12 Mar 2020

Snow-Plow App; Cost And The Features


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Snow-Plow App

The vibes of the winter season bring along the romantic & cheerful vibes, where elders to kid, everyone long to play with the snowfall and create memories.

However, the beauty of snowflakes has the power to curb our porches, lawn, and streets, and makes the cycle of daily life to run smoothly.

Snow-cleaning is one of the most difficult aspects of winter!

This very set of difficulty is well-answered by the snow –cleaning industry and earn a huge amount of revenue.


The Snowplowing industry is valued at around $22.7 billion every year.


As stated by the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA), every year this industry is growing at a rate of 3.5%.


Finding it interesting?

You must be, since any new snow-cleaning startup or an established company, looks forward to increasing the revenue battle to a larger extent and trust us on this, nothing helps you better than app technology integration with snow plowing service.

What is the on-demand snow-plowing app?

The Snow-plowing app is more like an uber-like service for the snow cleaning, where the user has to just book the services to remove excess snow from the professionals.


Let’s understand further with this post, that what all it takes to make a successful on-demand snow-plowing mobile app.

Essential Features of Snow Plowing App

Just like any other on-demand app, the snow plowing portal can also have multiple features, however, to start with, you must know that the MVP model for your app helps in abundance. So let’s take a look at some of the essential features that are must for such an on-demand portal…

  • Register- User registration is the main feature, and it must not be lengthy but very short. Also, give your users the convenience to register through their social media credentials.
  • Request service- The app must be well-designed with the best UI/UX integration, so the user can place a request into the app in just a few clicks.
  • Booking- With this feature, the user must be able to schedule booking time as per their convenience.
  • Real-time tracking- This helps the users to track the arrival in real-time.
  • Payment Options- The payment options must be multiple, where users can make the payment through Credit, debit or cash.
  • Advance Booking Service- In certain areas it is predicted that when the storm would hit, or customers want to make pre-booking at a specific time. In such scenarios, this feature helps a lot.
  • Select Equipment and Vehicle- This feature allows the users to get the ability to select the vehicle and equipment from the snow plowing app.
  • Push Notifications- With the help of this feature, users get notifications through the app as well as through SMS before, during and after the job is completed.

Advanced features to be included in the snow-plow app

  • Surge pricing- This feature helps the users to learn more about the rates of snow plowing services, during the peak or the late-night hours.
  • Audio QR payments- The Audio QR feature allows the users to make payments without asking for the account details. This feature allows users and the snow cleaners to simply tap on the app screen to send or receive payments effortlessly.
  • In-app Communication- The different mediums of communication, help the users and the snow cleaners to stay connected.
  • Real-time analytics- The very concept of real-time, helps the admin to report to the users, any type of update, offers and discounts offered.
  • Estimated arrival time- This feature lets the users estimate the accurate time of the snow cleaner arrival, based on the location.
  • Price comparing- This feature lets the users view the rate cards of different snow plowing services and compare the prices with other plowers as well.

Snow Plow App Panels

Within the on-demand snow-plow app, there are majorly 3 panels involved.

  • User app
  • Plower app
  • Admin panel

User App Panel Basic Features

  • Snow Plowers’ List
  • Service Search
  • Online Payment
  • Schedule Request
  • Confirmation
  • Profile customization
  • Cancel Booking


Plower App Panel Basic Features

  • Calendar Availability
  • Appointment Status
  • Start & End Service time/date
  • Status Updation
  • Live Status
  • Accept/ Reject
  • Customer Ratings

Admin Panel Basic Features

  • Data management
  • Managing users & mowers
  • View history user/ plower
  • Manage rating & review
  • Payment management
  • 24/7 support

How much would it cost to developing an On-demand Snow Plow App?

The cost is eventually the first aspect to be answered and must be answered in the first place only.

However, to calculate the actual cost requires a number of factors knowledge. Because the cost of an on-demand snow-plow app depends on various factors, such as:

  • Type of technology;
  • Complexity of app;
  • App location;
  • Number of platforms;
  • Functionalities & features.

Hence, you must reach out to the team of skilled professionals to suggest you the exact app cost, and all you need to do is to share your app’s concept with them and let their expertise to create magic.


Now you must be wondering the amount of revenue a snow-plow app generates and how far it will bring the benefit to your snow-cleaning business by investing in such venture.

However, if you have picked the right app development partner to craft the snowplow app solution, then indeed turns out to be the best hand-picked tech piece for your business requirements.

To help you not fall behind, and pick the best solution for your snow-clearing services, you must reach out to the team of experts from Techugo.

Simply give us a call regarding your snow plowing app concept, as we hold the expertise in designing and developing on-demand app solutions with a wide variety of features & functionalities to help you flourish your business further.

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