21 Dec 2018
Updated on July 20th, 2019

What Are The Roadblocks In Your App’s Success Path


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The invasion of technology in the different industries and the businesses is definitely praise-worthy and the adaptation of different technological advancements by users is taking this complete journey to a next level.

However, in the last decade the use of app technology has risen exponentially and with the passage of time the functionality of the mobile phones has also revived and emerged as one of the most powerful devices.

It can easily be observed that the development of apps has also emerged as one of the amazing inventions, turning users following the smart-tasks and make the most of their time.

Indeed, this has created a clean rode stating that monopoly is not the term made for the app market as there are several competitors who strive hard to create the most impressive and unique apps.

On the other hand, despite making loads of hard work and efforts, some of the apps are unable to make their presence in the stores and fail largely to grab the attention of the targeted audience.

I know it sounds heart-wrenching, but in this post, we are going to discuss the factors that can halt the growth and popularity of the app, so let’s read further…

Missing Efficient Marketing Strategy

I think I made my point clear by mentioning the ‘Efficient’ term in the heading. We cannot deny that like any other product the mobile apps also require proper app marketing to create awareness about the newly launched apps.

Thus, you cannot skip or take the marketing casually for the app, as you live with a misconception that an app itself is a great source of marketing.

You are right! That it is, but you must not forget that there are thousands of apps already existing in the market then how a customer will come to know about the new apps?

Henceforth, accept this fact that, only the formation of the perfect app is not enough to rule the market, but the right approach to expanding the reach of an app is equally important. Marketing is not only beneficial from the marketer’s point of view but it also helps the customers to get the information about the app.

App marketing is a powerful tool to drive more customers and get connected with them. So the lack of a proper marketing strategy can hamper the growth of an app.

Unable To Make Intricate UI design

The intricacy involved in the UI design speaks volume for the app. The UI defines the user’s experience and its design decides the look and feels that your app will deliver to the users.

Remember, a good design always attracts users and enhances their experience of using the app. Thus, there must be compatibility between the user and the app.

However, sometimes excessive creativity leads to a complex design which becomes a difficult task for people to understand and use it. Avoid making complex designs, as they are neither recommended nor preferred by the users.

There Is Lack of Uniqueness

To create a unique app is the foremost priority of every developer. People also love to experience something new and creative in apps. There are so many apps in the market but until an app does not look and work differently in comparison to other apps then how it will be preferred by the people over the others.

You must research the prevailing apps and find room for creativity. Look for the users’ demands and requirements and give reasons to your users to welcome your app idea with open arms.

App Gives Slow Performance

You have included the relevant animation/images/ videos in the app to create that engaging factor, but have you realized that whether it affects the app’s performance or not?

Yes, this is another aspect that affects the growth of an app.

When someone tries to open an app and it takes time, then users don’t think twice before chucking your app away.

Your users are highly demanding, if they don’t get what they are looking for then expect the rejection from them instantly.

Understand, if the performance of your app is poor good then users would prefer to avoid using it and try to find out some better option. Thus include the additional features, but ensure your app’s performance is not compromised.

Including Every Possible Feature

Sometimes integration of too many features in an app is the reason for users’ hatred for your app.

Infusing many features in an app creates a hustle bustle in the mind of the users and they get confused, leaving them gasping for air to comprehend what each feature is made for.

Include only the minimal features in the app’s first version, letting the users with enough space to get acclimatized with your app’s genre and its offered services.

Ditching Testing

Testing is not on option, sooner you will accept this fact, the better it would be.

Developers stay with a disbelief that testing is only required toward the completion of the project, but what they fail to understand that testing must go along with the development to avoid any possible glitch to sorted out in parallel scope.

Sticking With Outdated Technology

In their daily life, people prefer to stay updated and trendy, similarly outdated version of technology creates boredom amid the users.

As an app developer, you must engage in staying up-to-date about the latest trends in technology and help your users to experience the AR/VR/IoT or any other relevant technology.

This gives a reason for your users to stay glued to your app and enjoy the different technologies through your app portal.

An app is never an output of a random approach, rather it is the outcome of zealous effort made from all corners. Thus you must not think that you are done with your responsibility, once the app gets launched, rather the real journey starts after the app launch.

Henceforth, you must reach a leading top mobile application development company in USA to help you succeed with your built app solution while removing the roadblocks for its success path.

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