5 Apr 2023

Solar Panel Monitoring App Development | Get a Complete Insight


Shivani Singh

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solar panel monitoring app development

Are you looking for a way that can save your money from investing in hefty electricity bills?

Yes, solar panels can give you relief. 

But what about their maintenance? Did you ever think of how you will maintain them? 

Don’t be worried!

With solar panel monitoring app development, you can seamlessly identify the health of these panels. 

The demand for solar panels is increasing in industries and firms to fulfill energy needs from non-renewable sources. However, the outcomes and performance of solar panels will suffer when you ignore their servicing. 

So, to prevent system degradation, which can lead to increased maintenance costs and lower energy output, solar power monitor software development arrives as a leading solution.

As the solar panel market grows, adding tech to the industry with app development can skyrocket your business growth

Want to learn more?

Explore more in this post and learn why and how you should initiate remote monitoring solar system app development for a better market reach. 

What is a Solar Panel Monitoring App Development?

learn how solar panels work

And, Solar panel monitoring app development refers to apps that provide complete insight into solar panel networks using the data. Moreover, users can seamlessly operate maintenance, installation, energy consumption, and energy selling of solar panels by tapping on their smartphones

What’s more?

Challenges like data monitoring and analysis seem to be tackled quickly. Besides, it provides users with previous and present measurements, weather data, and energy generation. 

All these incredibility’s in a one-stop solution make it a stepping stone to success for your business. 

Stats about Solar Energy Technologies that blow your mind!

Investments in solar energy technologies are reaching new heights, and here are some stats that prove the same: 

  • The global investment in solar energy technologies can reach $141 billion. 
  • The market size for renewable energy can exceed $2.15 trillion by 2025. 
  • UAE plans for a 50% increase in clean energy by 2050. 

Features to integrate for a top-notch solar panel monitoring app

Now that you have decided to build a robust solar panel monitoring app, it’s time to learn about all the essential features you can add to your digital solution. 

So, are you ready to explore them?

If yes, read further!

features of solar panel app

  • Weather Data

In times of emergency, when there is no sunlight for a week, you can use the energy stored by your solar panels. 

But how will you know about the weather condition?

Don’t be worried!

This feature can reduce the terror of big threats with a forecasting feature and turn on the gameplay.

  • Auto and Manual Connecting

While auto connecting is as simple as scanning the QR code or connecting with the wifi, manual connecting consists of steps like adding the panel number or name, selecting the brand, and thus establishing a connection. 

  • Sunlight Intensity

The stronger the sunlight is, the more we can generate power via solar panels. 

But doesn’t it mean that power generation depends on the Sun’s intensity?

Yes, it is!

How do you get to know the sunlight intensity? 

It’s as simple as using an app with a solar panel monitoring system. Indeed, it comes with a feature known as Sunlight Intensity which lets the user predicts the amount of electricity generated till now. 

  • Offline Access

Why you must provide online access to your users when they can make the most with offline access as well. 

Various solar panel monitoring apps provide their users with a customization option where they can do the job without relying on an internet connection. 

Interesting, isn’t it?

Even when there is no internet connection, you can get an insight. 

  • Security Alarm

Solar panels are placed outside but what about their security?

Anyone can steal them, or a bird can hamper the quality standards. So, to resolve this contemporary challenge, you must adopt a modern solution. 

What is that?

A solar panel monitoring app that integrates the security feature. Undoubtedly, it will comfort users and let them know whenever the threat occurs. 

  • Payback Estimation Time 

The app will let you know the energy availability according to the different needs of power appliances. 

All thanks to the Payback Estimation Time feature.

For instance, a driver/rider can easily know how much distance can be covered with that amount of fuel stored already and how much power/energy he needs to add more to their EVs

  • In-App Messaging

To help users connect with the service providers, you must also include an in-app messaging feature. It will let them resolve their queries whenever they want. In addition, you can integrate technologies like AI-enabled chatbots to give competition in the market with your solar panel monitoring app. 

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  • Energy Production Calculation

What’s more, you can add to your dynamic app is energy production calculation feature. With this, you can seamlessly calculate energy production speed, intensity, time to get the batteries fully charged, and time in which it will power up the appliances. 

  • Multilingual Support

If you want to go huge, limiting your audience to only two-language support is not a good approach. 

Do you sense the solution here?

While offering multilingual support, you can target users of all developed, developing, and underdeveloped countries. 

What could be a more exciting thing than this?

  • Energy Availability

Organizations do not just utilize solar panels for their purposes, but they also sell the generated electricity to make more revenue. 

However, they must adequately analyze how many solar panels they need. That interpretation would be possible only with a mobile app that can help them decide ahead by analyzing the energy availability. 

That means you should not neglect this yet another feature while building your own solar panel monitoring app. 

  • Solar Panel Maintenace

Users can feel light when they know that the panels on the roof will serve them for years. Thus, use your app more often. 

When you share push notifications about the maintenance and repair time for the solar panels, they can get the money back they have invested and find using your app is worth it. 

Solar panel maintenance is the need of the hour, so grab this opportunity and make as much as possible. 

Top Benefits of Solar Panel Monitoring App Development

With the introduction itself, you can have an idea of solar panel monitoring development. But that’s just the upper layer hiding numerous benefits and advantages. Learn to explore more. 

