11 Dec 2018
Updated on May 17th, 2022

Strategies Which Can Kill Your App Concept


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App Concept

We have heard a lot about the strategies which really build your app’s success pyramid and help it to gain further popularity, and believe the internet is full of such information, and there is no lack of it.

But has anyone ever told you that your app can turn into a disaster if you don’t chuck some specific strategies to be a part of your app development process?

I am sure none, rather you must have learned through your experience only, but here in this post we are going to address those disturbing facts, which are very much part of your app, and can trigger the app’s failure at the massive rate.

So what are you waiting for, let’s understand it further…

Inappropriate Audience Research

It might sound an absurd idea to you to research your market, since you are dealing and handling your audience for a longer time, and there is nothing which can complement your knowledge, but when it comes to app, your research has to be molded and must get the right form of information from the users to help your app platform.

  • Study your industry
  • Comprehend the audience that might be interested in an app
  • Check the demographics of your mobile app users
  • Understand which gender is most likely to use your app
  • Conduct surveys through your network
  • Research more about your industry using Google Trends, Google Adwords to name a few.
  • Check for your industry’s app trends at Statistics

Missing The Competitive Analysis

competition exists everywhere, and your app or business is not an exception, sooner you accept this fact, the better it would be for the success of your app platform.

It is important to research your market and audience through competitive analysis.

You should know who are your competitors? You can carry this process by checking…

  • Apps on the top 25 list in the different Stores
  • Apps similar to your concept
  • Companies who have developed similar mobile apps

After assessing your competitors, work on analyzing them…

  • Understand that wow well competitors have worked on the app idea?
  • What all functionalities that they have covered in the app?
  • Do they have apps for Android and iOS both? Check reviews and number of downloads.
  • Analyze the app description, app downloads, app users review
  • Check the strengths and weaknesses of competitive apps?
  • Find out more about their marketing strategy?

Remember, skipping any of the above mentioned competitive analysis steps, you  lend your mobile app at bigger risk soup.

The Absence of Platform Analysis

Here the study of your competition and analyzing the right approach matters most. You need to see the available competitive apps are only on one or both the platforms. You might think that getting the app on either or both platform would work, might be your approach is right, but that does not guarantee that it is 100% tight.

If your app is unavailable largely on any specific platform, then even if it holds the maximum potential, it would never garner the deserving recognition.

You need to conduct the platform analysis and must ask the questions, such as:

  • Which platform your audience like most?
  • Where the maximum competition exists?
  • How well your competitors are performing on both the platforms?
  • What are the reviews of your competitive apps on both the platforms?

Don’t fail to compare the positive vs negative reviews of your competitive apps, because each app has its distinctive set of the audience on each platform and have their own expectations. Thus you need to meet those expectations to avoid the mobile app failure.

Poor App concept

Your app concept is best out of all, this is what you must be thinking, but you need to come out of your comfort zone, and must face the real music on the road, which gives the actual rhythm of the users’ requirements.

You need to be a good listener and must listen to what user are looking for, you should not impose your likes on them through the app portal. Henceforth, when you decide to bring the app into reality, just ask yourself…

  • Is the app idea really unique?
  • The audience needs it or you need it?
  • Does this concept solve the users’ needs?
  • What’s the competition for your app concept?
  • What different you are offering to the users through the app?
  • Will your app idea resolve the weaknesses available in the competitive apps?

Once you get an answer to these questions and get the foolproof background to kick start journey then only proceed ahead, else there is no need of moving further with a weak app concept.

Wrong App Development Strategy

Yes, the app development strategy does not suffice the app concept integration only rather, it speaks for something more, and that is the selection of right app development partner for your app concept.

A right app development company holds the expertise and the right amount of exposure to help you garner the right attention for an app platform since the app is not just about coding, but there are other aspects as well, which together contribute in the success plan of your mobile app.

You need to ask a set of questions from your app developers, like:

  • How well this idea would work?
  • What would be the design of the app?
  • Which all technologies would be a part of your app?
  • How long the app development will take?
  • What would be the after support?
  • And whether there will be enough number app publishing support or not?

A mobile app does not become popular or successful, just due to the app concept, but there are many factors involved within to make the app grow successful and mark a niche for itself in its respective market.

Thus you must consider the factors mentioned in this post religiously, else failing to follow, your app would surely hit the bouncy road of failure. Thus don’t fall behind and get in touch with a leading mobile application development company  and help your business to get a successful app product All the above points help in developing a perfect app development strategy.

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