16 Aug 2023

Saudi Arabia Ranks Top in Government Strategy for AI | What AI App Development Holds for the Future?


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Saudi Arabia Ranks Top in Government Strategy for AI What AI App Development Holds for the Future

How isn’t it possible? Saudi Arabia has finally found its name at the top of the government strategy index for AI. 

Even it is not surprising for the whole world because everyone knows how Saudi Arabia and the entire MENA region are brainstorming to make all the possible impacts with AI applications. 

Tortoise-Media, a UK-based news website, issued the global classification of AI that incorporates more than 100 indicators, divided into seven sub-pillars: development, government strategy, operating environment, commercial, infrastructure, etc. 

Germany and China also secure the second and third ranking among all 60 countries. Indeed, this new big announcement will bring exceptional opportunities for Saudi Arabia and attract entrepreneurs’ attention to develop unique and user-friendly AI applications or digital solutions. 

That’s not it!

You will find more in this post. So, explore further and get a complete insight. 

Unwavering efforts by Saudi Arabia to Become An AI Kingdom

Saudi Arabia ranked 31st in the classification indicators and 1st in the Government Strategy Index for AI. Here are the reasons how:

  • Various factors like the establishment of the National Strategy for Data and AI, allocation of funding and budget for AI initiatives, the existence of a dedicated government authority for AI, and the formation of national targets for AI are all responsible for letting the country secures 100% in all criteria of the index related to AI. 
  • A royal order was issued in 1440 AH to set up the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) as the central authority to organize, develop, and manage AI-related matters. 
  • To obtain the objectives and aspirations of turning the Middle East into a one-stop destination for AI, the country worked to create the National Strategy for Data and AI (NSDAI) and launch initiatives to use them. 

Saudi Arabia: Its AI Vision to Become the World Leader

Yes, Saudi Arabia is all set to rule all over the world of technology, with the development of a domestic AI-enabled digital ecosystem by 2030. The country aims to decrease reliance on oil and diversify the economy while increasing AI application development in all industry verticals, such as finance, healthcare, and education.

Here is how much the country invested or planning to invest in AI and other technologies-

  • Saudi Arabia can invest more than $6.4 billion in robust technologies like metaverse and blockchain. 
  • Allocation of $20 billion by the Saudi government to advance AI applications.
  • NEOM Tech & Digital Company can receive a $1 billion investment from the government. 
  • The Big Data and Artificial Intelligence market can grow at a CAGR of 32.6% and reach USD 891.74 million by 2026. 
  • The country plans to spend $500 billion in the education and training industry with AI technology. 
  • Research and Markets firm ensures that the market for advanced technology can grow at a rate of 47.8 percent, with Saudi Arabia and UAE taking the front. 
  • According to global consultancy firm PwC, the economy of Saudi Arabia can grow to $135 billion in 2030, all thanks to Artificial Intelligence.
  • AI’s contribution by Saudi Arabia can increase GDP to 12.4 percent by 2030. 

Unveil the Potential of AI for Different Industries

Do you know where the relevance of AI comes into existence? 

In 1956, American computer scientist John McCarthy coined the term Artificial Intelligence which mentions the ability of a computer to do tasks associated with humans or intelligent beings. 

Now, AI applications are widely used across all sectors and industries. Learn here the significance of its usage: 

Healthcare, Logistics, Real Estate, and whatnot, the dynamic use of AI is prevalent in almost all in  

  • Healthcare 

For various healthcare services, that includes identifying patterns, data mining, medical conditions treatment, performing highly accurate diagnoses, etc. AI is used. 

Whether it’s about medication management, robotic surgery, or medical imaging, AI is highly prevalent and only increasing with time. 

Did you hear about IBM Watson?

It is an AI-enabled tool that derives meaning while understanding the context of structured and unstructured data and, thus, analyzing the patient’s history and treatment. 

  • Food Tech

AI application development has taken the food delivery or the food tech sector to another level. Not only with food delivery by drones and robots but other capabilities of AI ensure a vast potential in this industry. 

Various tools have been developed that assist food processing companies in automating the food analysis tasks like identifying the shape, size, and color of french fries or understanding the fat content in meat. 

Even the agriculture space gets all advanced and automated with the use of AI to understand and analyze the effects of salinity, water, UV light, and heat on basil. 

Looking for any further insight into the food delivery app development?

Get in touch with a top mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia

  • Logistics and Transportation 

Leveraging AI technology, supply chain management in logistics and the transportation industry gets streamlined. Self-driving vehicles and aerial vehicles turn out to be the next big thing, and we can see some on the roads and sky taking passengers to their ultimate destinations. 

What’s more?

The AI algorithms allow the delivery personnel to search and locate the quickest shipment route that ensures last-mile delivery and leaves a long-lasting impact on the consumers. All dynamic leaders of the transportation industry are at the forefront of innovation, and we can see some disruptions soon.

  • Real Estate

What do AI applications hold for the real estate industry? Are you also thinking about the same?

Let’s reveal!

All three main panels, agents, brokers, and clients, can become more effective and strategic in their efforts and approaches with AI-powered solutions. Here is how AI technology can be used in the real estate industry: 

  • All real estate documents like title deeds, lease agreements, and mortgages can be managed and processed seamlessly utilizing AI. 
  • To let real estate professionals understand the market conditions, property prices, values, market trends, and opportunities, AI applications can play a great help. 
  • Home security can be strengthened by integrating AI into security systems and thermostats.
  • Chatbots can run 24*7 and let the clients look for their homes and get answers to their queries even at odd hours. 
  • Media

The media industry has been turning giant with the use of AI applications for various purposes that follow:

  • Leveraging AI to analyze market trends, predict user behavior, audience preferences, and make strategic decisions.
  • Even image and video analysis turns convenient and streamlined with sentiment analysis, object recognition, and sentiment analysis features of AI. 
  • Today, personalized content is in high demand, and guess what? AI algorithms can analyze user preferences, thus ensuring better user experience and engagement. 
  • Various fraudulent activities like fake user accounts can be detected with a safe and secure platform.
  • eCommerce

The eCommerce recognizes the importance of AI applications earlier than any other industry to effectively meet consumers’ evolving and changing needs. Using the tech, businesses can find patterns in consumer behavior and thus build strategies that align with their needs.  

