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29 Aug 2020

Simple Steps To Create A Mind-Blowing Event App

You want to attend an event, but not so sure of its timing and other required details. What would be your first thought?

To access the information on your smartphone…right?

Yes, this is the best way to access the information, and this can easily be done with an event mobile app. Such an app solution helps the attendees and the organizers to provide their visitors with the target information they expected.

To ensure that the conference takes place without any hurdle involved, organizers must include every detail in arranging the right schedule and necessary agenda. And here a mobile app serves the purpose, but not all apps can provide accurate information through the app platform. Here you need to bring the right taste within the app, so it can bring the right information on the table.

With this article, we have tried to accumulate every bit of information that is required to create an app for conferences and events. Read it ahead to help your business to occupy a new business niche.

MVP features for an event app

User registration

It is indeed a very basic feature, and event apps are no exception to it but you must remember that the users must be driven to frustration, with extra precaution, you must ensure that the steps used in the registration, must be as lesser as possible. Also, try to integrate the social media logins that help users to register through social media hassle-free.

Profiles customization

It is one of the most basic and important features that your event app should have, you can let your users to add some personal information and include the relevant registration steps like name, location, and interests. 

Live streaming

Pre-pandemic this feature could be a part of the advanced feature, but considering the social distancing and other safety measures, now every event app must integrate this feature within. This feature helps the users to stream the event from the comfort of their home and they don’t need to walk out of their home or face the issues.

Search filters

A mobile app is all about convenience and comfort, and users are willing to access it through every possible corner of the app. Here, in this run, you need to ensure to bring comfort through app functionality, and search filter is the best option to proceed with. When users come on your app, they want to take a quick tour of the events and wats to grab the information without wasting any time. Instead of scrolling through the long list of events, you can simply improve the user experience by providing a search filter, where users can filter the events on the basis of date, time, and venue, among many other factors.

Event feed

This feature enables the users to navigate through oodles of information about different events, here the event feed API, that helps in organizing and suggesting events based on a user’s interests. These APIs help in trigging the rank and provide personalized event information in real-time based on user interests. 

Geolocation and maps

With this feature, users can find events in their area, you must remember that the maps with geolocation are the essential features for every event app. Geolocation can also be used for providing a city guide for users. Considering maps for venues and indoor navigation, you can even also use AR technology to enhance the user experience. 

Push notifications

With this feature, organizers share all important alerts to the visitors and give them real-time information about any change in plan venue or timing of the event.


Within the event app, every user looks forward to purchasing the tickets and this is where they don’t need to move out, but they can simply make the payment through the app platform only. You must integrate the third-party payment services like Brain tree or PayPal to help users to make the payment.

Event scheduling

The event scheduling feature is another most important factor in the event app, as it helps users to add their events in one place. The customization here helps in adding the way schedule as per their convenience. 

Cancel and refund 

Yes, it is quite obvious to have cancellation and refund issues, within any event. Your app must offer an engaging and seamless order managing tool, letting users get a clear view of their ticket purchase order and get the opportunity to cancel orders and refund tickets. Also, the app must provide the right information to the users for any cancellation and payment refund.

How much does it cost to build an event app?

A mobile app is not just about coding, but there are multiple aspects that are involved in the journey. Companies boasting to provide the actual app development cost, much before knowing the app concept, are creating a sales pitch to get the project. Henceforth, it is hard to predict the app development cost, much before knowing the concept and analyzing it’s every feature and functionality. The cost can range from $20,000 to any number, that can even grow much beyond your expectations. Thus you need to speak with your app development partner and take the accurate estimate for your app.

The Bottom Line

The event planning app has different shades hidden within, and unless you add that spark within the app, it is hard to bring success to it. Hence to create something that would differentiate your event app from any other existing solution in the market, get in touch with the experienced technocrats at Techugo.

We are working round the clock to help you craft a mesmerizing event app solution to fit your business requirements effectively.



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