22 Jul 2019

Sterkla – A world of coaches in your pocket


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We are living in the most fast changing and challenging times in recorded history. Some describing it with the acronym – VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), yet we are still just human beings.  And as human beings, we have not changed in our needs. And! emotions for thousands of years, yet we are having to navigate increasing complex and uncertain times.  This is not easy, and we all need a helping hand at times, whether that be in our relationships, communication, career, health & fitness or in the way that we parent.  No longer is it realistic to think that we can have all the answers we need.

The challenge is that access to coaching has, for the most part, only been feasibly available to the select few, largely those incorporate.  In addition to this, for most people coaching has never been in their frame of reference, and even if it has been, the biggest problem faced by most is where to even begin finding a coach that can help them and with whom they connect.

Well, all this is about to change with the launch of Sterkla.  Sterkla is an online coaching platform designed to make coaching accessible to everyone by removing the barriers.  Sterkla is driven by a mission to make coaching accessible to everyone on the planet and in so doing help to awaken the world.

Developed by Techugo, Sterkla is poised to revolutionize the coaching industry.  Designed with a clear focus to solve some key problems for clients and coaches, Sterkla is on the brink of leading the way through its passion, purpose and innovation.

The problems we set out to solve for people

  • Most people who need coaching don’t know where to begin finding the right coach for them.
  • A lot of people who need coaching, don’t have enough self-awareness to know that they need coach, hence are stuck in a victim mindset.
  • The blinding speed with which change happens, means that continuous learning is imperative
  • With time becoming our most valuable commodity, we need to repurpose wasted time, such as driving to coaching sessions.

How we solve them

  • Accurate search, sort and filters, allow member to easily find the right coaches.
  • As a new member you get 90mins of free coaching, so you can experience the coach risk free.
  • You can follow coaches of your choice in 19 coaching categories and learn from their posts.
  • You can try or buy a range of Quick Courses, design to deliver a focused learning objective.
  • Coaching happens vis live video calling within the app, so you can have coaching anywhere anytime.

The problems we set out to solve for coaches

  • Most coaches are not good at selling themselves, and hence are underutilized.
  • Coaches don’t get into coaching to do admin or handle billing.
  • Being the coach and the person following up on unpaid invoices, is a very tricky dynamic to manage.
  • Wasted time travelling to coaching sessions, reduce valuable coaching time.
  • Being a coach, means you only earn when you are coaching.

How we solve them

  • Giving coaches the ability to grow their followers, through posting good content, delivering quality coaching and creating Quick Courses, means that they can influence their network and position themselves as the expert in a certain area, resulting in more need for their coaching.
  • Sterkla facilities, appointment booking, video calling, member/coach ratings, and billing.
  • The ability to create Quick Course is a way for coaches to showcase their knowledge and skills, while at the same time providing another revenue stream.
  • Manage client history, by recording voice or text notes.

Sterkla is an end to end coaching platform designed by a coach, developed by an expert team and driven by a mission to awaken the world.  Join the mission, join the coaching revolution. Join Sterkla.

Sterkla is all set to create a benchmark for every other coaching app and is ready to hit the stores this July, so stay tuned for more updates and the news related to Sterkla, only with Techugo- the team behind its successful development journey.

If you want to know more about Techugo, you can visit https://www.techugo.com and also you can get in touch with the Techugo team at sales@techugo.com

And trust me you will be astonished to see the enthusiasm and the creativity within the Techugo team….they are just a buzz away…get in touch with them and help your dream become a reality.

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