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8 Nov 2016

Easy Ways To Reduce Mobile App Uninstalls

It’s very common in today’s tech scenario that people would get a myriad of options available for their required mobile apps, once the user goes to play store, there are many different varieties of mobile applications available, but crux of the deal lies in that for how many days users would use that Mobile App Uninstalls, as per the survey conducted by a 60% of the users who haven’t used the app in the first seven days, never will.

That’s a disheartening story for the developers and also for the business owners that their efforts paid in the mobile app have gone waste. Although it clearly states that the mobile app is lacking in something, which holds back the users to open, see and use that app more often. Users have a huge number of options available to download and if they fail to receive what they want from the mobile apps, they chose to filter the preferred versions of mobile apps and keep those which fit best for their needs.

Why App Discard

Developers can create a highly interesting app with various lucrative features, but app engagement and retention are two different aspects and cannot be dependent on each other to serve the purpose. App developers put their best efforts to develop a mobile app, but they fail to get users to install apps and keep them installed for a long duration of time. There are many options available for the app developers to take care of, so users can continue using the mobile app.

What Is App Uninstall

According to research, about 80% of apps are deleted after their first use and merely within the span of 3 months, 76% of the users drop out of the app while only 4% remain by the end of 12 months. Many factors are there, which can be blamed for the app uninstall, some of them are technical and fewer are non-technical. To reduce app uninstall, here are few solutions, which if implied on time can reduce the app uninstalls by almost 1/4th time. Let’s take a look at the solutions:

  • Issue No 1


Notification Abuse

How many times your phone vibrated inside your pocket, once you are in a meeting or about to fall sleep. What’s the first thing you do you keep the phone at a distance and pass a remark, I would uninstall this app? Although it’s not a much major issue, but users detest using your mobile app, just because of this reason. It’s mutual agreement that on downloading your mobile app, you have a permission to send users to push notifications, but it never means that mobile users should be bombarded with superfluous notifications 24/7.

What To Do

Allow users to do their desired action with the notifications, if they want to disable certain notifications, let them, and offer them an option to choose the frequency of options or quite them.

  • Issue No 2


Never Ending Registration Process

If your app is so alluring, but it needs lengthy registration process, then be ready to receive a pool of uninstalling from a potential set of users. A lengthy and demanding registration process would always leave the users to abandon the app.

What To Do

Make the registration process KISS- (keep it short & simple), and ask for the relevant details from the users.

  • Issue No 3


Horrible UI / UX

Once you develop an app, make sure the app must relate to the users, this is the app which would be used by common people for their daily requirements. A horrible or complex UI/UX would distract your customers. You have to remember this app would be used by humans, not the aliens, so make it as easy as you can.

What To Do

Keep user experience and user interface standards in mind while developing the mobile app, its layouts, design, and functionality must be as per the demand of your targeted audience, if applied appropriately, your app would optimize engagement and conversion.

  • Issue No 4


App Crash

Once you start the within the fraction of seconds, you receive “XYZ is not responding”, this prompt irks us most, when we actually need the app usage badly. This turns out to be another factor, responsible for the app uninstall, amongst the users. As the report suggests that 79% of users do not retry an app if failed once or twice to work the first time.

What To Do

App developers need to make the app foul-proof, before launching the mobile app. The app must be tested as a top-notch priority and all the bugs occurring at any stage, should be cleaned before making it live for the users, even in the later stages, developers must get the enough information from the user’s reviews and must fix the bug issues, as & when arise.

  • Issue No 5


Invading the Privacy

As a user, whenever an app asks for my social media credentials, I feel insecure and leave the app download procedure in between. I am assured; most of you feel the same, way I do, although the social media login is a faster alternative to the registration process, but due to recent privacy & identity hacks users are more careful and concerned about their login actions online.

What To Do

If not necessary, do not seek the social media login details, or give the option to log in either from social media account/ phone number/ email id, something like which Amazon and other popular e-commerce apps do. This would build their trust on you and they might log in from social media account since it would not be out of NO choice option.

Users always yearn for more and always want something to make their lives easier not complex. Great content, impressive app marketing can doom to disaster if users find the above-mentioned issues on a regular basis and would be pushed to uninstall the mobile app. Mobile App developers need to understand that there is no substitute to a refined and well-retained mobile app and they have to opt for the guidelines to make sure to have customers returning to app more often.

If you are looking for engaging and cutting-edge mobile apps for your business, you can get in touch with our team to discuss further your mobile app concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your mobile app requirement.

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