1 Aug 2019

React Native Makes App Development Convenient


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React Native

React Native is expanding its reach hugely. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, every business is picking react native for creating their applications. Altogether, the number of amazing and incredible applications in app store is increasing, all of them havecreated through React Native.

Can you name any application built-in JavaScript?

Right! Facebook Messenger, Facebook Ads Manager, Bloomberg, Airbnb, Instagram, UberEats and Discord. All of these applications have created in JavaScript.

Though, can you think why this technology is priceless and welcomed among businesses?

Actually, the fact is that there are numbers of aspects that trigger businesses’ interest in this technology. Though, the most crucial aspects are cost and time. While businesses are seeking shortcuts towards great success and huge return on investment,  this technology is offering them great help. However, how this technology is impacting the growth of mobile apps makes a count.

It seems that this technology has taken a vow to surge up the practice and benefit this sector at a higher extent. So, let’s know what is empowering its uses in mobile app development industry.

Flourishing Mobile Apps

A well-known consumer data and market provider- Statista has predicted that by the year 2020 mobile apps will make nearly US $189- billion revenue from all across the world. It signifies how faster mobile app development is soaring, and its needs are rising like a fire that is burning down the obstacles coming into its way. Though, the most significant advantage is a simplified human life and work.

While a number of applications are already revamping and easing out various aspects of our life, more advanced app ideas will recreate our life experiences.

Actually, the most significant aspect is demand that fosters the development trends. While the demand for mobile applications is growing, developers are looking for several ways to keep their jobs less strenuous. Besides, for businesses, their availability on both of the platforms has become very crucial. Therefore, they are increasingly groping for Web, iOS and Android development to gain access to a wide range of audience.

Fulfilling business needs is very challenging for developers, as to design and develop same thing separately for different platforms. Indeed, for developers, this is very challenging, as this requires a large team that can perform design, code, and testing separately for each platform. Therefore, it is very essential for developers to utilize an optimal technology or find a way that can go along with the need.

Here comes the need of react native, this enables developers to create both of the application through a single codebase. Let’s know more about it.

Three application In The Price Of One

This technology has a priceless advantage to both developers and businesses, as there is no need to create three different application for web, iOS, and Android.  They just need to design a single application and that will run on all three platforms.

To offer this ease, this technology enables coding in JavaScrip.  Yes! this is a JavaScript-based framework that enables the creation of native applications. Facebook is a major supporter of this platform and receives ample support from a huge community. They offer ample support which includes tutorial and learning materials.

This framework is fast & easy and simplifies the native application development. All of these aspects make this framework very easy, and developers from every stream can catch up with react native development easily, without even learning any new language. As javascript is already a significant part of application development.

Altogether, it is not very strenuous to transit the application from native to react and vice versa. This allows transition at any point in time. Are you thinking about why it happens? Well, This happens because this technology aligns with the native platforms without any inconvenience. Most noteworthy, it is easy to shift from react native to completely native, and you don’t need to make huge effort to do this.

Another important aspect that makes is very dear to businesses is cost-effectiveness. This technology makes mobile app development way cheaper, much faster and easier in-comparison of separate development for iOS, Web and Android.

“React Native allows developers to create applications for all platforms through a single codebase of JavaScript. It eases down the development process, and all platforms reuse the single code and maintain the development flow. This signifies that there is no need for longer resources, as a single team can develop the application for all platforms.”

This enables businesses to save a huge cost on resources. Another biggest advantage is updates need to be created for a single platform and this can be deployed on every platform. It means fewer chances of bugs and much easier and inexpensive maintenance.

Actually, the present is very much predictable for the rising market of applications and technology. This market is very competitive today for the businesses of this genre, and wasting time on failure is not wise. Though, we should know that bugs and program failures are an intrinsic part of IT industry.  For developers, it is very easy to maintain and understand the react-native code and figure out the aspect inducing program failure.

Altogether, the test for react native application development is also very uncomplicated with Enzyme, this enables the shallow rendering that makes tests to run faster.Ultimately, this ensures quicker testing. It means businesses can resolve the bug, and launch the application sooner.

React Native speed up and simplifies the app development and enable to maintain the process of development for Web, iOS and Android, if one like the idea of having same app look on all platforms.

Altogether, if one needs platform-specific coding then no need to worry. As there will be 30% shared codebase, that will also save great cost and time. From all of these, this is clear that react native will get used intensively for mobile applications. At Techugo, we experience huge app development demand, and our developers are engaged in delivering finest application solution with this technology. If you want your application to be designed with it, reach us.

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