18 Jul 2023

Stock Trading App Development: Eliminate Middleman & Invest Wisely!


Shivani Singh

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Stock Trading App Development

“Trading isn’t for the faint of heart.”

But today, everyone is on the same pace doing online stock trading, and all credit goes to app development. While earlier, it involves too many steps to buying stocks; everything gets seamless today.

“Phew! The restless time is no more.”

As stock buying and selling comes into our mobiles, investors today shift towards a transition where they can trade in their own space, time, and convenience.

Do you want to learn more about online stock trading apps, or are you considering building the same?

If yes, let’s walk through why and how you should start with stock trading app development. 

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Intro to Online Stock Trading App

Who needs stock exchange agents to invest in stocks when there is a seamless way to buy/sell the same in real-time? 

With this statement, you can get an idea of what a stock trading app is. But there is a lot more for you to understand about it. 

A stock market app provides an environment for participants to trade and exchange capital at low transaction risk. Users can download the app from their preferred App Stores and track the market online using their fingertips on their smartphones. 

Understand How an Online Stock Trading App Works?

To learn more about the stock trading app, you must learn how this app category works or functions. 

Whether about borrowing, lending, spending, storing, protecting, or investing, stock trading apps ensure different ways to control your money. To let people get a hold of their financial operations seamlessly, these kinds of apps are highly required. 

What else the stock trading UAE app promises is providing changes in market activities and real-time stock quotes that work as a magnetic force to draw young minds’ attention toward financing. Even there is no need to give additional fees regularly to brokerages with direct trading options that make investments quite interesting. 

People automatically level their interest in trading and turn it into a fun game when such benefits are here. 

What makes it necessary to invest in Stock Trading App Development?

As we have apps for almost every activity, this app category needs to arrive for investors of all age groups to let them do trading from any place at any time. From first-time users to paid app members, everyone can resolve their queries about the market trend while sitting comfortably inside their homes. 

What more could one ask for?

Indeed, the stock trading app has become more manageable and accessible, and that’s where its popularity is breaking records.

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Reveal some significant benefits of the best Stock Trading App:

Unveil the Potential of Stock Trading App Development

  • Cost-effectiveness

Robo advisors have taken the place of traditional stockbrokers that too is a lower consulting fee. That’s why people today prefer using the online stock trading app more. 

  • No Middleman

No need to communicate with a mediator or less interaction with the brokers is what the stock market trading app promises to its end-users. 

  • Greater Control   

Trading at our fingertips!

What’s more jaw-dropping than this?

You can instantly buy or sell, make trades, monitor investments, and review other options seamlessly without the need to meet any broker.

  • Faster Transactions

It is quick to buy and sell shares on trading apps because they offer various methods of online payments that let users facilitate the transfer of funds between accounts. 

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  • Convenience

Say bye-bye to all hassles that appear when you open your trading account.

Because it will become seamless and more efficient with just a mobile app running over an internet connection, even the time you spend in conventional trading will also get reduced with your stock trading app. 

  • Better Understanding

As everything is in front, you will have a better approach to trading investment and the stock market without the guidance and assistance of a broker. If you want to provide your users with a valuable trajectory of self-learning, then nothing is better than surprising them with a stock trading app built by a top-notch mobile app development company in UAE.  

Robust Features to Ensure Terrific Stock Trading App Development

It is not rocket science to develop a stock trading app; however, tech and feature integration can make it too difficult to proceed further with this, and that’s where you need the support of top-notch developers or a robust mobile app development company in Dubai. 

Take a deep dive


  • Registration/Authorization

With registration, starting the investment journey is a dream because it requires a personal account through which the users can handle various activities. 

What’s more?

You may not attract your user base the way you want when there is a tough procedure to fill out the information; therefore, try to make it more effortless. And yes, don’t neglect to resolve the security issues because your users will enter their details here. You can implement social media integration, two-factor authentication, and identity verification for authorization. 

  • Security

In trading apps, isolation of user data and operations is essential to ensure security and reliability; for that, you can consider using cloud infrastructure where each user has their own private container. 

This will remove all adverse effects and give users the utmost security. What’s more interesting is the trading market closes on weekends, bringing savings of around 14% on cloud subscriptions.

  • Dashboard

Yes, the dashboard of an online stock trading app lets users view the invested amount of money and the fluctuation in the investment. 

Instead, everything will be in front of the dashboard, thanks to the fintech app development company that prioritizes the users’ concerns and brings them the best results. 

To let users make the most of the market scenario, you must not forget to provide real-time information updates. 

  • Onboarding 

Tracking apps usually consist of a procedure that tells users how to use, navigate through the product, and become an online trader. 

More users will be coming to your digital solution or stock market trading app when you resolve all their doubts initially. So, bring the most adventurous onboarding procedure and increase customer retention.

