25 Apr 2018

Steps To Enhance The App Usability

When you think of mobile app, you think of convenience, and if this convenience is not translated into the app’s features and the functionalities, then no matter how cool your app concept was or how nicely you have integrated the app technology into your mobile app, but if there is no app usability oozing from your mobile app, then it is nothing but a piece of trash in your users’ view.

I agree there are certain features and the functionalities, which trigger the users’ interest and engagement factor further in your mobile app, but at the same time if your app does not fit, what’s called as the usability scale of your app, and then no matter how hard you try but your app would never sustain the business.

Yes, you heard me right, the usability factor of your mobile app matters most to your app, only if you want to make a successful or simply a mobile app.

OOPS, what did I just say???

A mobile app and a successful mobile app????

Yes, I said and mean it literally that says that there is a huge difference between a mobile app and a successful mobile app

Wait, wait wait, am not exactly able to understand what you mean to say???

Lemme explain further…there is a huge difference lies between a mobile app and a successful mobile, you might be astonished that what is the difference these both bear, is defined by one factor that one type is enjoyed and cherished largely by the users, but the other does not…and it depends largely due to one fact only, that truly is based on the app usability.

As I mentioned above, the app usability is just like the long-lost perfume, which you smelled in one of the most beautiful alleys you crossed in your childhood and still cherish to own.

Well, it sounded quite like an imaginary and fro the era of Shakespeare, so let’s hop back to the technological world of today’s time and let’s address the app usability deeper.

Remember app usability helps in creating an oxygen bubble for your app to utilize in times of surviving danger for your app and give it extra wings to fly.

Well, without wasting any other and further moment I would suggest you read ahead of my writing today and help yourself to get a powerful mobile app…let’s read further

Perfect Screen Resolution

I sometimes wonder that how many different types of mobile devices are there in the market, which leaves the buyers to go for any option as per their requirement.

The variety of mobile phones within the same OS comes with different features, display screen size, resolution and what not.

The number of different devices needs to be compatible with your app…which means every mobile device has a different screen resolution, and if your mobile app does not fall fit compatible with the device’s screen resolutions then ultimately your mobile app would turn out to be a disaster.

Just visualize a situation where the user accesses your app, and they find your app not compatible with their device’s resolution, then ultimately they dump your app.

Then how to beat this issue???

I agree the number of upcoming device’s model makes it a hard nut to crack, and there can be fair chance that by the time your app gets launched officially, then there might be a new series of devices available in the market, which might transform the job hard for your app.

So the trick is, that you must keep app’s display screen filled with less information and make it expanded further in subsequent screens. With this strategy you are able to tackle the screen resolution and it would also give a neat look to your mobile app.

Color Contrast

Something which is most shocking for every Smartphone users is the change of color contrast in different mobile devices. Just to inform you, every app’s color contrast changes it when it is used in different OS platform device, which clearly means that every brand with their respective models stand out from each other.

Every Smartphone available in the market distinctive LCD screens, which has amazing color and contrast features.

So if you want to combat this issue, then you must use various colors since the mobile phones would be used in every possible light condition, and it creates problem…

So if you want to avoid this problem to happen with your app, then use high contrast color schemes and various widgets utilizing the solid color. I

Also integrate the simple and neat graphics, which would enhance the utility value of your mobile app.

Work on App Buttons & Font SIZE

App buttons; there is nothing which is exceptional and different about it, but beware if these buttons are not integrated well within the app functionality then your users are not just left confused but they quit your app as well/

As an app developer, you need not forget that your app must have the easiest way of understanding your users about its call-to-action, failing to which it only enhances the irritation of your app’s very presence.

Keep in your mind that each and every button used in the app, is self-explanatory and has enough instructions to exemplify the button functions, so the users can have a have a seamless app experience.

Also, the font size needs to be taken into consideration to make your mobile app go successful. I agree that every mobile device has its own font size, but as an app developer, you need to keep the app’s font as well.

These small but relevant points help your mobile app to get a strong dose of app usability and you need to understand that by integrating these points, you win over the hurdles of app rejection and help your app to win the race.

But at the same time, you need to ensure that your mobile app is developed by a leading mobile app development company in India that is none other than Techugo.

So after getting your app developed from the professional hands of Techugo team, you not just develop a mobile app, but you also open a portal of success in your business, which shall take your business goals to a new level.



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