20 Nov 2017

How To Save Your App Venture From Failure

How many apps downloaded in your Smartphone, are regularly used by you?

I think only 30% and the remaining 70% usually stay or get uninstalled with time.

It is not something which is very uncommon and happens with most of us on a regular basis, but the real task occurs when you have to find a reason and then the solution to get rid of this issue.

Issue? Is it really an issue?

Well, I don’t consider it as an issue merely, rather adding another adjective to it like ALARMING would sound more appropriate.

No, I am indeed not taking any sort of pun here, but rather addressing a real-time problem faced by most of the app developers, when their months of efforts are dumped in the basket of trash by the users.

How cruel it sounds, but it has every possible reason to make your app go haywire and lose its charm.

Do you know what causes the app failure?

When I asked this question to many, the usual answer I got was that users preferred something else in the market. Yes, it is one of the leading consequences, but not the reason.

Oops, then what is the reason?

Well, the answer to this question lies in your development recipe only…Don’t believe me?

I think you must proceed to read this blog further to guide you better…

When I look around and find most of the apps losing their charm, then I am usually taken aback after finding the 90% of issues are cropped and ignored largely during the development phase of the app only. The apps which lose their charm and get easily uninstalled by the users, despite unique concept, is majorly due to some of the ignorance paid in the app development phase, such as:

Ignoring the app design…

An app with really great app concept, but poor app design, collects the every possible ingredient to get dumped by the users. The app design works as a visual candy to your users, allowing them to get impressed and utilize the app further.

An app design needs to be clean giving the users a seamless experience, and in order to achieve this, you need to wear the shoes of users to access the better app design for your app.

Remember a great design not just consists of app layout or color, but has a lot more to do with the high image resolution, the right placing of buttons, impeccable user interface and smooth user experience.

Avoiding user base…

I truly appreciate the idea of app development and the way you prefer to get it composed in your business requirements, but in this race of developing a perfect mobile app for your business, why do you take a chance of missing your users.

You need to remember that your users are your guide to make a perfect app, if you decide to develop an app without even considering the users’ requirements; the end-product would only be a crap which would be thrown out by the users instantly.

Your app must translate the need of users largely; every bit of your mobile app needs to be an exact voice of your users’ needs.

Get indulged in a detailed research and analysis strategy for your mobile app, and understand what problems users are facing, and how this problem can be solved through a mobile app interface.

Once you get the answer to your questions, then the very next thing you need to do is investing your time and efforts in building an app solution plan, which can easily be a solution of all time to your users.

A bug filled experience…

The app experience is not something which depends only on the above-mentioned factors, but there are some more to add value to your app, only if considered on time. The bug filled experience is one of those mistakes which app developers commit, without realizing that what it is going to cost to their app success.

Your app represents your brand, and users access it for their convenience, you cannot let this segment be taken for granted by the enormous wrong fillings, which become an integral part of your app.

The app crash/ app bugs are some of those wrong-doings, which you allow happening to your app, due to the absence of thorough app testing.

Don’t feel app testing is a trivial part of the app development process and can be ditched at any given time, but app testing is as important as the other aspects of app development, and you cannot let it happen at the later stage, rather you need to indulge in it as often as possible.

Is app marketing really needed?…

Though it should be a statement, but I wrote in the question form, since this is what I got while discussing with some of the app owners…L

To cut the story short, app marketing is not just needed but needed in abundance, and you cannot afford to miss at the cost of top-notch app concept.

Even if your app concept, app design, app features and app in total, is a matchless combination, yet you need to give a voice to your app through marketing channels, thus it can easily be heard and acknowledged by the potential app users.

When it comes to App Development, every step taken is counted and cannot be given a miss. You cannot simply trust your gut feelings, rather you need to be smart enough to pay attention to every bit of your app functionalities and need to get indulged into a process, to understand that how you can make it a successful venture.

The hardest and harshest fact suggests that the app market now has turned into a game of the survival, where only the fittest survive in the game, so make efforts to make your app rock on the respective stores.

Also get your app developed by a leading app development company who has relevant technical exposure and is well-versed with how to make mobile apps, thus your efforts can be converted into a successful app venture for your business goals…

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