26 Apr 2019

Social Media Marketing; Some Cheat Codes From The Experts’ Mouth


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Social Media Marketing

Indeed the mobile app world is growing bigger and massive with every passing minute, and the credit ball silently falls into the hands of growing needs, social media marketing, and requirements from different businesses across the globe.

I am ascertained, you must not have got surprised, at this already-known fact, however, what you are largely unbeknown of, is the journey an application needs to travel to, in order to get that deserving recognition in the market.

Yes, an application cannot become a successful piece overnight, but there are different aspects and the strategies, which have to be fulfilled and addressed to get a successful application to finally come into existence.

I am sure, now you must be wondering and calculating the different number of strategies, helping in the marketing for your mobile application.

Did you count social marketing in this?

You might not have!

Hmmm, this is one of the biggest issues faced by most of us, that we chuck out the significance held by the social media marketing and often mistake it only to be a portals, where we all can talk and discuss, but what we forget is the potential this channel has which can change the game of every business around and can make them create a huge shout out.

Are you willing to know more???

Well, this is why I am here today to help you understand the worth of social media marketing for your mobile application, hence without wasting any single iota of your precious time, lemme take you on a journey, which will help you carve a successful roadmap to attain that globally acclaimed mobile app.

Consistency & Time Matter

I have just posted a banner last week, and there is still no engagement from users’ end.

Is this what you are also doing???

Then you need to STOP & THINK since the regularity of sharing a post is one of the most important factors for a successful social media campaign for your mobile application.

Social media has the power, but believe me; it is not under the spell from Hogwart’s school, which can garner the attention of the users in just one blink. You need to be consistent and use the power of timing.

However, there are instances available in the market, which simply indicate that certain social campaigns attaint great visibility in no time! Yes, you are right, but this is the case with FEW and not with everyone.

If you want your mobile app to increase social visibility and engagement with users then as regular as possible and pick the time, which suits your audience and their region’s accurate comfort zone.

Share posts about your application, but don’t get sufficed to share posts about application only, rather you must try different concepts around your app to gain attention.

Don’t Underestimate Content

There is enough number of examples around us, which further support the fact; content is the KING, and believe this very fact is not at all wrong with the social media marketing strategy for your mobile app as well.

If you are really willing to create the most engaging social media campaign then your first focus should always be on creating GOOD and lots of content.

Many people ask me why to have variants in content when we are talking about the same application, and my answer is always

You are serving the same app, but to different types of audience.

Every app has a specific set of audience, but even within that audience base there is a categorization of the different audience on the basis of age, profession and many other factors, therefore you need to serve your content, which fits in the expectation bucket of each type of audience.

Also, the different types of content lead to variety for your audience, and they get every time something DIFFERENT & UNIQUE to fit their demands.

An Engaging Video Turns The Game

A video has the maximum potential to change your application and its popularity. By creating cool and engaging videos around your application and its specific features or any unique functionalities, get you the attention of the targeted audience with ease.

Most of the popular apps, have already tried this strategy many times in the past, and needless to say but they were extremely successful due to it.

Actually, a video serves many purposes; it allows the users to take a closer and live interaction about your app, and this helps them to resonate to the main objective of the application.

Expand Your Social Media Visibility

I know when you think of social media, the only a handful of channels like FB, Twitter, SnapChat, YouTube and Instagram come in your mind.

But this is not just the list, but there are many other additions in this list, you can ask the marketing team from your chosen application builder, to know more about the relevant social media channels, which can give you relevant promotion.

Create A Storyboard

“No one loves to listen to the marketing efforts, but the stories built.“

Can’t understand???

Ok, lemme clarify it further, it is human nature, we don’t like it when somebody invades in our personal space like social media and does the marketing pitch, it sounds boring and painful.

Therefore, if you want your mobile app to create a relevant set of audience, then your focus should be around building a successful and relatable story around your application, letting users feel more inclined and engaged with your app concept.

Your story must include:

  • The reason your app came?
  • What motivated you to come up with this concept?
  • What types of users find value in working with your application and why?
  • A transparent view of the people behind the app
  • Something that your whole team, at organizational levels, embraces
  • A look into who you are as a team


Needless to say but this helps your app to be sold as a worthy product, rather than just a mobile app.

It would be absolutely a futile revelation, that these smart tricks help your application to garner a stronger audience base not just from a specific region, but also from the global approach.

Last but not the least, the integration of these social media tactics along with the other marketing strategies for your application, can only be successful when your application is serving and complimenting the taste served by the marketing hack. Henceforth, you must reach a leading application development company, which holds the right blend of exposure and skills, to help your business to secure a successful mobile app.


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