17 Apr 2018

Why You Really Need A Taxi App


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Taxi App

The revolution taxi business has received from the end of technology is nothing hidden from anyone, and now just due to app technology integration in the taxi business leads to the much convenience and has helped the users to bid adieu to the carking process of waiting on the streets to reach their preferred destinations.

There are many taxi apps, which have covered the larger area of the transportation industry and has brought a remarkable change and it is not a new aspect of the mobile app industry to experience the benefits and it has brought the industry to an extent where there is no alternative found to offer the best services to the users.

To be honest the number of users accessing the taxi app daily has outgrown to be a herd of mushroom which and it is constantly growing without a fail.

When taxi app has to offer this much, then why am I even here today writing this blog???

Well, my sole aim to come down here is to draw your attention towards the more number of benefits a mobile app platform can bring to your taxi business and make you convince to have a mobile app before it gets pretty late for your taxi business to survive in the taxi industry.

So let’s begin the journey and find out the series of benefits you would attain when you will have the app made for your taxi business.

Higher Visibility Rate

When you decide to excel in your respective business domain, the very first thing which really bugs you down is the competition…when I talk about the competition there are many factors which co-jointly pushes the competition wagon, and trust me you don’t want your business to fail since your taxi business is failing to make a higher visibility in the market.

Do you know with a mobile app, you set the higher visibility rate for your taxi business, and makes it easier and convenient for your taxi business to get noticed and picked by the larger crowd through few taps on their smartphones.

On-Time Services

How many times it must have had happened to you, that you might have left a customer since there could not be a proper communication channel between you two. But with a mobile app this issue is sorted out and you can easily contact your users and they can reach you as the nearest available mobile app, and consequently, you can earn great profits.

Easy Payment Option For The Customers

With a mobile app for your taxi business, you offer the convenience for your users, wherein they don’t have to indulge into their pockets for the payment, rather, if need be they pick the easier payment options such as online payment, e-wallets, and digital payment methods.

With this option you would create an ease of payment to be made and users can access your services effortlessly and as a driver, you don’t need to worry for providing the change money to the riders and you can offer a pleasant ride experience.

I think now it gets clearer that how a taxi app brings loads of benefits to the users and in return offer the monetary benefits to your taxi business, but the burning question comes, that there are already popular taxi mobile apps in the markets, like Lyft, Uber, DiDi, OLA and many more, then what features your taxi mobile app must possess to help you build a successful mobile app platform.

Well, this is indeed a concerning point, since an app becomes successful with the relevant set of features integrated into it, and if there is a lack of such features then your mobile app can doom.

No need to worry, below I am going to mention some of the mandatory features your app needs to have too secure a successful mobile app platform, like:

  •      Maps & Location

The need of GPS tracking is a must for your mobile app, wherein rider or the app user can identify with an ease the driver’s location, find the ride and track the route for the best cab riding experience.

  •      Cost Estimation Feature

This feature is an integral part of your mobile app, which lets the users estimate their trip in advance much before booking the ride and pick the favorable ride as per their convenience.

  •      In-app Payments

The app is another name for the convenience and your users want to experience the convenience from every possible angle. Thus it is highly recommended that you would have the integration of in-app payment option for the further convenience.

Within this feature, the rider can pay within the app from the e-wallet attached to it, or there can be additional payment gateway integration for the riders to pick and use as per their convenience.

  •      Analytics Screen

When you start a business unless you know that what all is happening within your business, you can never excel further, but with the analytics screen, it is much easier for you to analyze what exactly is going on with your business on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

This would help you to improve your services and track the orders, booking source, what was assigned and what was missed and any other relevant information about your app’s performance. 

  •      Driver’s Profile

Your app must have the driver’s profile screen, which must consist of the driver’s name, contact number, ratings & reviews, profile and license details, it will help the rider to get a complete set of details of the drier and the security factor will not be compromised in any given situation.

Pus messages

Within a mobile app, you need to have the push-messages service, through which you can keep your users updated about the new offer or campaign. This would help you to attain better revenue and get noticed by the targeted audience with an ease.

  •     Tracking Panel

You need to integrate a tracking panel coupled with the Google maps so you can make phone booking, manage cab, driver and also you can also assign the trips to various drivers based on their location.

You would be able to track your drivers, their status and check any further booking from your passenger app portal.

These steps help your taxi business to get a sizzling mobile app and help it to succeed further, but another significant factor you should not compromise with is the association with the right mobile app development partner, which has the required technical exposure to handle your app needs and help it to become hugely popular.

You must pick a leading iPhone application development company, just like Techugo for your app needs, since Techugo team is filled with the best app designers, app developers, and the app marketers, who have already made many mobile apps to become successful. So get in touch with the Techugo team today and help your taxi mobile app concept.

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