18 Jun 2019

Skype Mobile Screen Sharing Is Enable For iOS And Android Devices


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From months, Microsoft is working on integrating screen sharing feature in Skype, enables during the calls in its mobile application. Now Skype has officially launched with screen sharing for iOS and Android devices. The feature is already out of beta. And! soon you will be to sharing your mobile screen during video call with people at the same time.

Don’t you fancy the idea of sharing screen during video call with different people at a single time? Well! surely it tempts you.

When I first heard about this feature, the only word came in my mind was ” Amazing”.  As my work includes dealing and taking with numbers of people both including clients and investors, I always feel the need for video calling feature that can allow me to share the screen of the contents that I want to show to others.

Indeed, this desire is usual. As from a recent couple of years, we are able to make video call with people. Therefore, upgrades and enchantment are expected.

Surely, you would also be excited to use this new facility of Skype. So, I have decided to make a note on the debut of screen sharing on iOS and Android phone. So, take a glimpse of the concept.

Skype With Screen Sharing

Do you talk over video calls with your loved ones? Do you accomplish a lot of your work conversation through Skype? More importantly, Do you use Skype to organize various business calls?

Well! No matter what you do and why do you use skype, it is a part of our day to day life. Besides, SFB -Skype of Business is also the most common part of organizations, as employees make a majority of organizational conversation through this.

It is a basic instrument that enables people to communicate more easily.  Screen sharing during video call wasn’t possible with this application in the beginning. Though, later the skype application was introduced with a conference call feature that allows users to make conference calls and share screens during video calls. But! the feature was available only for the desktop application only. For mobile users, it wasn’t possible to share screen.

If you are a Skype user, surely, you must feel sad that you cannot share your screen through mobile phone during the call and have to stick with your laptop for hours.

Now! You don’t need to be bothered, as the feature is available for iOS and Android application.

Microsoft has recently launched the screen sharing feature for the mobile app, you can use the feature on your iOS and Android device. How? Well, Let me explain.

How to use screen sharing?

As I mentioned, the feature is available for desktop application earlier, and the option was available right on the call screen. For mobile application, you can to use the button “…” given right at the bottom of the display screen  (During the call), and once you tap on the button a list appears. There a Share Screen button is integrated. By clicking at the button you can hop out of the Skype display and can start sharing other screens on your phone.

The feature is available with the latest version of Skype on iOS and Android devices. For iOS, it is accessible to iOS 12 and latest OS versions.

The company has also highlighted its new call look out for mobile, and has strived to streamline and simplify video chats. Consequently, when you tap on the display all the call controls available on the screen get removed and offer a more cleaner look. You can bring them back by tapping again on the display.

Moreover, “…” button menu offers call recording and subtitles also.

Indeed, you would be thinking about why I am so much fascinated by the feature. Actually, these features are very useful, especially screen sharing.

How screen sharing is useful?

As I told earlier that Skype is being used by almost every business organization for everyday work-related conversations, screen sharing can help them in a variety of ways.

As there are times when we have to show charts and different content to other users during the call. This feature allows users to share those content available on the mobile and let understand what you are referring to.

It adds more collaboration & co-operation and eases out the business calls. Thus, other users can understand and see what other person is referring by simply looking at his screen.

It enhances the workflow as employees can easily refer aspects and pass on the information to other employees.

Undoubtedly, the feature is fantastic and available in different types of application. Altogether, businesses are integrating this feature into their personal business application.

Microsoft is always known for offering great convenience by unveiling a different kind of applications and features. With this new feature in Skype, businesses will incur real benefits as the employees can utilize the feature for various purposes.

For employees, it will offer convenience, as they can share a lot of crucial information only through the screen and nobody can make any changes in the available screen. Therefore, this new feature is being admired by a number of people.

Integrating this feature into your social media or business application can also aid your users in various ways. Don’t forget that convenience is what everyone seeks.

Not just Microsoft, but other mobile app development companies are also integrating this feature into different kinds of application. It means now we can share our phone screen with the person available on call.

For businesses, applications like Skype are really helpful and make business communication seamless. Screen sharing will make life easier as you can check the screen of callers. To know more about such application, get in touch with Techugo experts. We aid people to understand what is trending in the market and what can make your business more profitable.

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