21 Sep 2018
Updated on July 22nd, 2019

React Native 0.57 Is Here With Major Improvements


Ankit Singh

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React Native 0.57

Do I really need to talk about the benefits offered by the React native platform?

Of course not, because everyone in the app development world is well-versed and well-informed with the number of benefits react native has to offer to your app.

Yet in order to make it sound little more interesting, I would like you to take a glance at the number of benefits React Native has to offer to your app development process.

  • You get lots of design options
  • There is an optimal utilization of hardware and operating system
  • Your app receives the wonderful App Performance Speed
  • It lets your app to attain more control over the size, resolution and even orientation on every device
  • It cuts down the development time and increases the odds of fixing the nastiest of bugs
  • These Native apps are natural extensions of the platform that smell, look and feel like the default apps
  • You can further utilize the specific functionality as well as design patterns like zoom and multi-touch, back button location varies according to the device type.

Undeniably the React Native is the mirror of next-generation technology, filled with JavaScript code library and it is further designed and developed by Facebook and Instagram.

By utilizing the same design of React, app developers can create a rich mobile UI from declarative components. This open source framework is already creating a stir in the market and is ready to set the temperature higher.

Now, this very technological platform has got an update with React Native 0.57 version.


Yes, this would slip out of your mouth as a developer since React Native technology no has grown to be something better and advanced for the mobile app development process.

However, within this release, there are major improvements made.

Are you willing to know what exactly is there in the store for you?

[Let’s explore it further…How Is The React Native Changing The App Technology]

New Updates of React Native 0.57

  • The Accessibility APIs, which are utilized to make the app accessible to disabled users, now would support the accessibility hints, inverted colors, which would definitely ease down the usage of defining the element’s role.
  • With the iOS, WebView now developers can use WKWebView internally by simply passing the useWebKit={true}.
  • The loosen platform check is improved further to support the out-of-tree platforms.
  • In this new update, the YogaNodeProperties is added, which allows developers to utilize the style and layout properties using the ByteBuffer.
  • Also, the FlatList and SectionList are further added to Animated exports.
  • Interestingly Android tooling has received the update to make a pace with the newer configuration requirements (SDK 27, gradle 4.4, and support library 27)
  • The unbundle is given a new name ram-bundle
  • The Minimum Node version has been transformed to 8.3
  • The Flow is upgraded to v0.76.0
  • Also, the ESLint has received the upgrade to 5.1.0
  • The Babel is upgraded to v7.0.0
  • A good news for developers!! Now “loading from pre-bundled file” notification would not trouble you any more
  • The change is made to StyleSheet.compose, allowing the subtypes of Dangerously Imprecise StylePro to flow through the function call without losing the grip on the type
  • With this update, the new Metro configuration is supported in the public react-native CLI
  • react-native-dom is whitelisted in haste/cli config defaults
  • debugger-UI path of react-native CLI is rectified now
  • Apart from these new updates, now React Native has got eliminated some of the features
  • propTypes is removed and it is further recommended for the developers to use flow or typescript in order to verify the correct prop usage.
  • The ReactInstancePackage would not work anymore, and developers are recommended to use @link Repackage @link Lazy ReactPackage.

Well, this is just a snapshot of the features and bug-fixes form the React Native 0.57 release, and there are much broader benefits which lie within this technology platform.

So in order to experience that what this technology can do wonders to your application concept, you must get in touch with a leading top mobile app development company , to help your business climb the success ladder.


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