15 May 2017

Social Media Don’ts For App Marketing


Ankit Singh

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With a new office in Dubai- the city of dreams, I am more than delighted to lead the digital marketing team for my company Techugo- a top mobile app development company, since I am taking an active initiative in the marketing strategies for my clients, I have noticed a few major goof-ups which sweep out the efficiency of mobile app marketing for many. It’s a well-known fact that when you are on a tight budget, social media marketing always come to your rescue, and let you explore the wonderful blessings bestowed upon the app marketing genre through social media platform. Indeed, social media has become a robust medium for the marketing, which can help you reach your potential clients effortlessly and the promotion associated with is always coming with a bag of goodies, relished by everyone.

Very sadly, there are certain Don’ts existing with social media marketing, pertaining to the app development process. These Don’ts if are considered in the app marketing strategy, can help you win the race in the app world. Today I shall be discussing the same to enlighten my readers further…

Marketer or A Friend

Promotion is a much-needed aspect for every product or services, but what many of us tend to forget while promoting the app on social media, that we sound unintentionally more like a marketer not as a friend. Social media is a platform, which requires the more friendly, more empathy and softer approach towards the marketing, you need to connect with your audience to make them understand and convince them about your app features to download your app or at least give it a try. If people smell any sort of marketer’s voice in your pitch, they are likely to withdraw before even giving it a start. Wear the shoe and feel the pain, don’t write or pitch as an owner, but as a friend who wants the others to take benefits from the product or services offered by your mobile app.


I disagree with this thought that a little exaggeration for your product or services brings more customers, for sure there would be more number of customers coming to grab your product or services, after hearing something very impressive, but the same set of customers would abstain permanently from your services, denying 10000 others, after not getting what was promised to them. Let me explain further do not make any fake or false statement just to get the number of customers to be associated with your services, making fake statement will hamper the loyalty factor, and people would not incline to get your services….speak what your app can offer, and what is the purpose, talk openly and broadly about your app’s USP and let them understand those functionalities through interactive video clips, content, and screenshots, so customer can feel related to your app services.

Negative Comments

Do we really appreciate the negative feedback, I think a very limited percentage in this world appreciate the negative feedback, but it totally depends on you, whether you grow with these negative content or you deplete further…I will tell you a strategy, which would help you win the negative comments…first of all remain prepared that there will not be all-time positive feedback rolling-in for your app, there would be some people always around the corner, just finding the ways to hurl the acerbic comments effectively…second thing, when you get a negative feedback, DO NOT DELETE it at any cost, let it remain there, but along with this, work upon the feedback offered and reply to it…in case you delete it, then you boost the ego of your haters that they can write further negative about the app, but once you reply and work on the given feedback with a proper resolution, you shut the door for the negativity, and people would start trusting you more, thinking that you are an active listener who is 24/7 ready to help them with any issue arising with the app performance.

This all I have for today to share with you all, and these are the strategies we practice within our team across our Indian, US or Dubai office. Techugo had gained the popularity, not due to the unique app developed for our clients, but there is something which makes us distinct from our competitors, is that we at Techugo including every single employee on board, is always ALL EARS to our client’s, regardless of our clients time zone, and it keeps on gaining us the praise from every corner of the world, wherever our clients are associated with.

You can get in touch with our Techugo team in Dubai to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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