6 May 2016
Updated on July 24th, 2019

Sloshing My Creative Notion

How many times in a day, I get to hear, Oh Dude! You are cool, but quite upfront with your speech..

This statement doesn’t excite me anymore, because long back in my life I have set my life goal with a shriek to the world that I can’t be fake, I need myself to be fed with the dose of creativity with every passing hour. Perhaps this is the reason my stars forced me to turn into an App Designer. I keep on wondering, why designers get stagnant with their creativity? Every app, every screen boasts the same design, there is nothing, which rush the adrenaline. Do I sound rude to you? Maybe I am… but its all fine with me, since I can’t pretend to be cool when actually I am not. I can’t stand those designers who repeat their work with a pleasing smile. Plus, how many times you can commit the same blunder with no guilt involve in.

Recently I have gone through a study conducted by app analytics company, Flurry, which reveals that the average time that people spend on smartphones and tablets each day is 158 minutes. Out of these 158 minutes, 127 minutes are spent browsing mobile apps and only 31 minutes are spent browsing or visiting web sites. Businesses that don’t provide their consumers with a pleasing mobile app experience are losing out as consumers demand more each passing day. Have we ever stopped for a while to think that what all does it take to make an app an exceptional piece of art or a happy experience to have in your pocket… ok time up!!

It’s the design of the app which makes every app or website exclusive, but when I look around, I am unable to find the new creative approach towards the design, they all are the offsprings of one parent design with different color themes.

I don’t call myself an exceptional designer, but somehow I manage to make each of my designs to distinct from another. You can call me a trend-setter not a follower, I follow only the creativity. While working young I had realized and accepted the truth very well; Piracy brings no fame. My mentor taught me how to design, but I learnt how to be creative. For a designer like me, I know my job initiates and end on the word “Creativity”. This teaching I try to imbibe within my team at Techugo as well, here we try to brainstorm ourselves, before providing any design concept to our clients. I along with my team have got a project from a client recently- Prozata, name was unique, along with the concept too. It’s a portal to refer your references for any required job within your trusted contacts. I was adamant to give a new style to this app through any means. So, I picked my ideas and molded them into a very fresh and innovative design for the feedback or review section of the app, here instead of giving a “Yes” or “No” options, I have provided this page few emoticons pertaining to the feedback of the app user.

I won’t say it set my work apart from others, but definitely it has echoed the creativity at its full, within this app. As a designer, we need to comprehend our job revolves around the creativity not to ape the existing designs, else every design would look like a carbon copy of another with different color palettes.

Just for the reference I am attaching the Prozata-Screen shot with you to understand he design deeply. Remember, as an app designer, you don’t need to be Michelangelo to prove your creative worth, but a simple YOU, depicting in your design, will be an exceptional creative approach to your design…

Well, now I shall sign off, with a hope that the little GYAN given by me, would help a few of us to be more creative and not let the spark of imagination to die within.

Shashank Tiwari


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