15 May 2023

Online Pharmacy App Development Solution | Automation of Pharmacist Activities


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Online Pharmacy App Development Solution

‘We bring the medicine to your door.’ This is what the apps of pharmacist companies promise to their end-users. While adding technologies, these companies or drug stores have received all the potential to generate efficiency and enhance their services. Thus, thrive with the ongoing transition in the market. 

A higher level of automation in the industry ensures not only pharmacy business processes but also a gateway toward flourished opportunities. On-demand pharmacy app development proves to be a relevant cause for patients to get back to their medication because, this time, they can have their pills online without relying on others and stepping out of their homes.

Exciting, right? 

That’s just an intro to how significant pharmacy app development is in modern times. Get hold of this blog and unveil what it has hidden about online pharmacy app development

Let’s get started!

Online Pharmacy App | A Good Bridge Between Pharmacy & Patients

The way people are shifting to online pharmacy apps is impressive, and it could lead to $250 billion in market revenue by 2028. 

After registering, users can search for the required medicines, place orders, and get them at their doorsteps in hours or even minutes. Using pharmacy apps is as simple as using an eCommerce app because the customers can do activities like: 

  • Access pharmaceutical products online.
  • Search for the prescribed medications. 
  • Read descriptions of different medicines and compare prices before ordering.
  • Place their order online using digital wallets, credit/debit cards, UPI, and other payment options. 
  • Track the medicine delivery.
  • Apply insurance documents ad e-prescription if they are available.  

Looking at these functionalities of pharmacy app development, it is totally justified to say that the industry is ready to grow toward new heights, and the facts and numbers below indicate the same. 

Online Pharmacy App Development | Market Overview

  • Pharma-related transactions with pharmacy apps can grow at 3-6% CAGR annually, leading to $1.6 trillion by 2025. 
  • The industry’s size can scatter and reach $250 billion by 2028. 
  • As healthcare apps are growing, pharmacy app development can move to exceptions. 
  • Innovative drugs are arriving to lead to explosive growth. 

Types of Pharmacy Apps

Now, let’s get into some different kinds of pharmacy apps that target different business models: 

Types of Pharmacy Apps

  • Online Pharmacy Store: Some well-known pharmacy brands that want to extend their consumer base with impressive medicine delivery apps can prefer this type. As this type allows customization, customers can have the feel and touch of the specific brand.
  • Pharmacy marketplace: It is a marketplace where customers can access registered drug stores, search for products, compare prices, and at last, place orders. Just like restaurants list themselves on a food delivery app, various pharmacy companies do the same to initiate their steps toward digitization. Businesses not interested in building their own custom apps can use this app type and reach a wider audience. 
  • Pharmacy Store Chains: This kind of pharmacy app are suitable for enterprises who want to manage several drug stores digitally. It consists of features that eradicate challenges and make the task more convenient and easier. Consult with the top pharmacy app development company today to create an app in this category for your business. 

How pharmacy app development changes the game for all parties?

Not only pharmacy app development comes in handy for its end-users, but it also helps companies extend their reach. And that’s why a debut in pharmacy app development is essential because both customers and businesses are enjoying the benefits it delivers on the table. 

Wondering what they are?

Read further!

Pharmacy App Benefits

Pharmacy App Benefits for Users

  • Contactless Ordering

No need to go to the pharmacy every time to buy prescribed medicine because of the innovative apps users have on their smartphones. They can simply find their preferred medicine and get the same without coming into physical contact with another person. 

  • Better Option

When a specific medicine is unavailable at the nearest pharmacy store, users can easily access their apps and find the same item at a discount. As several companies sell directly from the manufacturing unit, the cost endured by the mediators gets reduced. 

  • Complete Privacy

Sometimes it feels hesitant for customers to buy the prescription conventionally from a medical store, or they want to treat a health condition privately. For both purposes, pharmacy apps ensure complete privacy to their users and thus lead to better user engagement and retention. 

  • No More Wait

It’s time to say bye-bye to Waiting at the drugstore. One of the dynamic benefits of pharmacy apps. Right, isn’t it?

Since everything is online, from finding to picking up their orders at their doorsteps, users save themselves from standing in a queue or kicking one’s heels to make payments.  

  • Price Comparisons

Users mostly prefer solutions that deliver offers, discounts, promos, rewards, and cashback via push notifications. However, it is unusual to find the same things in a nearby offline drugstore. So, that’s again a significant benefit of why online pharmacy app development solution is building new hype among users. 

Pharmacy App Benefits for Pharmacies 

  • Cutting-Edge Advantage

Online ordering is taking the e-pharmacy market to new heights. Businesses already aware of the dynamicity of being present online are more step further than those who are not because of the cutting-edge advantage secured by the shield of technologies

  • Promotion Opportunities

In this digitalized age, promotion activities are more relevant and significant than conventional advertising. That means, instead of relying on advertisements and consume time, money, and effort on them, you can bring your customers with marketing campaigns, discounts, cashback, rewards, and offers. 