  • Mobile Accessibility

Monitoring the overall performance of solar panels with a single smartphone adds thrills to users’ lives, and they enjoy convenience like never before. 

  • Analytics and Report Generation

Data analytics and report generation are essential for effectively maintaining solar panels. 

And guess what?

Various users are attracted to these apps for these features that brace power consumption strategy development.

  • Electricity Production Monitoring

Besides this, you can manage small or large networks of solar panels with an electricity production monitoring feature. 

Again, a valid reason why solar panel apps hold a fanbase among users. Not only they can learn how each panel works but also get the overall output. 

  • Alerts

All types of alerts, preventive measures, and emails will be sent to users to help them with preventative maintenance.

Essential Steps for Solar Panel Monitoring App Development

solar panel monitoring app


To make it a win-win business opportunity in your niche, you must follow some crucial steps while developing your own solar panel app. 

Get into to learn about them. 

  • Target Country

For which country will you launch your app?

It needs to be clear because different countries have different climatic conditions. It will give you an insight into how the app performs and attract the targeted users. 

For many, UAE is the best among various for solar panel monitoring app development. If you want to build a robust solar panel monitoring app, countries like UAE can streamline your growth. 

  • Competitor Analysis

Once you have finalized the targeted country, analyze the market there. 

But how do you do this?

Just check if they are using clear energy sources to fill energy requirements. Also, don’t forget to move further against your competitors by looking at their user base and integrated features within the solutions. 

  • Features

Instead of adding the features already available in the market, make your app a unique problem-solving tool that gives you extra power in the competitive edge. 

Our app development company Techugo can help you integrate top-notch features into your app. 

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  • Business Model

What will be your business model? Did you ever think of it?

From the advertisement, subscription-based, and marketplace models, you can choose the one that fits your business goals and move ahead in the next step toward the solar panel monitoring app development procedure. 

  • Laws and Regulations

Ensure to go through the compliance, laws, and regulations because it can ruin all your planning and solar panel app development if you don’t follow them. Just like HIPAA compliance is necessary for healthcare app development, some laws are also required to start with your solar panel monitoring app development. 

  • User Centric Design

Another crucial element to developing your own solar panel monitoring app is using a user-centric design. A simple, intuitive app interface is preferred by millions of users worldwide. So, maintain the simplicity and style of your app even if you add competitive features. 

  • Tech Trends 

What’s more, you can consider for your solar panel monitoring app development is learning about all the tech trends available in the market. 

Indeed, integrating them will open opportunities for your app to grow in the market. Connect with the top app development company to learn more about tech trends and integrate the same into your digital solution. 

How much does it cost to develop a solar panel monitoring app?

To plan your solar panel monitoring app, the cost of developing it is another thing you should learn. So, here are all the factors that fluctuate the app development cost. Such as: 

    • App complexity
    • App development team size
    • App platform
    • Location of app developers
    • Features and functionalities
    • Tech stack

To get a clear cost estimation, get in touch with the top-notch developers of Techugo

Trending APIs for Solar Energy Monitoring Purpose

Solar API refers to an interface that enables interaction with solar technologies that send information about the data users receive on their smartphones. 

That’s not it!

Sensors and solar systems receive the data via APIs and send the same to mobile applications. 

Here are some popular APIs for solar panel monitoring apps: 

  • Solcast API

With this, we can easily bring and share an extensive amount of information like weather forecasts, cloud information data, solar power estimates, and radiation from one place to another.

  • EnergyPeriscope API

Developers accessing it can easily develop robust solutions and applications for wind, energy, and solar professionals. 

  • NASA POWER Project API

To get real-time solar data, this API is preferred by developers. This is because it lets third-party applications link and connects with the POWER data. 

  • Fronius Solar API

It allows developers to integrate the Fronius inverters into third-party systems. Fronius Solar API runs on ethernet and deals with solutions like battery charging, solar energy, and welding solutions. 

  • NREL Solar API

NREL refers to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory that accesses solar resource data. Various incredibility’s like photovoltaic performance data and mapping tools are a part of these mapping tools. 

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Top Sharks in Solar Panel Monitoring App Development Market

What are your competitions in the solar panel monitoring app development market? 

If you are wondering about the same, here is the answer!

  • Solar Tilt

The app lets the user know about different angles of solar panels where they can store the most energy. So no matter what season, time, and weather, the tilted solar panel makes the most using this app. 

  • My Solar

It is for users who want to track the performance of the power system. Not just this, but the app also informs about the power generated and energy consumed till now. 

  • PV-Solar Power System

This application is in use to calculate the PV solar power system elements. The app teaches users about various things such as pump calculation, shadow calculation, based on loads, panels tilting, panels connection, and based on panels. 

How can Techugo assist you?

Techugo is a leading mobile app development company in UAE. The company has made it to the success of businesses worldwide with top-notch 750+ apps. To help you make the most of market opportunities, our developers turn every mountain and maximize your return on investments. 

As solar panel monitoring app development is a burgeoning trend, it’s the right time for you to invest in the same. You can witness a positive curve with applications letting people get a complete insight into the electricity generated using solar panels. 

However, you just need the support of some dynamic developers who put their blood, sweat, and tears into making your idea live. 

So, get in touch with our experts and get started with turning your solar panel monitoring app development idea into a reality. 

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