  • User Profile

What does a user profile consist of in a stock trading UAE app?

Significant insights into current account balance, user’s portfolio, and stock information, everything is provided under the user profile. 

Indeed, it is to strengthen the investment decisions of users by letting them analyze their assets. Moreover, the registered users can make the most of the recommendations. 

  • Integrating Bank Accounts

Adding bank account details is another crucial aspect of the registration process. While earlier, we need to build connections to individual banks, trading engines, payment mechanisms, and server parts; it has become seamless today by integrating APIs. Learn more about it while taking support from the best mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia

  • Search

How can we forget this essential feature?

You can easily search for active stocks and the rate prevalent in the market today. 

  • Push Notifications 

Providing your users with push notifications about the current scenario in the market is good, but you should not keep bothering them with continuous alerts and reminders. 

What is the right procedure for building an online stock trading solution? 

Selling, purchasing, or managing stocks on your trading platform gets seamless only when you have a terrific online stock trading solution, and here is how you can get the same. 

So, just read further and explore. 

Each step will lead you toward your own stock trading app

1. Initiate the Project

As you have proper ideation for how you want to make your solution live, consider meeting with the high-tech experts of a top iOS or Android application development company who will help you execute your plan in the form of an MVP or an app. Follow the procedure to start your hunt for your app development partner: 

  • Conduct market research
  • Get insights into your customers’ wants and how your dream product will resolve their problems. 
  • Prioritize features that will attract your audience. 

2. Project Scope

Here comes another stage where you must define your scope for trading mobile app development. 

Wondering what is required here?

Just discuss with your team the core features and how long it will take to integrate them for a robust infrastructure. While taking inputs from the project managers, clients, and sales team, developers usually set the timeline and scope of the project. 

3. App Security

If you neglect security in today’s era, you are at fall. 

Stock marketing trading app is governed by strict regulations as they accept sensitive data and information from their end-users. So what you need here to mitigate the security risks are XML external entities (XXE), cross-site scripting (XSS), injection, etc. 

For further insights, don’t forget to connect with a top fintech app development company like Techugo

4. Designing

What specific element attracts users to your app?

It’s design that keeps the spark of your digital solution alive. That means it has to be intuitive and attractive. 

Right, isn’t it?

Our UI/UX developers are proficient in designing any app according to its core abilities, and you will be surprised by the quality element and touch they provide. Consider meeting with experts who know how to bring world-class performance, experience, and security with an app. 

5. App Development Team 

How many developers you require to create your solution is another significant step that you should bring into the most focus. So, your team should include the following: 

  • JavaScript developers for web development
  • Android developers
  • UI designers
  • Testers
  • Swift developers for iOS
  • DevOps engineers

6. Development for API

To immediately include the features, here is how you can develop APIs. 

  • Use Postman to develop and test API. 
  • Utilize authentication, quotas, gateways, and encryption and mitigate the API security.
  • API should be compatible with Android, web, and iOS devices.
  • For effective requests and responses, design meaningful URLs. 

7. Testing, Deployment, and Maintenance 

Now that you have successfully developed your application, it’s time to test it to identify and debug all the issues from your online stock trading app to publish it on their defined platforms. 

Maintenance is essential for an app; therefore, don’t forget to provide certain spaces for updates and maintenance. 

How much does it cost to develop an online stock trading app?

The budget for the app development is determined by various factors that include app features, complexities, time, tech integration like AI, platforms, developers’ location, etc. 

Moreover, what are your needs and goals with that project determine the final cost of building an online stock trading app? 

Have you got the point here?

Yes, you need to figure out what features, technology, and design you want in your application and your business goals to learn the minimum price for the given scope of work and the final cost of app development. 

You can connect with our Android or iPhone app development company today to get more insights into this. 

How does a stock market trading app make money?

No rewards will come to your door when you just build and publish your app. 

Then how will you earn money?

While following some monetization strategies that will turn your app into a profit-generated tool, here is everything about all those master plans that will grow your app. 

Monetization Strategies

  • Ads

Earning from ads has never gone out of town. 

You can offer your app space to other entrepreneurs for displaying ads of their products and services and thus ask for a sum of money.

  • Transaction fee

For every transaction a user makes, you can charge a transaction fee. Today, most stock trading apps use this strategy to generate revenue and upscale their profit ratio. 

  • Paid Membership

How can we forget the paid membership?

One of the easiest ways today to generate more revenue. Utilizing a paid membership, the user can make unlimited transactions seamlessly. 

Partner with Techugo for your Stock Trading App Development

What makes you stop to start from the ground level?

Just connect with a team who will help you get your own dream application with all the tech and features integration you have always wanted. 

Bring quick gains today while adding the right potential to your business empire, and let us make it an enjoyable ride for you. 

Have any further doubts or queries?

Get in touch with us at Techugo, a reliable mobile app development company in Dubai.

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