15 Mar 2019
Updated on July 19th, 2019

How Screenshots Ensure App’s Success?


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Your mobile app does not turn popular within a night, rather it requires the efforts from every corner, and in this race, everything which comes and cover the beauty of a mobile app.

However you need to remember, that a mobile app can only turn popular, only when all the right ingredients are mixed well in the success broth prepared for your audience.

How philosophical!

However, app developers try everything possible in their reach to upgrade the app’s standard but what they fail to comprehend at the end is the utilization of the right features.

With this post I would be talking largely about the most significant yet avoided aspect for your app and that is the Screenshots.

Why Screenshots Matter?

With a mobile app, you reach your targeted audience, to attract that chunk of user base you must not ignore the worth of screenshots, as they together shout out about your app to the users and grab their attention to download your mobile app.

In other words a mobile app screenshots simply work as the teaser for your app and represent your app as a powerful product to your audience. Thus you must include every bit of the right measures to carve a deserving recognition for your app through the screens.

Just read further to know how screenshots must be laced and what the other aspects to be taken into consideration are…

Pick A Special Place

Ever wondered that how a trailer from a movies speaks the complete story to you and engage you further with the movie and wait for its official release, take the screens of your app in the same manner in which you would be placing the screenshots in a way, that it would be related to each other and describes the app more specifically. It requires research, so don’t shy form it, but pick the screens in a ways that after placement it would carve out a complete sense for your app. 

Consider The Worth of Every Slot

Every OS comes up with its specific set of screenshot slots, you don’t need to ignore or utilize only a few of them, rather you must be smart enough to use all but with relevant screens. Just to update iOS allows you to 5 slots whereas in Android the number goes to 8.  By using all the available slots, you maximize the chances of your app’s visibility on the respective store with right measures.

Include Crisp Content

App screens, require the succinct yet charming description, it need not to be a untold saga of your app and its functionality, but it must speak about the mentioned feature in the screen and that too should be in the form in which users would understand how well this feature can help them, not just the qualities of those features.

A concise piece of content needs time to be created, so invest time to make the final version to work in your favor. 

Don’t Miss The Potential

Yes, with testing you can check the potential of your app’s screen slides, this helps you to analyze that which slide has got the maximum click rate and if you find any sort of bug in there, then don’t sit on it rather chuck it out of your app’s mechanism and believe me there is nothing wrong in testing your app and its features.

Eventually the app screenshots, speak louder about your app and work as the best marketing tool, so if you have ever wondered that your marketing plan is sufficient on its own and it can do wonders on its own, then you need to question yourself and must understand that an app always require the something extra to get promoted on the users’ forefront.

Getting an app successful requires the oodles of efforts coming from all corners of the room and expecting only screenshot to do wonders for your app platform, cannot suffice the need, but there needs to be couple of other factors which need to be taken into consideration and build a successful app product, and out of all, something which really matters most here, is the selection of right top mobile application development company for your app concept.

I know there will be enough number of aspects to going in and around your mind that how a right app builder can help and where should I pick one, so to answer your query let me tell you the experience and exposure held by such app company would help you in abundance to make a different and unique app for your business.


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