12 Sep 2020

Open A Beautiful Chapter For Your Salon Business With An App Portal!

The salon sector has been growing by 9.9 percent annually from 2015–2017, and it is projected to reach $128 billion in 2022!

This stat reflects how a mobile app keeps your business visible, and the beauty & salon sector is no exception to it. Indeed, app technology provides an instant visual to your targeted customers every time they pick up their phone. With the app technology, salon business can benefit from the rising consumer sentiment, that gets well addressed by technology.

If you are yet to willing to increase bookings and improve loyalty with your salon business, then giving a shot to this app development is indeed a great choice.

Here in this post we have brought you features and cost to build a successful salon app for your business. Let’s take a look further…

Challenges in the Salon business

  • Managing and scheduling appointments
  • Engaging customers
  • Expanding your business
  • Connecting with more Beauty experts
  • Improving brand recognition

Benefits of Salon app development

  • Bring your services and products in front of the global audience;
  • Schedule appointments online;
  • Get salon serves at home;
  • Track inventory;
  • Easy online payments;
  • Better user attention;
  • Get nearby salons listed;
  • No queue hours for customers;
  • Improved sales.

App panels for salon app

  • User
  • Salon
  • Individual stylist
  • Admin

User app panel

  • Signup and login- Although, it is one of the most basic steps, but you have to ensure that it is the easiest for the users. And give them an option to login through social media channels as well. Also, you must not forget to keep the process as simple and short as possible.
  • View nearby salons or beauty expert- This feature is based on a local search option where users can see nearby salons and book their appointment as per their required services.
  • Book an appointment- In this feature, the user can book an appointment through search filters. And as per their convenience, they can book/reject the appointment.
  • Payment feature- The integration of payment gateway, kets the users to make the payments as per their preferred mode. They can make payment through credit/debit/ net banking, or mobile wallets.
  • View schedules- This feature lets the users view their schedules in their profiles.
  • Chat feature- To bring comfort level to another level, users can chat with their stylist or salon services to know more about schedule or offer.
  • Review and Ratings- Here, users get the option to leave the ratings and reviews on their availed services and this enables other users to pick the salon services depending upon the reviews and feedback.

Individual beauty stylist panel

  • Registration- It lets stylists to register in the app with the help of email or social media accounts.
  • Manage portfolio- This section lets the stylist manage their portfolio and present the best of their works.
  • Service listing- This feature lets stylist to list services, prices, packages, and other seasonal offers.
  • Bookings- With this feature, the stylist can access and view user bookings, requests, chats, etc.
  • Approve/Reject request- Stylist has the authority to approve or reject user request.
  • Manage calendar- Stylists can manage calendar to reflect their availability.
  • Payment feature- It lets stylists to receive the payments from clients via mobile wallet.

Salon owner panel

  • Registration- In this feature, the salon owner registers the salon using a simple process or social media accounts.
  • List services & timings- Here, the salon owner needs to list salon services, timings, prices, packages, offers, and anything else, that can capture users’ attention.
  • Manage portfolio- This feature enables salon owners to add and manage their portfolio and showcase their services.
  • Manage calendar- This helps the owner to manage their own booking calendar, as a consequence, users can schedule the bookings.
  • Manage bookings- They can view users’ bookings, accept/reject bookings, reschedule bookings, etc.
  • Payments feature- It lets the salon owner to receive the payments from clients via mobile wallet.

Admin panel

  • Management of User, salon, and stylist portal- In this feature admin takes care of every other portal.
  • Approve/Reject requests- Here, admin has the access to approve/reject the stylist registration.
  • Charts & reports- Admin can view all the business reports, requests, payment information, services availed, booking number, and any other stat that helps in rinning the salon business.
  • Payment management- Admin has all the rights to govern every single transaction process happening.
  • Advertising management- With this feature admin can control all the promotional activities such as advertisements and monitor its report.

How much does it cost to build a salon app?

The salon app is indeed an investment for your business and will bring quadruple profit in the future. Currently, the gig economy is creating a stir in the market, letting consumers access services at their doorstep, and give immense benefits to your salon business and help it in generating higher ROI.

When it comes to the development cost of your salon app, then there is no specific figure to share, unless you share your app concept. The cost of development gets varied due to multiple factors such as features, functionalities, OSs, technologies among many others.

Henceforth, it is hard to give a specific cost, without knowing the concept and the features to be integrated within. However, to give you a rough estimation, the cost for a salon app can go to any number ranging from $20,000 to $120,000 or even beyond depending on the features, functionalities, and technologies to be included in the app.

To get one specific numerical figure for your concept you need to share your app concept with a team of experienced technocrats to assess and provide you cost for your project.

In closing

Indeed, the beautiful invasion of technologies in the salon domain is remarkably incredible. The creative side of development gets exploration when new devices and technologies come into existence helping users to stay confident with their looks.

If you are yet to experience the benefits of a salon app for your business, then look nowhere and get in touch with the Techugo team today.

We’d love to hear your idea, and share our views to make it a REAL-WORLD product.

Give us a call today and secure a FREE 30 min app consultation.

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