28 Mar 2016



People have always haunted me with a one or two silly remarks; to get married, since I am Earning as per them, what they fail to understand I do have my OWN set of goals to be accomplished. My first goal is to buy my very much own car, with my income… second is to have my own iPhone (not a gifted one) again from my income and third last is to have Prada, Givency, Mango, Chanel to name a few, hanging in my wardrobe and shoe rack not to mention in my cosmetic gallery as well.

But how to make people understand…well, I have never paid a heed to this question, for me, anything which matters is my own worth… and my career graph has taken a leap so my salary also, but not to a level where I can adjust all my goals in a one go. Albeit, EMI’s have made the life easy, but my idea is not to be robbed off by the banks on the very first week of the month. I have always visualized myself stepping out of a Merc, in my jimmy choo heels with an iPhone in my hand. The dream is too alluring that I can’t stop myself to afford at least one of the said treasure. Extended holidays of Holi festival peep my confidence up to buy something before the financial year end, I put my heart on iPhone 6. On 26th Mar, I rang my gang to join me in my own festivities, I called them intentionally because my friend Abhinav happens to be a tech guru and runs a mobile app development company in noida. I had a full fledged plan of heading towards the Apple showroom, get my iPhone and then head to the restaurant to enjoy my iPhone further. The moment I step into Abhinav’s car and asked him to drive to Apple showroom, my all dreams were drained in a sewage pipe…when he asked me : which planet are you from? My first reaction was what? Then being a symbol of chivalry, Abhinav explained further; Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 edge is far better than iPhone6S as per the tech experts; The Galaxy S7 Edge’s overall design is an evolution,  and is touting a number of new features that should put it ahead of the iPhone. One of the most prominent new features of the S7’s camera is that both the rear- and front-facing cameras now have big, bright, f1.7 apertures.

Abhinav continued his speech and said, ‘For me, the Galaxy S7 Edge is the best looking phone I have ever seen. It has the performance and specs to match pretty much everything else, which a phone 2016 must have. On the other hand, Apple’s design as far as my opinion matters has turned tedious now,And moreover Samsung price will also be slashed after a few months.

As soon as Abhinav stopped, I found myself in a dilemma, since Samsung about to be launched models are truly masterpieces , and Picking one or the other here is a matter of taste, really, but a shallower depth of knowledge makes a more dynamic shopping experience.

So I packed my bag of dreams again and decided to wait for few months to make my mobile shopping experience as an Investment not merely as a spending….

Not to mention we ended up in a restaurant discussed a little bit more of technologies and today I am back to business and writing from my workstation to create awareness which would help you all there….

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