16 May 2018

When SEO Gives Results


Working with a mobile app development company often leads us to some examples while conversing with our clients, which seriously force us to brainstorm.

In the other words, the non-technical questions coming from client’s end, sometimes leave you scratch your head for a while…

You must be wondering what all am I referring to? Well as my content’s reader, you must be well aware with that I try to keep my personal examples considered into my writings, so my readers can relate to the actual problem and it helps them in understanding the concept of my writing more clearly. J

Ok…Let’s hop back to my main topic again…

In one of the recent conversation with one of our precious clients, a question was pooped for the digital marketing services and the question was ‘how much traffic can I expect after 6 months’…it was indeed a genuine question, and from the client’s perspective, it seems quite normal to raise the question.

So I replied him and realized that there are numerous clients who really want to know the amount of traffic which can be expected after the 6 months of digital marketing key-driver SEO.

Thus I thought to bring your attention towards the factors which affect the SEO in total…so here I am today with this post…

“SEO is a strategy which has to be penned down and integrated and failing to which it leads to some catastrophic situations to happen with your mobile app. There is not one particular reason which can trigger the traffic on your app or website, but there are multiple reasons…”

REMEMBER SEO doesn’t do magic overnight!!!

There are misconceptions which creates an aura in the business owner’s mind that if they are starting up the SEO by Wednesday, then it is expected the traffic would start revealing by the weekend…

No, I am not telling something illusionary but this is a real-time situation or I must say the incident which every digital marketing expert faces when a client comes up with a demand of making the SEO work in the favor of their businesses in a jiffy of a moment.

From the client’s perspective, this haste is expected since their ultimate vision is to gain the advancement in their business revenue through the medium of an app/website, which is supposed to get optimized further with the proven SEO strategies.

But you need to take a deep breath and you must consider the needs from the SEO perspective as well, and must understand that there are certain steps which you need to take into consideration… let’s read ahead…

There are two main components which trigger your SEO practices to work in your business favor, and they are On-page optimization and off-page optimization.

Within these two factors there are a couple of sub-factors which affect the SEO to a large extent, so let’s begin with the On-page optimization

On-Page Optimization

Content of the page– The content of your website or mobile app needs to be worthy enough which could entice the users largely and must be as per the demand of the users and it must have the ability to get reproduced or shared across, if your content fails to have these two factors, then no matter how great your business concept is, it will never gain attention.

Title tag– A title tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page. The title page of your content must be engaging .The title tag of a web page is meant to be an accurate and concise description of a page’s content.

URL- The category or the hierarchy of a website is clearly indicated through the URLs of the website. If you want your users to understand clearly that what exact information your page contains, then you need to have right URL.

Apart from the mentioned factors, other significant essentials which boost the on-page optimization are:

  • optimized titles and descriptions
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Text Formatting
  • Image optimization
  • User-friendly 404 pages
  • Page speed
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Unique content
  • ALT- Text For Images


Off-Site Page Optimization

As the name suggests the Off-site SEO or off- page optimization refers to the strategies you integrate into your website, which consequently reflect a positive change in your rankings within search engine result.

The off- page optimization is only possible when you decide to take a strong note of certain factors, such as:


Calling the backlinks as the soul of off-site SEO would not be wrong. The different search engines use the backlinks as the indicator of the linked-to content’s quality.

If your website/app has valuable backlinks, it means that you rank better. Thus you must consider….

  • You need to create the amazing, unique and engaging content, so the readers will find a reason to stay hooked to your content
  • Include the right Social media sharing strategy which would help you to generate links.
  • Reach out to influencers in your industry and instantly they will link to you.
  • Keep posting blogs, articles, PPT and any other relevant content on the site

SEO is a process which works gradually with these factors, and expecting something to work magically like directly from the Hogwarts will not help you out in any case, thus if you really want SEO to work in your favor then you must wait minimum for 6 months, which will ultimately start showing the results for your business needs.

Also, you must ensure that you have picked a right mobile app development company or the right web developer for your app/website, who can give a shape to your concept with the right set of expertise and technical exposure.

Last but not the least, with SEO you need to have the patience to help it work, and by balancing the off-page and on-page optimizations skills, you help your portal to garner the required attention from the targeted audience resulting into a better revenue loop for your business.

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