21 Dec 2016
Updated on September 9th, 2022

Brand Your Business Effortlessly Through a Mobile App: Top Tips [2022]

Mobile App Development

“Building a business involves much more than the simple dedication and a brand is not recognized overnight, you get to miss several family & social gatherings, skip your desires and then it takes A LOT to achieve that goal”….

These words were told to me by my Grandpa when I chose to be involved with the top mobile app development company in India – Techugo, as a Business Development Executive. 

I listened to my grandfather’s words and tried to relate them to my job profile, and sooner I realized how wise his words were.

We spend years of dedication, sacrifice, and passion for yielding the best out of our brand. Still, suddenly we find a fall in the number of customers, and the potential customers take a trip to Mars, bidding goodbye forever.

Worst of all, it turns out tough for us to figure out the main reason behind this downfall, and we continue trying to survive against all odds, but it does not survive. 

It’s a very simple story in business, where many recent startups or established businesses collapse silently. 

The reason behind this major downfall is the failure of a brand’s reputation on mobile.

It might sound cynical, but this is the hardcore fact. Today’s era largely depends on technology and is opting for the brand’s online reputation before hitting to try option.

What is mobile brand reputation?

Commonly known as an abbreviation ORM (Online Reputation Management), it is a strategy, and process to monitor, identify, and influence any business’s digital reputation and credibility online. 

The inclusion of mobile apps is the most prominent aspect of making a healthy pace with the latest technology trends. It makes a perfect combination of brand identity and resources. In addition, the striking and surprising feature of brand reputation on mobile is that if an effective strategy is chosen, it will yield more business revenue. But if an open plan is picked, it would lead your business to doom. 

The online review affects 66% of purchasing decisions, and once integrated proportionally; it brings a pool of benefits. Following are some of the reasons to learn the significance:


  • Builds trust and credibility
  • Eradicates the wrong words about your product
  • Counters negative attacks
  • Increases qualified traffic to your website
  • Elevates sales and lead generation
  • Builds a successful and ongoing identity

Smart Tips To Manage Your Brand Reputation

Brand Reputation

It might sound different, but your brand also lives, breathes, and grows through the brand’s reputation. As an adage suggests, “If you want something to last forever, you need to treat it differently.” The same applies to your brand; if you want it to last longer, you must imply appealing traits within your brand identity to make it evergreen.

Review/Feedback/Star Ratings

With a surge in technology, everybody tries to try the product virtually before buying it. Most importantly, to encourage product sales, reviews play a huge role. A study has revealed that 73% of users always leave a negative review if they find anything wrong with their mobile app experience. Reviews can boost sales since every user judges the mobile app by reading the review before downloading the mobile app. So the user reviews can influence the viewers.

Content management

The most effective tool for the positive brand reputation of your business on mobile is strong content marketing for your brand. A brand’s reputation depends on word-of-mouth publicity, which can be obtained easily with content writing. For this, you can hire or avail of the services of experienced content writers to create strong content with relevant keywords to be published for your brand. So to enhance your brand reputation on mobile, you can opt for separate coverage, such as:

  • Positive content for SEO-optimized articles
  • Press releases and websites
  • Optimized videos
  • Industry-based blogs
  • Banner ads
  • Social media campaigns

Target the right audience at the right time

Mobile app reviews are essential to increase the growth of your business revenue, but at the same time, something which matters most is taking the review/feedback at the right time. To explain it further, you need to know when to ask for feedback/ratings from your users. For instance, if they have cleared a challenging level in the game app or won an app reward, it turns out to be a perfect time to ask for a review. Since they have achieved something delightful for them, they would give the best rating/feedback to your mobile app. 

On the contrary, if you would disturb your users randomly to rate your app out of frustration, the chances of receiving negative ratings/feedback increase.

Add variety to brand management

In this era of innovation and technology, people are glued to social media like never before. They watch every possible space on the internet to grab information about their favorite product. Don’t simply depend on review/ feedback/ star rating within your mobile app, but broaden your horizon and post about your product in other feedback/ review sections:

  • Social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram
  • Review sites: Opinions and Mouthshut
  • Social Bookmarking websites: Digg 
  • Blogging communities: Open Diary, LiveJournal
  • Microblogs: Twitter, Plurk, Pinterest

Add a touch of advanced technologies

Yeah, many advanced technologies are booming in the market currently. And if you decide to integrate the most relevant ones into your digital portal, it will be hugely beneficial. For instance, a real-estate portal can benefit from AR/VR technology, and an eCommerce portal can get better user-engagement opportunities from payment feature integration. You need to find out the best technology to accentuate your services.


Every business has its unique goal, challenges, and set of restrictions & opportunities. Your brand is the foundation of your business. The size of your business does not matter; it can either be a small business or a corporation, but every single action you take influences your brand to grow further. 

Every word spread about your business through a tweet, FB post, Insta image, blog, or app review collectively carves your brand’s representation. 

All you need is to follow the tips mentioned above to identify and provide the correct solutions to help your business grow and prosper. 

Reach Techugo to shout out your business excellence in the digital space. Our top mobile app designers are here to assist you with every step of your mobile app development strategy.


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