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8 Dec 2016

Process of Payment Gateway Integration Into An App

With your mobile app you want to cross the continents, you want to be a synonym to success, but have you stopped to think, what is the success recipe for your mobile app, it surely starts with a unique concept, finely tuned into an app, which has the best UI, features, information, accessibility to buy your services and many other features which could turn your app into a dream app for your users. You can’t make an app without the mobile payment options. The world has gone digital, people love to spend more and more time in mobiles and online shopping is the most convenient way to make the payment.

How Mobile Payment Gateway does increase the sales

  • It provides mobile phone users a safe & secure medium to purchase.
  • It is a less expensive medium to conduct business transaction.
  • It is highly accessible interface for the merchant and the buyer.


To have your set of fear and insecurities as a merchant or a developer, payment gateway integration in a mobile app, is a most common affair. Mobile devices are everywhere and so the technology, the existence of either cannot be ignored. When your product goes online as per the convenience of your targeted customers, then it is must for you to provide them a platform where they can conveniently and directly transact in real-time. It moves you one step ahead in the digitalization era, and lets you experience the cashless society. As per the survey conducted, user many a times, change their mind when buying things, or uninstall the app, if they experience even a minor error in the payment process, so integrating the correct payment method is most significant. Here is the complete list to check out when payment gateway integration in your mobile app.

  • Security is a Priority

In order to make your payment gateway a secured process for your users, choose a payment gateway with a PCI-DSS (Data Security Standard) certification; it protects card holder’s data highly. The certification would not only secure the data of your users, but it would also help your users to trust on your services, since it would come with a certification intact with the payment gateway integration.

  • Don’t Stick To One Option

Every user has his/her own preference, when it comes to make the payment for their online shopping, some choose PayPal, Paytm, freecharge or any other e-wallet service, whereas some may opt for the debit or credit card payment, and possibility is that some would also pick COD option. Just by thinking the variety of users, your options for the payment should also vary.

  • Define Your Product

There are two different categories of products: digital content and physical goods. If your product falls into the digital content list, then your payment would be handled either by Google Play Store or Apple App Store policies for in-app purchases. Since these platforms don’t involve third-party payment processors, if it relates to the selling of digital products or content in your application. This involves a 1-click purchase, because users already have a Gmail account or Apple account, depending on an operating system. It would be carried out either by embedding an API in your application code or by using special frameworks. On the other hand, if your products are physical goods, then you have to opt for mobile payment gateway providers.

  • Make it Easy-to-use

Make the payment gateway a hassle-free and least steps required process for your users, being lengthy, might distract your user’s attention and they can abandon the shopping in between, finding it troublesome. Get a proper planning done for your payment gateway integration so users can have a smooth experience of shopping, encouraging them to opt for your services again and again. Every developer is well aware of SDKs, which include strong mobile libraries that facilitate your job since credit card data are processed by them. Every user wants an app which is fast and easy and does not make their device slower. You have to be very particular, while choosing the SDKs for your app and must opt for the one, which offers a fast and easy mode of payment for your users.

  • Merchant Accounts

Being a merchant, you also need the quick payment settlement. You need to know that there are two types of merchant account: dedicated merchant account and aggregated merchant account. The dedicated merchant account, let you have more control over the money, but the acquisition process is time consuming and requires a book of information about you and your company. With this account the money gets transferred within 2-3 days only.

On the contrary, the aggregate account, allows your funds to be in a bunch with other merchants’ money. Within this account, the information about you and your company is required, but the acquisition process is far easier and you attain your account much sooner. With the aggregate merchant account, fund transfer takes longer time, first it seeks your permission either to spend the money on something or make a request for transferring your money to your real bank account. After that, you will wait around 5 business days to get credited to your account.

Integrating a payment gateway in your mobile app, is a necessary feature for both merchants and developers, the tech-market is flooded with the options to accept payments in your mobile app development. But you need to be wise enough to not to compromise on quality, and also make the payment gateway integration feature in your app a useful process; else many users might quit the apps finding the payment process tiresome and unsafe.

Select wisely to find the best solution for your particular app, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, at Techugo, you can get in touch with our team to discuss further your doubts and confusion related to app development process, we assure you to bring your concept into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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