22 Aug 2018
Updated on October 27th, 2021

Why Your Restaurant Cannot Beat Competition Without A Mobile App (Updated)


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Restaurant App Development

The advancement in technology has digitalized our lives. It has influenced multiple aspects surrounding us with a variety of mobile applications. In this run, restaurants are no exception. Digitalization of each sector, including the restaurant industry, is helping us to shape a future that is more independent and free of conventional limitations. 

Techugo, being the leader in mobility, acknowledges the fact that the transition from offline to online won’t happen overnight. But it is crucial that the business world develops an understanding of this ongoing transition. 

It’s crucial because it’s the only way to successfully escape the cutting-edge competition!   

There are still many restaurant owners who live with a misconception that their restaurant can survive the odds of competition without the fragment of the digital revolution. This deeply rooted mindset comes after decades of conventional business education.   

But change is inevitable! 

So if you want to update your understanding of restaurant mobile app development and its impact on your sales, then read the blog till the end. 

From Offline To Online!     

The quickly changing landscape of mobile apps has influenced the change in the restaurant industry. Now the restaurants are well equipped with technology than ever before.

The number of consumers is increasing day by day due to the population and as our life is changing to number people getting involved in work culture, they have less time to cook so they need restaurants.

But then they don’t have time to stand in long queues or wait for their order so, the development of mobile apps have helped them to place their order and get it at their place. As there has been a revolutionary change in the past years for technology, people are getting more dependent upon it.

The restaurant apps have helped the consumers to connect to the restaurant directly and easily.

Advantages Of Developing Mobile Apps For Restaurants

Mobile apps for the restaurant are a match made in heaven. Whether users want to take away the order or want to have food at their place or want to reserve seats, everything can be done with just one click on the mobile apps. This is a huge benefit to the restaurants as well as customers as both get the best to them. Restaurants earn their profit and customers get their orders easily.

But that is not all. There are many other advantages that the restaurant & food industry can achieve through an app. Take a look-

1. Deals As Per Area

With the help of GPS setting, we can locate the people nearby us and send them to push notifications to our restaurant, so that they get aware of our restaurant and come and give us a visit, as they might be searching for a good place to eat but are not aware of the restaurant.

Thus, by helping the customer in decision-making you can get reservations in your restaurant which helps in boosting the business.

Besides sending them to push notifications you can even track your customers and see where they are going and help them reach your place without losing track.

2. Referral Codes & Vouchers

By giving your customer referral codes, vouchers, loyalty makes your customer visit you more which helps in the profit-making for the business.

The mobile-based referral codes are very personal to the consumer which helps them in connecting to a restaurant emotionally. All the data is collected in the mobile apps, which hardly leaves their sight which always makes them connected to the restaurant.

You can keep sending them referral codes and ask them to have a drink so that their points could be increased and they get closer to the prize.

3. Incentivize Your Customer

You can ask your customers to refer your restaurant to their friends and family and in return, they will get discounts or credits in exchange for how many people they have referred to and how many came to give a visit.

In this way you can even get your restaurant promoted as the person who will be promoting will be their known so they will be able to trust more easily.

4. Easier Management Of Orders

Beyond boosting your restaurant mobile app development also leads to the management of the order placed by a customer.

While giving an order over a phone to the restaurant the customer need to tell the order and the ingredients they would like to be added or removed, address, and if paying by credit then you can’t miss a single digit, the customers would be double-calling to check on their order.

But mobile app development saves you from all of that everything can be selected by the customer themselves and even the chef will not have any problem in reading the order specification, the customers will be able to track their order.

5. Increased Sales Among Millennials

As per the survey, the people who have placed the order online before would like to do the same as they find it easier, comfortable, and time-saving. Similarly, the people who have paid online before would like to pay the same way again.

6. Get More Seats Filled

While traveling people would like to visit the best restaurants or eat at their favorite place plus by having an app in their hand they can reserve seats at any time of the day even if it’s midnight as otherwise, they would have to wait for the restaurant to open or pick up the call.

7. Better On-Site Service

With the help of mobile apps, one doesn’t have to be involved over the phone with other customers and can give their full attention to the customer sitting in the restaurant.

If your place doesn’t have much standing space in your restaurant which is filled by the hungry and tired customers or who just came the whole way down to place the order or who are getting late for the work and would be eating after they have reached the destination.

It would be very beneficial for the mobile app developed for your restaurant as now they don’t have to wait in those long queues and they can even make reservations in advance or come to your place when it is empty.

8. Social Sharing

As on mobile app, people place their feedback on the app and others can read them and you can even ask them to share their reviews over social sites so that the number of people get attracted and visit your restaurant more than any other which will lead to boosting your business.

9. Contactless Payment & Off-premise Dining

The ongoing pandemic has triggered the need of practicing social distancing on a regular basis. The restaurants now need to provide an option of off-premise dining to the customers in order to incorporate the new normal. Contactless payment is also another feature that customers demand these days.

Since the convention process of running a restaurant cannot deliver these services, it is important for owners to switch to a better and more effective option. Creating a restaurant mobile app allows you to manage the needs of your customers both online and offline.

Wrapping Up!

A seamlessly designed restaurant mobile app not only connects the business to a wider range of audiences but also establishes authority in the market. For a brand that is looking to adopt progressive business techniques, mobility is the best way.
But the process can be very difficult for busy restaurant owners so we have a solution for you. You can ask top mobile app development company in india to help you develop the app with no workload over your head.

Just like the secret ingredients of a master recipe, app development needs spices that enhance the flavor. We don’t know much about cooking. But when it comes to mobile app development, we surely are the Master Chefs. 

From ideation to the launch, we can help you at every step. Connect today & speak to our experts for more insights!

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