22 Jan 2018
Updated on July 24th, 2019

Significance Of Clean Code For A Successful Mobile App


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When I think of the mobile app, all I can think of as a non-technical person is the clear interface and the seamless technology to offer me the services am looking for, but behind these apps live a major code game. A system which allows the mobile app to function basically is the right coding done by the tech-heads in a mobile app development company. The codes written are highly vital for your mobile app, one break or wrongly written code would never let the app functionality to operate accurately.

In the wake of coding something which matters again is the clean coding system…


It is very obvious to expect this question, so just to explain in a more non-technical language, a clean code means a programming code, which can be changed, adapted and understood any time. Albeit, the clean code is practiced but there are certain rules, which need to be considered in order to make the code works in your app’s favor.

So let’s dig out more rules to be integrated into the clean code

Less Is The Winning Mantra

When you initiate to write the code for your mobile app, ensure to adapt the minimalistic approach and avoid writing too much code, this can easily be achieved by avoiding the series of unused code variables.

As an app developer you need to focus more on creating a self-explanatory mobile app code, it would take your time, but in a longer run, you would be able to create a much required clean code for your mobile app.

Avoid Methods, Variables or A Code Block Name Abbreviations

We all are unique and try to explore the most suitable way of accessing the information, and this condition is no different on app developers as well, but due to hurry and sometimes due to inexperience developers give a confusing name to the methods, variables or a code block, which gives the cloud of confusion to the other developer.

The name of the methods, variables or a code block should be pertaining to the app functionality and the features, for which the code is written. For instance, a code written for search option must have something in the methods, variables or a code block name to depict its genre, it can be like ‘search button’ but making it ‘shop’ will give the confusion to another developer who is going to work on it.

Thus it is highly advisable to name the methods, variables or a code block that you create with a pertaining feature.

Commenting In Code

As an app developer, you must keep a note of adding comment to your methods, variables or a code block. By doing this method, you help your comment to describe what a method or code block does and it will also remove the area of confusion when the other developer would work on your code. It would ease down the difficulty another app developer going to face while using your app and can use your code easily.

Code Reading

When an app developer writes a code, there are many factors considered, and taking a note of all, he/she writes the code, but where writing a code depends on the technical capabilities of a developer, at the same time reading the code is a technical challenge.

Every developer has its own way of writing the code, and reading and comprehending the already written-code is not an easy task. Most of the time a not-followed code is hard to be read again by the same developer, thus it is recommended if you have written a code, then keep some reference for it in your personal file, this would help you avoid the situation of re-writing the entire code base.

Be Expressive With Your Codes

I know it might sound little clichéd to you, but as an app developer, you need to write the code, which is expressive and as if you are talking with somebody. To make this happen you must focus on API rather than patterns.

You need to jot down the API and need to observe and then proceed with the coding. Here you need to remember one aspect that your code must TELL not ASK.

Avoid Long Methods

As an app developer, you need to understand one fact that one class of code must perform only one job. You must avoid using and in method names like validateAndSave.

Try to keep the methods as small as possible and keep the classes small as well. Also, keeping the variables to as low as 6 or 7 would help you to carve a better and cleaner code.

I truly know that not every app developer follows these techniques, and as a consequence, they always receive a bug-filled code, which is time-consuming and irritating as well.

So you need to pick a top mobile app development company to get a clean code written for your mobile app, so your app can gain the heights of success.

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