22 Jun 2020

Online Learning Has Found Its Moment With Delima!


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Online Learning

The very concept of online learning has transformed into massive and engaging due to the pandemic effect. Now, online learning is the necessity that is being practiced by every possible educational institution in the world. There has been a significant shift every business is going through amid pandemic, and a massive shift like this has brought unprecedented changes in the education field. And it has led to an onslaught need for online learning across the globe.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers, parents, school districts, and communities are doing their best to replace in-person with online learning.

The concept of an online learning plan covers every required teaching strategy, communication rule, device, different solutions, and policies. This further supports the online platform to get blended into the learners’ curriculum.

Why online learning is the future of education?

Flexibility is in abundance

Online education allows the teacher and the student to set their own learning pace. This allows educators to add flexibility in the learning schedule of every student’s agenda of learning. And this further provides a strong platform for the students and learners to create a balance between their studies and learning hours.

Students get skilled educators

Due to distance issues, many skilled educators are unable to reach out to the institutions and provide training. But in the spectrum of online training the convenience of providing training through anywhere in the world, brings many skilled educators onboard. This enables students to get highly skilled trainers to provide the training. 

Easy to access

Yes, you cannot deny from this fact, that every online education platform provides immense convenience of accessibility to the users. It doesn’t matter whether you are willing to take the classes in the odd hours, as per your convenience, an online education platform provides you the easy accessibility of getting the classes without being troubled.

This further helps you to save time and money, which are generally spent in traditional classroom training. With the virtual classroom, students just need to switch on their system and start taking the classes.

These are some of the benefits offered by the online education system, however considering these advantages, multiple education services are bringing their platform on the online platform. In this context, Delima is here to bring a change in the Malaysian education system. Let’s unleash more about this portal with this blog post.

Delima is making a difference!

Delima- Digital Educational Learning Initiative Malaysia, has made an entrance into the world of education. It has been launched by the Education Ministry of Malaysia. While announcing this platform, the education director-general Dr. Habibah Abdul Rahim stated, that Delima is a sharing and collaborative platform offering communities and resources for teachers to support online teaching and learning further. As most of the teachers and students know this platform as Google Classroom, but now it has been rebranded as ‘Delima’.

What this rebranding consists of?

You should know that this rebranding reflects 3 major aspects:

  • Delima offers multiple applications and services;
  • There are many partners involved as well as a single experience in teaching and learning online.
  • Delima aims to empower and prepare students for lifelong learning, and future skills and competencies, which are required to be employed in Malaysia and the global market.

Also, Habibah mentioned that in July 2019, Malaysian ministry had chosen Google Classroom and Google for Education as its platform for learning online. And further added, Microsoft and Apple as well. Now with these main technological players, Delima will ensure to offer required technologies to students, to provide them a hassle-free platform to gain knowledge and education.

A mobile app is a bigger opportunity for the education industry

A mobile app is a platform, that allows the users to access every required service at their fingertips, and for the education industry, this technology is nothing less than a blessing. It opens a floodgate of opportunities for educators and learners to get a pool of advantages from this platform.

Why COVID-19 is the opportunity for an online learning platform?

As well all know that in the current situation we all are dealing with the pandemic, where we have to follow the social distancing to break the chain of the pandemic. It is very hard to access education traditionally, and this is where online learning app comes as a savior and help in gaining knowledge through online mode. considering the requirement, many institutions are offering flexible online learning solutions in addition to their traditional syllabuses. On the other hand, to keep the safety measure as a priority, many schools across the globe are offering online classes for their kids.

No doubt, the projected growth of mobile learning products has led a dazzling future for online learning post-pandemic as well.


Well, these are just a handful of reasons to select an online education platform for your educational institution. And there are many other reasons behind this as well, which make this platform a winning idea during and post-pandemic as well. The current condition of COVID-19 has brought many businesses to invest their money into online platforms for education to increase their revue goal.

If you have decided to make this decision, then you need the assistance of one of the leading app builders in the market to give wings to your mere concept. Reach us today to help your online learning platform turn into a reality.

Our team of experts will ensure to bring you a no-obligation quote for your online education app concept.


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