11 Apr 2020
Updated on May 11th, 2022

Stay Fit During Lockdown With Wearable Devices


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You must have heard about the new technology?


Yes, you heard right, the gadgets which can be worn.

This technology is way more advanced than the gadgets which you used to hold in your hands and then use them. They provide sensory and scanning features through which they work.

This technology has many benefits for everyone and every business sector such as healthcare, education, and traveling, etc. And ios developer brood is taking full benefits out of it.

These devices help in solving the day to day problems and plus they are portable.

Isn’t it good?

That now you don’t have to carry baggage for using an electronic gadget on your way.

These devices are not heavy, can be easily worn by anyone and cherry on the top of the cake is that they can easily do your task without any interruption.

What are wearables?

Hearing the name wearables, the first thing that comes to your mind is something which you can wear, but the exciting part is that these things which we can wear are gadgets.


Finally, the gadgets have arrived which do not require any baggage and they don’t need to be carried.

Some examples of wearable gadgets are Apple Watch, Google Glass, and VR headset, etc.

These gadgets can be connected to the internet and they have the ability to exchange the data just like we can do with our mobile phones and laptops.

Through these gadgets, you can use applications in it, the way you use on your mobile phones.

A desktop stays in one place whereas, the mobile phones can be carried to any place and the wearable does not need to be carried they can be on your hands in your eyes or anywhere on your body, there is the huge amount of data that these devices collect and transmits.

How wearable is impacting our lives during COVID-19?

The hard time of Coronavirus has created a tumultuous situation around us, where precaution is the only treatment.

It sounds absurd but can’t help as it is the real situation we all are going through. Amongst all, one sector is something, that is bearing the brunt of COVID-19, and that is the healthcare sector.

Due to lock down, and Coronavirus sure it is hard for the patients to go and stay in touch with their doctors and therapists. And that can turn out to be a catastrophe for health conditions. But hey wait, there is something that can help you stay in touch with your therapists and keep your health in the best shape.

Do you wonder what am I even referring to?

Yes, you got me right!

That is wearable technology, which is moving at a faster pace to help people stay fit and healthy amid Pandemic.

Wearable devices monitor and have the ability to send data to doctors to track and recommend!

Proactive healthcare

In the field of healthcare, a proactive approach always helps in developing a better healthcare system. And this further helps in evading the dangerous health consequences.

Do you know what is alarming?

Yes, that is the emergency health condition. Although within the normal days, it is easier for us to move to doctors and get treated for our ailments, which are pre-existing or occur suddenly.

However, during the Pandemic, when every transport is shut, and moving out will make you vulnerable to health care issues, then you feel hopeless.

But with the wearable tech, there is a significant potential to gain an engaging and proactive approach to healthcare. Wearable allows patients to get proactive information about ay underlying conditions.

Actually, the mechanism of wearable depends on monitoring health, and for people who are dealing with the pre-existing health issues, wearable help in detecting the health problems or any sort of irregularity, that can be detected much before it turns out to be a problem.

This helps doctors to get notifies earliest and offer a proactive approach to the patients.

Monitors vulnerable patients

As per the report suggests, Pandemic is fatal for the patients who are dealing with healthcare reconditions such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer among many others.

Such patients are classified as vulnerable by the healthcare provider and are more prone to virus spread, compared to any other.

With the help of wearable technology, it becomes easier for healthcare providers to keep track of such vulnerable patients. And help in stopping the causalities to occur due to Coronavirus threat.

It goes without saying wearable technology turns out to be a blessing in such a hard time. Here doctors can utilize wearable tech to monitor vulnerable patients, and track their vital signs.

And can further help them to be taken care of at home, so no health issue will occur. In certain countries wearable amid Pandemic is helping patients who have returned home after surgery, to track their condition. And it is also helping to ensure no complications occur.

Wearable for employees’ health

Certain working spaces, which are bound to work, such as government, healthcare, and another utility department, are taking huge benefits of wearable technology.

Seating alarms- This alarm, rings after an hour and let the workers to roam around, to skip the sedentary lifestyle regime at work.

Time Track- This helps in tracking the amount of time spent staring at screens, this helps to lessen down the pressure on mental and physical.

Food for thought

In light of the huge influx of innovation and growth, it is quite certain that wearable technology would rise exponentially.

With this hope that wearable technology would really help you and mobile app developers with this trending technology during the deadly virus outbreak.

I bid adieu to you all today, but keep watching this space for more technical updates coming your way.

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