queer Community


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Online Dating

A very Happy Pride Month to everyone. Dig in if  you want to know exciting hacks to make online dating more fun!

Let’s be real, there are no magical ingredients for the perfect dating recipe. Yet, like a fresh monsoon breeze, the season of finding love is upon us.

And, it doesn’t matter if you have been single for three years or three minutes or if you are embarking on the journey of self- discovery. You could definitely use some advice, when it comes to online dating. Navigating the ups and downs thoroughly before jumping into the massive pool of online dating, can help you out in the long run.

If nothing, it surely beats letting your mother set you up(just like the one in Bridget’s Jones Diary).

Finding a perfect date from an ordinary digital pool, is anything but facile(well, its disastrous!). It is just as painful as actually going out on a date with that medical student you haven’t seen since a decade. And if you go and ask your parents or grandparents, for any special dating advice, there is a fair chance that you might not be able to implement the same. It is because ‘old school romance’, might not actually work, when it comes to solving online dating problems, of this current generation. And that is why you need the best online dating applications so that you can meet local singles around you, and have a ball.

Is finding the all-in-one app, an easy task? Well, most definitely not!

But, if you do find or create a perfect dating app, then it acts as the best wing man/woman you could ever ask for. A good dating app is necessary, not just to fix your love life, in fact it needs to take care of everything. Want to know more? Just pop your best bottle from the cellar, and keep reading.

  1. The Bonding: How To Meet The Perfect One?

Considering the added chores you have on your to-do list, it is actually very difficult to meet someone new. From buying expensive porcelain for your fancy crockery collection, to attending your boring colleague’s house warming party, and all of the other added activities, hardly leave any time for you to meet that someone special.

Even if you install a random app for going out on dates, it won’t satisfy your urge for good connections and belongingness. And that is why you need a perfect application. A dating app’s main aim is to create a movement that craves meaningful relationships. The platform needs to focus on reinvigorating real world connections. Even if you are not looking for anything more than a good friend, then you must be able to connect to them.

  1. The Modern Day Dilemma: Who Should Send The First Text?

What should you do after its a match on a dating app? Well, sending that first text is the gravest situation you can encounter on an app. People start bombarding themselves with some unnecessary thoughts. Have a look;

  • Should I send the first text?
  • Is it too soon?
  • Should I wait for a day or two?
  • What if they think I am weird, or worse, desperate?
  • What if they don’t like me?

Honestly, you don’t have any control over these thoughts. But a good app surely makes the first conversation much more easier and fun. Therefore, you no longer need to think of anything else but, the date. An application can have creative ways to provide a unique way to avoid the endless faces on the list.

  1. The Execution: How to jump from good conversations to great dates?

Since, bonding is something very personal, therefore, you need to connect to the other person with utmost honesty. You need to make sure that before going out on a date you establish mutual trust. This can be done by having meaningful conversations. This it the only technique to convert a match into a potential connection, which further leads to a great date.

You only need to keep two things in mind;

  • When to make the next move: You need to make sure that before moving on to the next level, both of you develop mutual understanding and trust
  • How to make the next move: After understanding basic interests, you need to ask them out on a date.

You need to think from your heart, in order to convert your good conversations into good dates. As this is the only best way to do it.

  1. The Perfect Destination: How To Decide A Perfect Place To Meet?

Now this is something, that an app can completely take care of. First of all, you and your date need to know each other and develop a bond that you want to take to another level. And after that you need to decide a perfect location to meet.

When you and your date figure out each other’s likes and dislikes, an app can help you to book your perfect date venue, from the app itself.

But it is very necessary to keep a few points in mind before selecting the venue;

  • Ensure that you value each other’s choices when it comes to selecting the location or the event
  • Add in some extra efforts to woo your date
  • Try beautiful and romantic garden restaurants
  • And don’t forget, that you need to dress to impress

What are some of the best ways to strengthen the roots of a potential relationship or friendship? Take some extra efforts and invest your thought on the perfect destination, and you are good to go.


Last but not the least, a good app is the one stop solution for all your dating woes. And TECHUGO, is the perfect app development company that can create a perfect app for you. From finding you a perfect date to providing you creative ideas for the date, whatever your dream is, we can take care of everything.

Our team of developers can create an app that helps you to move away from virtual relationships and make real life memories. Encouraging curated experiences, quality and convenience is our main aim.

And that is not it, we have so much in stored for all of you. Reach us today, and let’s celebrate the camaraderie we share to boost holistic approbation towards Queer community through app development.

Let’s help solve the contentious altercations over their rights, and make world a better place to live, love and rejoice.

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