6 Apr 2020

Quality Assurance; An Inevitable Aspect For App’s Success Plan

Quality Assurance

Indeed, a mobile app that doesn’t perform well, is nothing but a piece of trash!

Oops, somebody is sounding rude!

Yeah, it may sound rude to you, but is nothing a flat piece of fast track information, that is coming from the chariot of incredible user-experience. And trust me there is not even an iota that is wrong or fidgety here.

However, have you ever been told, that this very set of issues erupt from the volcano of buggy apps.

An app that becomes an incubus of bugs herdneverreceives the appreciation from anywhere.

But worry not, you can still win over the obstacle if you decide to proceed ahead with the app testing.

Quality assurance to win the race

QA is considered to be a trivial process by most of the app developers and the potential app owners as well, is eventually not just a trivial process from any angle, rather its worth is expanded to an unknown horizon without any fail.

So app testing should not be taken as a part of the app development process, rather it is an integral part of the app development process, which is hard to be missed anywhere during the development process.

That’s all for the app testing worth…

But this is all not what I am here for, rather my main to be here was not just to share the worth of the app testing, but there are certain tips app testers must consider while conducting the QA testing.

And I do really wish and aim that every new QA tester would take the benefit out of this piece of writing and would establish a successful path of QA testing…let’s read ahead…

  • Don’t Sit On The Problem, But Provide The Solution

During my career span, I have largely noticed that QA testers who analyze the problem have the worth, but those QA testers come up with a number of solutions, are always respected and considered professional.

Don’t directly jump on the problem, because bugs can find out by any testers, but your expertise is taken into consideration only when you are able to provide the solution for your app bugs.

Also, I would suggest you make your test cases available to the developers prior to coding. Don’t keep the test cases with you to get the final application release for testing.

This will help your app developers to analyze the test cases thoroughly to develop a quality application and save the re-work on the mobile app.

  • Performance Testing Must Be Conducted

Your app will garner the attention from its targeted audience, only when it would perform well, and would fall fit as per the users’ expectation not just from the features and the functionalities perspective, but from the perspective of the performance of the app.

Indeed the Performance testing is the critical part of many applications, but unknowingly in manual testing, this part is largely ignored due to lack of required large data volume for the performance testing.

The best strategy I follow is, trying my best to capture the testing process on every possible live device, based on the targeted audience type, and check the app speed not just on 4G but on lower networks as well since it is not always possible for the users to access the high-grade internet.

  • Keep A Healthy Conversation With The Developers

Developers understand and know about the app product, better than anybody else since they are developing it from scratch.

In such a scenario, you must keep a face-to-face communication with the developers, to resolve the bugs or any other testing dispute quickly. This would expedite the process, and also would eradicate any type of misunderstanding to occur during the testing process.

  • Prioritize The Bugs Fixing Process

Yes, you heard me right, even the bugs have to be prioritized, according to the milestone delivery. No, I am not saying to avoid others, but what I am just referring to is that you must highly prioritize your testing tasks from high to low priority and plan your work accordingly.

With this strategy, you would analyze all the associated risks to prioritize your work and can deliver the work on time.

  • Make A Crystal Clear Bug Report

As mentioned above the mere mention of the bugs would only solve the issue 30%, thus if you really want your expertise to be polished, and then invest some time in picking out the right solution for your bugs.

Once you have collected the bug information, then write the bug report in the clearest, descriptive and unambiguous manner, wherein don’t forget to mention the effect of the bug on all the possible solutions.

These tips I do follow religiously while conducting app testing for our clients, and believe me these are the strategies which have helped Techugo- a leading app development company in Canada, to make the best apps for the Fortune 200 and Global 2000 companies to get the successful app solution, to help them get success in their respective niche.

Last but not the least remember that App Testing is eventually a creative and challenging task, but it all depends on your skill and experience to handle the testing challenge, so keep your enthusiasm high and keep exploring the best possibilities to handle the needs of a mobile app testing, so a mobile app can be developed which is just a glitch-free solution for your specific business needs.

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