10 Sep 2018
Updated on May 8th, 2019

Why Sticking To One Marketing Method Is A Risky Business For Your App


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When you suggest a new concept to be built around your business through the app technology, hen instantly you have that feeling within you, which speaks of emotions, expectations and but of course the hope for the better revenue generation.

I too can understand this concept, but unfortunately your users take a little longer to comprehend your app, as they are new to the services and in the most probable situation they don’t get to know about your app.

Really??? Does this really happen???

Yes it does, and it is not something exceptional I am talking here, but rather it is the very common situation which can happen with any mobile app, and generally happens even.

Hence, in order to make them aware of your mobile app, you need to pave a way, where only the further information for the app can be attained effortlessly.

How to achieve this???

I know it sounds easy, but it isn’t…

The reason is very simple because your audience base is scattered to different regions and the territories, where their expectations and accessing resources are different, henceforth you cannot stay stick to one specific marketing channel, because the calculation is simple


I think I don’t need to sum up this further, but if you have the lack users, then sorry to say, but your number of revenue would grow lesser and lesser with time, and that ultimately would result in the untimely death of your mobile app.

Once again my sincere apologies, for turning so harsh, but this is what happens when a mobile app goes largely unaware by the targeted audience.

So what can be done to avoid such a horrific situation to occur on your mobile app???

Hmm, these situations need to be addressed and nothing sounds perfect than following the strategies, which I am going to mention in this post herewith…

  • Facebook Live Video

No don’t think that live video is only for the celebs to engage their audience, but this is indeed a great tool to engage your users by answering their queries related to your app and have clogged down their mind. A weekly live video helps you to connect with your audience at a larger scale, and they can really grow passionate about your app in no time.

  • Blog With A Constant Approach

I know blogging requires time and it cannot be done on the random perspective, as it has a sole aim behind its existence, to feed the readers with the right information, but in an engaging manner, this not just helps your mobile app to grow popularity, but it also changes the users’ approach towards your application, and they can relate to it in different situations.

But something which you need to keep a hold on is, the doing it on regular basis and not following the once done and forgotten approach.

Beware your competitors are smarter than you, and they are desperate enough to hog the limelight, so don’t give them a chance.

  • Don’t Miss Pinterest

What Pinterest??? But isn’t it something related to women and some quotes kinda thing??? You are right, this is the misconception we all hold, but eventually, there is much more available on Pinterest then meets the eyes, so you need to capture that attention zone for your application.

As far as it’s concerned as little towards the women-centric, then don’t forget your app doesn’t have any gender biases.

So pick the best pins and promote them further, I need not mention, but this is the very reason to bring you maximum users’ attention.

  • Keep Updating ASO

ASO – App store optimization is often taken by the app owners, once done is enough approach, which is really not a healthy approach, the reason is very simple…the keyword optimization strategy keeps on evolving to meet the demands of the users, hence you must keep a pace with your ASO strategies, so your app does not fall behind.

  • Keep Uploading App Videos

What app videos???

See the mainstream platform of videos is very vast and is not sufficed to app features only, you can use your creativity or discuss ahead with your chosen mobile app development company to suggest you the best possible strategies.

It can be in the form of users’ reviews or an interesting video showing the number of downloads you have received…well the opportunities are much more and are beyond your imagination even, so you must try your level best to give a reason to your users so they can stay hooked to your mobile app.

  • Push With Love

The push messages are considered as one of the most vital marketing strategies for your app, but sometimes this very strategy becomes the sole reason for your app to receive the rejection, because your users find the messages too much pushy and filled with marketing tone, which instead of drawing the interest, peaks up the frustration, consequently resulting into app uninstall.

I always suggest my clients, not to sound filled with sales pitch always, but you must be able to create that rapport with your end users, which might not be seen physically, but would bear that invisible identity allowing the user loyalty to take place.

This is not something which is hard to be achieved, but you can simply be fewer sales- oriented in push messages, and give the users a reason to feel personalized.

Wish them on their special days, address them with their names, send messages according to the flavor of the season or the trends in your domain and most importantly give them an option to switch on or off push notification at any point of time.

Apart from these marketing initiatives, something which equally sounds significant is the integration of the latest technologies and keeping your users informed about these latest updates.

Again these updates can be shouted aloud through the strategies mentioned above.

So last I would say, that take action, rather sleeping on the problems, and let your competitors fall flat on their faces!!!

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