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2 Jun 2017


I love this music, its light, but why is it getting louder and louder and pissing me off? I almost fell from my bed with this thought that there is a doorbell ringing constantly on my door, the moment I got senses from my almost FALL, I collected my all 6 senses and realized it was not the ring on the door, but it was my Skype, which was showing a call, and I suddenly looked at the wall clock, it was showing 3.15 AM yes, it was midnight, and there was a call, I got panicked and the sleeping Business Head in me woke up with an alarming sound. I rushed to pick the phone, and by the time I could reach, the phone screen started to reflect incoming call icon on the Skype call window. I cleared my voice in haste and picked the other side, it was a male, who introduced himself and then started his conversation “hope I  am not disturbing you?”, before I could answer, he hurled his next line on me, I need your help, read about you and I am finding you my perfect choice for my project…the call continued for another 15 minutes, and the major excerpts from the call is ‘ client is from Europe and he wanted an mobile app developed for his product, chose an in-house team and for past 7 months, the app is still in the development process and client has delayed his product launch date already twice, and now he saw us on the internet found our work commendable and wants to deliver the app for him in a particular time frame to save him from a remarkable business loss. I assured him further, and after some technical tête-à-tête, I ended the call to discuss further with my CTO.

Oooph, it was little too much for the adventure at night, but I totally enjoyed it, for the reason that Techugo is gaining its deserving recognition as a top mobile app development company and people love us, but the another fact which made me feel extremely bad was after thinking about the client who had to suffer due to a wrong selection of the team for his app development project. NO NO NO don’t take me wrong, I am not against the in-house app development, but there are certain limitations adhered by the in-house app development option, which at times make the app development a challenging and tiring job. If you don’t believe me, then just read further and explore why outsourcing your app development takes an edge over the in-house app development….let’s proceed

Why Outsourcing Is Better

If you think my designation as a Business Head of a mobile app development company has led me to write about this, then you are absolutely wrong, because had my job venture been into some different domain, yet I would have suggested opting for an outsourcing team, and the reasons for this are coming from my experience window only, which have been enlightened and widened further from the sad experiences shared by our clients and to support my thoughts, lets read ahead:

  • Time-saving


I will address this point with a more personalized example  from none other than my mommy dearest, who is a multi-tasker, and knows well how to stitch and design her attires, she is an active woman and is involved in various social causes back in my city, this all leaves her with limited time to come and stitch for herself, so she picks the boutiques to cater to her needs, where she only has to guide them and get back to her demanding schedule without any worries and on a said date, she receives her dress. The same analogy, if you would integrate and calculate in the mobile app development process you can understand the similarity. If you pick an in-house app development team, it halts your working process, where you have to dedicate a particular team only for the app development process and curb your existing working strategy, making it time to consume further.

  • Cost-effective


In continuation with my previous mentioned point, I will speak further; when you decided to get an in-house team, you need to hire certain resources to proceed with the app development process and have to bear the brunt of employees’ leaves, devices, job-quitting and ever month salary and also, you need to keep a track on individual employees’ performance, on the contrary, with outsourcing mobile app development company, you only have to shoot the order of your app requirement and it is none of your concern who is going on leaves or who is leaving the job or who is non-performing, this all has to be borne by your hired app development company and your main aim remains only to get your app developed in a discussed time-frame without any fail. So in less cost, you get an abundance of benefits with an outsourcing mobile app development company. Albeit, there can be an argument, stating that in-house development team is less expensive, this all deems correct from far, but unfortunately it gets more expensive as time goes, since it requires the full-fledged mechanism from the different app development verticals, such as: analyzing the requirements, programming, designing, implementing, testing, user training, and maintenance, leading to a wider recruitment and cost than planned.

  • Less Risk


When a new employee joins a company, his work speaks for him/her, but not every time, every employer is lucky enough to get a good and active resource, once you decide to dedicate your project to a newly hired resource the future of your app gets into the hand, which may not be proficient enough to handle the detailed requirement of the app, leading to the increased number of risks for your app health. Whereas an outsourced mobile app development company has the resources hired based on their experiences in the different app development genres and the exposure gained by every employee in the outsourcing company dictates the success for your mobile. Outsourcing company has numerous projects, which they receive and deliver daily, helping them to get a strong exposure of developing different types of mobile apps at ease, which all in total make you reduce down the risk factor for your app development process.

Disadvantages For In-House App Development Team

Just to give you a fast look at the disadvantages incur from in-house app development team, can be concluded to below mentioned points:

  • Expensive to maintain, due to the more number of experienced developers required on board.
  • Time consuming
  • Necessary certificates and licenses for buying app codes
  • Chances of getting the project stuck in the midway due to technical glitches


Yes, I agree there are cons available for the outsourcing mobile app development team as well, but compared to in-house, they are minimal and can be further avoided if you choose a right mobile app development partner like Techugo for your app development requirements. Our specialty lies in the quality and on-time delivery of your app project fitting your financial limitations. Due to our extensive support which we have offered to some of the top-notch brands across the globe in helping them attain their revenue goals, has made us a top mobile app development company. You can visit our website, where we let our work speak for us.

We are a brood of some of the top and experience app technicians, app designers and app developers, existing in the mobile app industry, dedicating our passion, enthusiasm, and creativity largely to make your app successful from every corner. Give us a call we are a buzz away to listen and deliver your business solution through our unique mobile app development process.

You can reach us at:
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