8 Jan 2021
Updated on December 15th, 2022

Reasons Startups Must Choose React Native For App Development In 2021

Gunjan Manral

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App Development

For a startup to invest in different channels to earn revenue and channelize recognition strategy, is a hard task to achieve. As there are many big sharks already sailing in the market, and securing a space there is a really a TEDIOUS and EXPENSIVE journey.

Is that what you think???

C’mon, you are not living in the stone age and following the Flintstone clan, because these grandma times’ folklores of ‘NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE TO SURVIVE SANS HUGE MONEY’ is a PASSE.

When you decide to put your business in the competition whirlpool, then there is not just one but thousands of thoughts; fear, anxiety, and confusion keep rolling in.

Here, you need to think of something UNIQUE that accentuates your targeted consumers’ needs and trust me nothing fits the bill, then a mobile app.

Yeah, a mobile app is all that you need, that works as a promising investment in your business expansion plan. However, for a startup budget constraint is another trouble that keeps knocking in their mind. Since an app comes with a price tag, and cutting down the corners of cost seems impractical.

An exceptional performance, quick development cycle, and faster deployment is something every business owner looks forward to.

Considering the development market, app developers tend to compromise with either a faster development cycle or a better user experience.

So it means there is no way out???

Of course, there is a solution, that suggests a relevant application framework can bridge the gap and offer a beautiful app solution.

Do you know what I am referring to?

Yes, you have got it right, this is React Native, which has offered an incredible balance between the development cycle and user experience.

Indeed, React Native has turned out to be a prominent name to build complex hybrid apps while delivering native user experiences. And this could only be possible due to its advanced features and ability to create an efficient app solution for both platforms. But there are many more reasons that are complimenting this very platform to be chosen as startups’ favorite. 

Let’s get on a tour to divulge the details further…

Pocket-friendly option

As a startup, you don’t want to indulge in an excessive financial burden, when you are already having a budget constraint and other things to consider. This makes you go a little skeptical while choosing an app solution for your business. However, this clutter is reduced by the RN framework, which makes two application costs go lighter on your pocket. The code reusability saves you time and money and helps you build an app solution for Android and iOS at a much affordable cost.

Expedites development process

To get an app solution that gets launched in the market at a must faster rate is what every entrepreneur wants to chive. But due to technical reasons, the development cannot be done at a faster pace (though few exceptions are there). To address this issue with a relevant framework, the integration React Native framework eventually opens the door to many new opportunities, letting developers accomplish the development part at a much faster rate. This enables entrepreneurs to launch their services through an app in the market at a rapid-fire speed.

One codebase for two platforms

Every startup wants to capture the attention of maximum audience base and here building an app solution for two different platforms, really help them trigger the expansion plan. With a React Native framework, startups get the opportunity to build two different apps, using one codebase that not just saves time but also money. 

Seamless compatible with 3rd party plugin

It is highly significant for the developers to include additional plugins in the app, to make it function as per the requirement. Since React Native is an open-source framework, it supports a wide variety of 3rd party plugins. This helps the React Native app to add functions and features to help it turn more useful and appealing.

Complement exceptional UI

For a successful app, the balanced approach of features and UI always makes a difference. The seamless integration of UI within an app to make it appealing is highly feasible with an RN enabled app solution. Here, app designers get the option to utilize CSS and flexbox to arrange the layout. This ensures to bring a mesmerizing app, that is responsive on the website as well.

Native- app features

With a React Native framework, you can easily include native-like features in your app. This gives your app an exceptional look and feel and helps it to stand tall in the competition hassle. Developers can integrate add Swift or Java into the project while adding any new functionality in it. This further enables end-user to use the features and functionalities that are new and trending in the market.

The Bottom Line

The year 2021 is going to witness a prevailed digitalization in every possible industry and business sector around us. And here, geeing your new startup venture be available on the app platform, is no more a fad but a necessity. The above mentioned are some of the benefits that ensure a React native is the most suitable option for a startup to soak hands and feet into.

If you are all ready to mark a difference in your specific business domain with app technology, get in touch with us.

We are glad to be associated with some of the most known and established enterprises and disrupting startups across the globe, for helping them find their niche with a mobile app.

Give us a call and we will help you reach your goal.


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