30 Jun 2023

Parental Guidance App: Here’s How Lifology is Empowering Parents!


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Parental Guidance App

I remember going through a dilemma of choosing the right career path after my boards. And guess what? It has been the most challenging decision for me since there exist a lot of opinions and the oppression of scoring well.

It won’t be wrong to mention that I wasn’t the only one going through this difficulty. I realized that all my classmates and students appearing for boards were sailing in the same boat. All we needed was someone to guide us in the right direction for a smooth sail!

Indeed, many of us depend on our parents and teachers for career guidance; however, there’s a fine thin line of difference between helping children make the right career decision and imposing it on them.

While traditionally, there were only a few career options available or were preferred, to be precise. Now that career choices are abundant; guardians need to support their children in whatever they choose.

Here’s when Lifology- a parental guidance app plays an essential role in leading the way for parents to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their children to show them an accurate career map!

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From Parent to Career Guide: The Role Played by Lifology to Educate the Guardians

Parent to Career Guide

It has come to notice that there has been a gap between students’ interests and parents’ expectations while making a career choice. While both parties have their own set of pros and cons of a decision, nobody feels they are on the wrong side. So, how would one find the middle path?

Fast forwarding to the introduction of Lifology!

The primary goal that the enterprise holds is to enable children to build a meaningful future with financial stability. Notably, parents are strong influencers in their kids’ lifestyles and choices; therefore, it is significant for parents to be properly oriented.

The platform holds the authority to introduce guardians to new-age career choices and courses.

But how did the idea of Lifology was born?

The co-founder and CEO of the platform, Praveen Parameswar, worked as an Organisation Development coach for about eight years. It included multinational companies, government projects, and educational institutions. One of the primary questions he was always being asked was about the underperformance of employees. Gradually, he realized that it all comes down to the right people being present at the wrong place.

As important as it is for students to make their career decisions, it is also essential for parents to act as a coach and intervene when the kids go wrong.

Thus, Lifology provides parents with accurate knowledge! The platform works on a subscription basis, and parents can purchase the ‘super-parent’ ecosystem to get their hands on all the advanced features of the education app.

The platform incorporates comprehensive career-related information, access to career coaches, assessments, and live mentoring sessions from experts. 

Check out a testimonial that speaks volumes for us:

How to Help Your Children Pick the Right Career Path for Success?

Career Path for Success

Undoubtedly, parents emphasize their kid’s education during their learning and growth years; however, it becomes difficult to keep up with the pace when they grow old. 

Indeed, it is significant to remain supportive, encourage, and guide them through the crucial years of their lives. Therefore, you can give them the right advice and weigh the pros and cons of their desired career path. Thus, it’s time to turn to a parental guidance app like Lifology!

So, how would you help your children make the right choice? Take a look:

1. Learn More about Your Child’s Interests

Who else would know their children better than the parents? They have been around during the kid’s first steps and words! But, let’s skip the emo part for now!

It is vital to learn about the kids interests and check for the subjects they are most interested in. Also, don’t forget to keep a check on their learning patterns to provide you with an idea of your kids capabilities. 

The next step is to boost them in cultivating these interests and build a rewarding career opportunity out of the same. 

You may also enroll your kid’s in e-learning mobile apps like Byju’s to improve their focus and learning patterns!

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2. Stay Updated with the New-Age Career Choices

If we go around and ask old-age parents to name a few career paths for which they would want to enroll their children. Their answer would probably include doctor, engineer, and lawyer. Sure, these career choices are reliable and secure; however, there exist a number of other career choices that would provide stability and success. 

As essential as it is to guide your children, it is also important to stay updated with the new-age career options that will broaden your understanding of vast choices. 

3. Keep Away from Comparisons

Techugo- an education app development company fabricated an e-learning app like Byju’s to match the learning pace of each student. It is significant to understand that every student is different and has their own standard of learning. Sadly, most parents tend to compare their children with other kids who might be performing at a quicker pace. And this is precisely something not to mention to your child, since it can make them feel demotivated. 

Sometimes, children might come up with career choices that their parents are unaware of! However, being dismissive of the same is not the right way to act. Instead, it is important to make them feel comfortable in discussing the same, so they can present their point of view in an open space. 

Do you agree?

4. Expose Your Children to Art and Other Creative Fields

As mentioned above, parents earlier were only familiar with a few career options; however, it shouldn’t be the case anymore! There are a number of unique career opportunities in sports, music, acting, and whatnot, and children must be exposed to them. 

Building education apps for children to provide them with quality education is an incredible idea, isn’t it? Thus, if you closely work with an educational institution, it’s best to emphasize e-learning app development to provide improved learning. 

But, how would you begin working on the same? Don’t worry, the next section of this article will precisely talk about the same. So, are you ready? 

