21 Dec 2017
Updated on May 9th, 2019

A Saga Of App Development Challenges


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I am a man of few words, don’t share my opinions and views unnecessarily and speak only when something requires attention…this is not actually my own SELF-ASSASSINATION PERSONALITY CHECK, but this is what my friends and colleagues feel about me and often tease me with.

Maybe they are quite right about me, but there is something which you can never miss about me, is that I am a keen observant. Yes, you heard me right I observe and learn everything very patiently, ensuring that no point is escaped while exploring and learning something of my interest, and my interest only revolves around technology only….


I am a senior Android app developer working with a leading mobile app development company Techugo. My work profile always makes me deal with the intrinsic details surrounded by the app technology, out of which some are complex and demanding yet interesting.

I must admit, each of the app development ventures I have explored with Techugo, has helped me to reach an escape velocity, where I always yearn for more and explore more about the app technologies….

This is a succinct introduction which has given a sudden comfort to me…After all, I got to talk about what I like the most…

But is this all I am gonna talk about today? of course not, rather with today’s writing I am going to let you take a glimpse of some of the most precious professional learning, I have learned with an app recently…

With an app? Are you serious?

If this question has entered in your mind as well…then I believe unless you keep reading what I have to share…

An Experience For The Lifetime

I remember the day our Business Head assigned the project, called ‘MyFollowUp’ to me… considering the name I could ensure that it would be a regular medical mobile app, with the most ubiquitous and pre-defined features, but something which took me to a journey of surprise was the entirely different functionalities of MyFollowUp and the collaborated efforts from one of the top Indian hospitals, made me fallen for this app, much before the initiation of the project.

MyFollowUp Works As A…

  • Communication Bridge between the Dr and patient, where Doctors can access their patient’s record, with a touch on their Smartphone and can help the patients in much better way.
  • Also, this app has lot more to do then just seeking consultation, but as a patient, you can upload your reports, take appointments and seek the possible medical advice.

As an app developer, my uttermost expectations always remain to get a hold on the new set of challenges and explore the possibilities to offer a resolution for the same.

Thus MyFOllowUp also brought a number of challenges along with…

Challenges I Explored

Well it would be wrong of me to say that Healthcare mobile app is quite plain and has nothing much to explore within, as a matter of fact, the genre of the application itself was a challenge because it was a healthcare app and it was supposed to reach the acme, so the end users would not be troubled any more.

And apart from the OBVIOUS challenge, there were also certain other challenges, which were interlinked with this app, like:

  • Providing accurate appointment booking status for Doctors.
  • It was a challenging task to provide patients with doctors time slots and book appointment for the free slot.
  • Slight issue with appointment booking could cause a bad user experience with an app.
  • Secure Payment Gateway integration.
  • Payment for doctor appointment was an important part of an application that needed accuracy and stability.
  • On time calling between doctor and patient.
  • Strict time appointment call has to be there to save both Patient and Doctor time.
  • Sending patient a prescription via the app itself after a call.
  • Proper satisfaction of patient after a followUp even if it was via call.

Worth to mention that health is a very sensitive aspect, and every information and the services pertinent to this, was supposed to be satisfactory, accurate and coming from a reliable source.

Thus getting an app developed for the topmost doctors in India, was not just difficult, but was also a learning journey.

What did I get to learn?

Well, if I am not going to address this point, then I think this writing would remain DULL.

As I have suggested before, for an app developer, the development of an app, does not bring dealing with codes and app technology, but it opens a new door of the opportunities and if taken well, it can turn into the strongest pillar added into your expertise graph.

While CRAFTING MyFollowUp, I along with my team explored new technologies, while developing the features integrated into MyFollowup., for instance:

    • IVR Call- This feature allows the calling between patient and doctor via IVR technology. The best part of this app states, it does not reflect the Dr’s number to the patient. The functionality works wherein the App calls IVR and then IVR calls the doctor’s number.


  • Payment Gateway– The patients can make the payment for appointment through “PayU” Payment gateway, undeniably it was indeed a great experience using and exploring the payment options.

For me, indeed this app had been a robust learning phase and as an app developer,  I learned how to use new technologies efficiently,  explored the ways to solve common users problems using mobile applications.

To conclude this writing, it would be incomplete if I would not share my journey as an app developer, in few words…

Every app development bears challenges and risk, but as long as you hold the passion within you to deter the doubts and fears of consequences, you would never LEARN and EXPLORE. Thus, you’re your set of fears aside, and let yourself be drawn to the wave of learning with every app development process.

I would now bid adieu to you all….

But before signing of…I am sure you would love to stop and praise the work done by the Android and iOS App Development Techugo team members….please like and download the app, from your preferred app store…

For Androidhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.virtualmediconnect.app

For iOShttps://itunes.apple.com/in/app/myfollowup/id1144895524?mt=8

Also, if you want to discuss your app requirement with our team, would request you to please get in touch through:

Skype: aks141
Skype: ankit.techugo

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