  • Growth

Being a pharmaceutical company, you know what your customers require, and providing them with the best automatically opens a massive door to success and growth for your business. 

  • Increased Profit

 As you increase customer engagement and market reach, the profit and sales will automatically go high in the graph. Thus, it generates more income than ever before. 

  • Recognizable Brand

Your app can become your brand’s voice with the UI/UX development and designing tactics used in it. Staying ahead of the curve and getting your own name in the market becomes no more challenging. 

Key Features to Add in Online Pharmacy Development Solution 

As innovations like ChatGPT in healthcare are arriving, the competition is rising, which compels businesses like you to make your first move in the industry for a great bang. If you are ready for it, we, a top healthcare app development company, are all set to help you provide the most advantages with our robust builds. 

Turn your own online pharmacy app development solution live while adding these features and build the foundation of your business in this competitive edge. 

Pharmacy App Features

Features for Customers:

No matter which type of pharmacy app you are building, these features for customers are mandatory:

  • Sign in/ Sign up 

Try to make the login process of your app as simple as possible. Also, provide a seamless registration using social media profiles or emails. The right team of UI/UX developers will help you build a signup page just like you want

  • Profile Creations

Now registration is done, a user needs to create the profile while adding or editing their personal information, payment details, order history, etc. 

  • Search

Instead of providing a separate tab for users to search for their prescribed medication, sort the products into different categories. This way, they can have a seamless experience on the app. 

  • Product Info

Don’t forget to add the description and info about your products. You can add information like dosage, price, side effects, manufacturer, instructions, etc. Users can go through it and then make their decision to buy. 

  • Maps

Just like a food delivery app allows customers to track their food on the way using the GPS feature, you must also include the same to let your users know how much distance the driver needs to cover to deliver the package. 

  • Order Update

The feature lets users confirm, edit orders, reorder the previous item, and update the delivery details.

  • Payment

While adding a payment gateway, you can ensure an instant and easy-peasy way for users to make payments. 

  • Push Notifications

Not just the discounts, rewards, and other offers on different products, but users can also receive push notifications about their medicine, order delivery status, and refill reminders when your pharmacy app developers integrate this feature.

Features for Pharmacists:

Pharmacists are the ones that approve and decline the orders received by their customers. They have to work efficiently, and features like those mentioned below will help them manage everything seamlessly. 

  • Warehouse Management

Pharmacists should manage their catalogs properly to know about the available fresh products.

  • Order Management

Receiving and managing orders become a seamless procedure with this feature integrated into your online pharmacy app development solution. Pharmacists can also know the status and history of all processed orders.

  • Payments

The section informs pharmacists about user payments. They can get an insight into which users have made the payments and track their statuses. As Blockchain is turning out to be a top-notch technology in the fintech industry and various healthcare companies have been using it, you can also amalgamate it into your online pharmacy app development solution to ensure a safe payment procedure for all parties. 

  • Price Management

Not only can pharmacists modify the price of their products, but also inform users about sales, discounts, and different offers. 

Features for Admins

The admin must access the app’s performance and all the content inside it. For that, here are all the features they can add: 

  • Analytics

While getting a complete insight into the analytics, admins can track all orders and deliveries, also monthly or yearly revenue. 

  • User Management

This feature allows admins to access the personal and financial information of users. 

  • Marketing

To ensure an effective and dynamic promotion strategy, here are some digital marketing and content marketing tools that help admins go ahead with their plans. 

Features for in-house couriers

Your online pharmacy app development solution is incomplete when you don’t include a separate section for delivery workers. Here are some features to add to this segment. 

  • Profile Creation

Delivery partners are also required to create profiles so that their clients can have an insight into who is delivering the order. 

  • Order Details

Using the features, in-house couriers can learn about the customer’s address and the product they want to receive. 

  • Navigation 

To locate the best route to reach to customer’s place, the app should contain navigation features integrated with a third-partyAPI.

  • Delivery Management

Couriers must modify the order status when they have made the deliveries for admins to view. 

  • Notifications

When there is any new order to deliver, the couriers will get a notification about it. Indeed, these features are reasons why we are heading towards our enhanced health, and indeed, the credit here goes to the Improving Healthcare App Development.

Don’t forget to connect with an online pharmacy app development company if you want to integrate this feature into your dream application. 

Techugo will Help you Building Your Online Pharmacy App Development Solution!

The demand for pharmacy app development has fueled the healthcare and drug-selling industry. The way it is combating the threat of chronic diseases with quick delivery of medicines and drugs to the doorstep of patients is quite impressive. As it could lead to a significant positive change in society, one should not ignore its dynamicity. 

Leveraging the right technologies, digital marketing capacities, and convenient services, you can ensure major growth in your pharmacy business.

So are you in this to build your own online pharmacy app development solution?

If yes, Techugo, a leading mobile app development company in the USA, can help. With approaches followed by our top-notch pharmacy app developers, you can give birth to a high-quality online app. 

If you want to turn your drug-selling company into a revenue-generated app, get in touch with our team and start with something exceptional.

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