What Led To a Massive Popularity of the E-Learning Industry? 

E-Learning Industry

No wonder the e-learning industry is growing at a rapid pace and may hit a valuation of over 200 million dollars. Therefore, mentioned below are some of the top-notch reasons behind its growing popularity: 

1. The Digital Age

There are more than 3.5 billion people using smartphones and digital devices in the world, and more than 600k e-learning applications are available on the App and Play Stores. 

Since people have adopted digital means seamlessly, it has become easier to take lessons and education online from the comfort of our homes. 

2. Efficient Tracking and Personalization

E-learning mobile apps enable keeping track of the learning progress and provide a personalized experience to the learners. Such platforms are also incorporated with live video sessions to help students understand concepts in an improved manner. 

3. Affordability

Undoubtedly, the cost spent on acquiring education in a four-walled classroom is relatively higher than in e-learning platforms. Therefore, these apps hold the advantage of affordability and provide video lessons that can be watched over and over. 

Must-Know Tips to Build a Flawless E-Learning Mobile App 

E-Learning Mobile App

Every exceptional mobile app development requires proper planning; therefore, here are some of the primary steps to follow when you dive deep into the process: 

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1. Pick a Niche

There already exist tons of similar mobile apps in the market, and you wouldn’t want to build another replica. Right? Therefore, in order to develop something unique, market research is vital. Once you’ve monitored the loopholes given by your competitors, it’s time to jump in and grab the opportunity to build a product that customers would prefer over any other. 

2. Define Your Target Audience 

Every business has its own target audience that must be clearly defined. Who are they? What is their profession? What’s their age group? And there are many more questions that must be answered. Once done, you must build an app that fulfills the requirements of your target audience. 

3. Hire a Robust App Development Team

The next step requires you to connect with us! Why us? Because Techugo is a top mobile app development company in India with vast experience and a portfolio that’ll take your business to the top. 

4. Keep a Check on the Market Trends

Indeed, there exist a number of edtech trends in the market that can be adopted to enhance the experience of your e-learning mobile app. On the other hand, also make sure that your app is not brimming with functionalities as it may also cause incovenience. 

Lifology Comes with a Kit: Unveil Here!

What’s included in the kit if parents opt to subscribe for the platform? Well, here’s what you need to know: 

1. Life Book

The Lifology app allows you to get your hands on the Life Book, which works as a career planning workbook. It works as pixie dust and guides you through your career planning journey for effective results. 

2. One-on-One Coaching

What else do you need than career planning assistance from the top-notch experts who provide personalized coaching? 

3. Psychometric Tests

The parental guidance app incorporates psychometric tests designed to understand the personality and aptitude of students. 

4. World-Class Mentoring

The app allows app users to connect with industry experts who share their experiences to help children succeed in whatever career path they have chosen or are planning to opt for. 

5. Emerging Careers

Lifology allows students to figure out the latest and best career opportunities in numerous industries and teaches how to settle within the fast-changing job market. 

Have you thought about building your parental guidance app, maybe with a different idea? If yes, it won’t be wrong to mention that you’ll need support from a reliable app development company. 

So, How to Choose a Mobile App Development Company?

mobile app development

Continue reading to know more!

1. Experience and Portfolio

Outsourcing mobile app development requires you to learn about your technology partner before beginning the project. You wouldn’t want your project to fail terribly, isn’t it?

Therefore, rope in a team of developers that’ll be able to fulfill your app development requirements. Don’t forget to consider the app development companies experienced in a similar domain to ensure that they’ll be able to overcome any obstacle in the way.

2. References

Another way to verify if a company is a perfect fit for your project is by exploring its reviews. Keep a check on its ratings and reviews provided by previous clients before handing over the project. You may also review their ratings on reputable platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, and more.

3. App Development Cost

Indeed, the app development cost is one of the major factors when deciding between different companies. Notably, you get what you pay for; however, it’s best not to fall for the trap and opt for the lowest charging company as they may compromise on the services.

To learn about the app development cost of an ed-tech platform, read the cost to build an app like Byju’s.

4. Seamless Communication

As said, communication is the key to success! While there are multiple teams involved during the app development procedure, a flow of smooth communication is necessary to build an app that wins hearts.

To Sum Up!

Lifology is an incredible parental guidance app that enables parents and children to stay on the same page before making a crucial decision. With its variety of features, Lifology empowers parents to untangle the complexities of parenting in the digital age and ensure the well-being of their children. 

In a world where technology continues to shape our lives, Lifology emerges as a valuable resource for parents seeking guidance in nurturing their children’s growth. By embracing this innovative app, parents can confidently navigate the digital realm while instilling core values and fostering healthy relationships with their children.

So, what is your idea of app development?

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