28 Jul 2018

What React Native Has In Store For You


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React Native

The benefits, which shown by the new app technologies always opens the floodgate of opportunities and advantages for your business success and this brood of benefits often lead to the strong mound of favorable conditions which pave a path full of new possibilities for your business.

In this run of new technologies, there are a number of inventions which are giving a surprising mode to every app, and today we are going to focus our vision to react native technology, which is creating an impeccable stir in the market.

Let’s explore further that how React Native technology can really change the face of your business app forever…

  • It Expedites The Development Process

React Native is based on the JavaScript only and follows the unbiased native approach and lets your code written once to be reused across the other platforms efficiently.

Which means that you don’t have to re-write the code for your app to be developed on the different platforms and once written code will help you to build the app on another platform as well?

This not just hastens the app development process, but from the monetary investment part as well, you get to save a HUGE amount on the development front.

Also, the hot reloading feature allows the addition of new features and the bug-fixing process turn into a hassle free procedure, and worth to mention that during the testing process the same automation can be used on both the platforms Android or iOS.

  • It Is Absolutely Free

You would be surprised to know that React Native is an open sourced technology, which clearly suggests that developers can use the frameworks and its libraries at no cost involved. Also being registered under the MIT license, it gives ample of other benefits like the source code does not need to be publicly open, the app can be easily modified, the changes made in the source code do not require to be reported.

  • You Can Market It With An Ease

With React Native, developers receive the over-the-air updates, which let the developers to avoid the tiring app stores approval process, in the event of any minor changes made. The developers need to send an updated version out, once the users download it, the app upgrades on itself, this in total saves a big time and giving you a control over the app updates release.

  • It Replicates The Speed of Native

The worth of native apps is not hidden from anyone, and it speaks largely the faster speed and the performance, so for your surprise, React Native is identical to native apps in terms of speed and performance, allowing the users to experience the glitch-free experience.

In other words, React Native, feel, work and look like Native apps only.

Now when you have got the benefits associated with the React Native then I would like to dream your attention towards the number of popular brands which are using the React native as their preferred platform.

  • Facebook
  • Walmart
  • Bloomberg

And many more

Now you must be wondering that how to get it integrated into your app product, then the answer is simple you simply need to get in touch with a leading iphone application development company  and simply ask them to get you an app developed on the React Native platform.

WHAT ???

You are not getting the best app development agency???

Yes, it is a common issue, since the number of app development companies available in the app development market claim to be the best of all, but eventually this is not the fact, and a very few, or I would say a handful of app development companies are there which are really living up to the exactions mark.

But you don’t worry, just to get you the best and chosen app development company, I would love to recommend Techugo, which is a leading application development agency filled with the developers and designers who have the extensive number of experience to shape your mobile app concept into a successful app product.

I further suggest you get in touch with the Techugo team to help you attain a successful app solution for your business needs.

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