From product recommendations to getting customers’ queries resolved by some chatbots, AI has played a pivotal role in eCommerce websites. If you want to learn more about how the technologies like AI, Blockchain, AR, VR, and others can exceed your business growth, don’t forget to book a consultation with a top mobile app development company in Dubai

  • Education 

Educational institutes have been turning into e-learning digital solutions with the transformation wave brought in by digitalization that transformed the whole landscape. Some dynamic uses of AI applications in the education industry are: 

  • Students and learners can have personalized guidance, feedback, and assistance with AI-enabled tutoring systems. 
  • The virtual assistants of AI can resolve student queries, assist in administrative tasks, provide educational resources, and thus improve the learning environment. 
  • Based on the individual student’s needs and requirements, AI can bring a personalized touch to the education content. 
  • Automating the grading process for exams, quizzes, and assignments saves time and lets students learn about their performance quickly is all possible with AI.

Integration of AI to Ensure Business Benefits 

A business can ensure multiple benefits when developing AI applications with the help of a top AI app development company. Here is covered all significance of turning your products or services into exceptional products that reap tangible benefits. Ensure to move further to learn why businesses must have AI applications.

Building AI-enabled applications brings multiple advantages to businesses.

  • Improved Efficiency

It becomes seamless for organizations to handle tasks of a higher volume that is significantly impossible for humans. Workers can enhance their productivity level with the help of automation brought in by AI. 

  • Personalized Customer Services 

As AI lets entrepreneurs learn from the data with drastic things like predictive analysis, providing customers with personalized services is simpler today. 

Wondering how?

Because of leveraging predictive analysis, businesses and enterprises can learn about future trends, market scope, evolving customer needs, etc., and thus provide their customers with the desired services and products they have. 

  • Reduced Human Error

“To err is human.”

Shakespeare has said this already; today, organizations also believe the same and rely their confidence most on automation. The automotive process not only speeds up repetitive tasks but also increases the business value with significantly reduced errors. 

  • Enhanced Business Growth

Today, various businesses are getting their hands on AI applications to enhance their growth while taking support from Techugo, a top React native app development company.  

And guess what?

According to PWC, AI is expected to improve business productivity by 40% by 2035. It will be a significant boost, and brick-and-mortar stores that are not considering the necessity of AI are at a significant loss. 

  • More Innovation 

The whole MENA region gets innovated and transformed its way of life from the conventional mode while simply implementing AI. Whether it’s about the 20-min highway for cyclists, pedestrian crossing, or the new cities, the use of AI by the region has brought the whole world closer to more innovation. 

What’s more?

Robotic surgeries, ChatGPT, and various other tools have been developed; all credit goes to AI technology. 

  • More Profitability 

Undoubtedly, there will be more profits coming on the way where there is reduced human error, more innovation, enhanced business growth, personalized customer services, and improved efficiency are achieved. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with Techugo, a leading on-demand app development company in the Middle East, share your ideas, and turn the obstacles & challenges you are currently facing in your organization into some exponential opportunities leading to growth and success-driven path. 

Exceptional AI Technologies Integrated in Mobile Apps 

The drastic use of AI is immense; that’s why investing and the benefits of AI have become a standard today. Get a complete insight into other AI technologies and how they are used in multiple ways today by businessmen. 

Some exciting types of AI technology

  • Chatbots

Who does not know chatbots?

Almost every app today considers its use, whether Amazon shopping, Instagram, or others. Even users also love its use to interact seamlessly and inquire about anything. 

If you want to integrate chatbots in your iPhone, get in touch with none other than Techugo, a top iPhone app development company, today. 

  • Machine Learning

Machine learning technology is in trend for businesses involved in classification and forecast. 

AI and ML have developed various exceptionalities; you must try your hands on these two technologies for the benefits it brings. 

  • Image Recognition 

Detecting any object, image, or video to deliver results is what image recognition is known for. Instead, the technology analyzes clients to check users by their faces and patients’ diseases. 

If you have tried uploading a product picture on an eCommerce store, you would know about this technology better. 

  • Speech Recognition 

The most loved products, Siri and Alexa, are speech recognition technology that decodes what the human just said into a format the computer can understand. Nowadays, various AI applications have been integrated with speech recognition. 

  • Natural Language Technology

A perfect suit of happiness for businesses that are into customer service because this technology lets them provide an enhanced level of satisfaction. Moreover, the tech is helpful for all apps that generate reports and market reviews.

Interesting, isn’t it?

  • Biometrics

We all do biometrics while entering our offices. It is none other than AI technology that identifies, analyzes, and measures human behavior. Instead, this technology makes it easier to recognize the human body’s physical aspects, shape, structure, size, voice gesture control, and sensory recognition. 

What Can Techugo Offer with AI App Development? 

AI applications have the potential to bring a positive impact to your business. You will undoubtedly be happier after integrating this top-notch technology into your dream solution.  

Have an idea that you want to turn into reality with an AI-enabled app?

If yes, consider meeting with Techugo, the top mobile app development company in UAE. With the right partners beside you, there will be more benefits that tech can offer. 

So, instead of standing still, get in touch with our high-graded experts and create your own digital solution as soon as possible. 

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