20 Oct 2020

Sterkla – A Revolutionary Online Coaching Application

As a leading mobile app development company, TECHUGO has always focused on creating applications that are set to revolutionize the world. Today let us introduce you to one such creation of ours- STERKLA!

What Led To The Development Of Sterkla?

The world that we live in challenges us at every step. The amount of uncertainty that we face every day can be overwhelming. But the complexities that we encounter must not harm our learning at any step. Achieving our life goals is not like shooting a fish in the barrel. Most of the time, we do need a helping hand for multiple aspects of our life, for example, communication, career, relationships, health, and much more.

And, this is when the actual problem arises! To meet the desired goals of our lives, we need help from the right coaches. The access to them, however, is limited to a few in our society.

But not anymore!

A next-generation app transforming online coaching!


Sterkla is an application that makes coaching accessible to every person on the planet. Its foundation is based on creating a global movement of conscious awakening. This app offers a helping hand to the people who are undergoing the complexities and challenges of life. Sterkla successfully bridges the gap between the user and coaching sessions. It provides a huge glut of coaches from lifestyle/fitness to financial/parenting.

Recognizing The 5 W’s Of The Complete Development Process

In order to truly relish a platform that has the complete potential to change the online coaching process, it is must that we thoroughly learn about its foundation.

1. Who

This app is for every member who is looking forward to achieving a better version of themselves, and also for the coaches who want to take part in the transformation of an individual.

2. What

An immaculate app platform available on Android & iOS so both members and coaches can access and provide the best coaching services, respectively.

3. Where

Both members and coaches can coordinate with each other on Sterkla to experience online coaching. All the members need to specify their requirements, and accordingly, the coaching will be provided by a professional.

4. Why

It is a colossal leap towards the betterment of the world, as this application focuses on conscious awakening.

5. When

Anyone looking for an expert-advise, related to any field, can easily connect with the professional and certified coaches here. Just a few clicks on this app can push them a step closer to their ideal self.

Let’s Explore The Platform

A marketplace for coaching where anyone can connect and engage with the perfect coach and find the support they need.

A fully integrated learning tool that allows the users to chat with coaches in app via message, set-up live 1×1 video calls with the shared screen, and share documents. More than just coaching, Sterkla integrates social activity with a coach feed to inform & inspire.

Learning gets easy with quick courses on a variety of topics created by professionals and delivered online.

Full Management in App. Here both coaches can attract clients, schedule appointments, set-up & execute video calls, keep client history with voice and text notes, share documents, and manage the billing.

Techugo’s Take On Sterkla

Our aim was to create a platform where users can build a connection with a coach, and establish a healthy relationship. It was necessary to create an extraordinary platform and present a unique way to discover the perfect coach in the world.

What Were The Involved Challenges?

The initial part of the goal consisted of acknowledging the challenge in the entire development process. The development team focused on enhancing the authenticity of the application. Here the aim was to mend the gap present in between the user and a pool of coaches.

Prioritizing The Userbase

The process was set to dedicatedly expand with an aim to deliver quality to the user base. The roadmap was created with a goal to help the audience witness a brand new world of online coaching. It was required to deliver exquisite services.

Stepping Towards Success

The execution of extraordinary ideas delivered remarkable results that focused on boosting experiences and learning. The application was able to bring the world of coaches closer to users. The end result ameliorated the experiences they shared together.

The Result

The team’s dedicated efforts delivered an application that is set to change the online world of coaching. Sterkla is creating a benchmark for every other coaching app present in the market right now. This application is a marvelous combination of an amazing idea and an outstanding team.

Create With Techugo

Just like Sterkla, you too can create an application of your own and strengthen your foothold in the online business world. It is time that you shatter all the limitations of traditional business, and work with a goal to leave a powerful imprint on the world.

We have been successfully delivering applications, websites, strategies, and other mobility services to our clients, with a goal to elevate the mobile app industry’s potential. Connect with us to learn more about the hidden technicalities of creating a business application.

Success awaits…


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