29 Aug 2023

Succeeding In the Business of Beats with the Development of a Music App Like Anghami!


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Anghami, also known as the Spotify of the Middle East, has become a leading music streaming platform, and its robust record of successful milestones has a massive role to play! Anghami was born a decade ago, and the platform captured the market and became the first Arab company to be listed on NASDAQ.

Have you ever wondered what helped music apps like Anghami and Spotify acquire tremendous success? Although music app owners might adopt a comparable framework for constructing such applications, a distinct spark is evident in the instances above. Undoubtedly, these apps have evolved into our primary destinations for streaming music.

Mobile app development can indeed be complicated; however, achieving success after turning down the roadblocks is the spirit!

Take a look at some of the key points that make Anghami that it is today:

– Anghami acquired the live events and concert company named Spotlight.

– The platform has expanded its services as an offline music app.

In the Middle East, the platform has become the best music app in North Africa.

And the achievements list is never exhausting!

Have you thought about investing in the idea of a music streaming platform for your audience in Dubai? If that’s a yes, this article is curated just for you.

So, let’s learn every essential detail without further ado!

What It Takes To Develop a Music Streaming App in Dubai?

Harmonizing Innovation in Dubai's Soundscape- Building a Dynamic Music Streaming AppNo wonder Dubai and the Middle East, in general, are evolving into a global hub for several industries due to the technical advancements taking place. Mobile apps have become necessary for businesses, so entrepreneurs are partnering with the best mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia to get their hands on the pixie dust for success!

The market for music streaming apps is rapidly growing due to its rising demand, and there is no better time to grab the opportunity and make it yours. Do you agree?

Now that people spend most of their time with entertainment apps like Anghami and Spotify, how about building one with your unique element?

But first, it is significant to understand what attracts success to these platforms. So, let’s begin the rollercoaster ride!

Chart-Topping Features: Scaling the Heights of Success for Music Streaming Apps

Elevating-User-ExperiencesAs mentioned earlier, curating music streaming apps can be complicated. While app features need to be exceptional, brimming a platform with the same can be too overwhelming for the users. Therefore, take a look at some of the basic features that are vital to be considered a music streaming platform development.

1. Music Player 

A music player interface has to be user-friendly and engaging at the same time. You must have noticed that most players incorporate an audio track of the song, volume controls, buttons for song shuffle, and more. Additionally, while some players show the banner of the music album, other apps like Spotify play the music video, making it an attractive element. Therefore, if you’re working on the idea, ensure it does not extract much of the user’s mobile data.

2. Music Search

The best music app is the one that takes care of the minutest of convenience for its customers. For instance, the search functionality makes it much easier for the app users to find songs, albums, and even artists of their choice in an instant!

3. AI Recommendations

Artificial Intelligence has become a terrific integration for developing any e-commerce or music streaming app that must present recommendations. Indeed, music lovers do not stop at listening to popular songs. Instead, they love discovering and are open to listening to suggestions. Thus, here’s when AI comes in handy!

The technology monitors the app user’s music streaming preferences to recommend music that fits their interests.

Isn’t it jaw-dropping?

4. Lyrics Display

It is weird when there’s a room full of people vibing with the best music, while you sit in a corner trying to figure out the lyrics of the same. How about a little sneak peek into the lyrics without surfing on Safari? 

The credit goes to the lyrics display feature that can save you from awkward party moments!

Not to mention, such a set of features can be easily amalgamated with Android and iOS; thus, partner with the best Android or iPhone app development company for the best results. 

5. Playlist

Being able to save different playlists for different moods seems rewarding, right? Allow your app users to craft playlists, so they can easily browse the same hassle-free.

6. Downloading

Apart from saving the playlists, the icing on the cake is being able to download songs that your music lovers are fond of. Downloading music will enable app users to access the songs even when the internet connection is unstable, and it won’t block their fun!

7. Podcast and Radio

A music app like Anghami has incorporated podcast and radio features that enable users to access the same per their preference. No wonder podcasts are the trend, and growing numbers are now creating channels to share success stories, quirky tales, and more with others. 

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Other Advanced Features of a Music Streaming Platform 

As important as it is to have knowledge about the integration of basic features, it is crucial to bring some of the worthy and advanced features to your customers. Some of them include:

1. Spatial Audio

Spatial audio is a unique feature that allows artists to mix and match music to introduce an immersive experience. The exciting part is that spatial audio generates a 360-degree audio effect.

2. Lossless

Lossless is the way to go if you want to provide customers with a premium audio listening experience! Its algorithm ensures that a compressed digital audio file does not lose quality during the compression procedure. A number of Apple and Android apps support lossless; thus, considering the feature for iPhone or Android app development would be a plus!

3. Media Uploading

While you give out an option for uploading media, ensure it gets saved separately from the playlists. Thus, all it will take is switching tabs from playlists to uploaded media, and one can easily find what they want.

4.  Artists’ Page

The artist’s page can provide access to their songs exclusively, which can be saved or downloaded. Additionally, notifications can be triggered whenever the artist releases a new song or an album.

5. Play Count


You can enhance the user experience by presenting your customers statistics on their plays and musical journeys. Additionally, you can reward them for spending time on your app through bonuses, free subscriptions, etc.

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How Do Music Streaming Apps Like Anghami Make Money?

Unlocking Revenue Notes- The Melody of Monetization Strategies in Music Streaming AppsThere are different models that entrepreneurs can opt to monetize via their music streaming apps. Therefore, some of the commonly opted preferences are listed below:

1. Freemium Model

The freemium model is majorly opted by startups to intrigue more audiences towards their platform. The platform is a free music app for iPhone and Android; however, it comes at a price only for the advanced features.

2. In-App Advertisement

The in-app advertisement model is the star across platforms like dating app development and other on-demand apps.


The model allows you to directly place advertisements in your music streaming app with the help of two methods. Either you integrate short audio ads or follow the media advertising method.

3. Subscriptions

Do you now have a massive audience that loves your platform and wants to avoid opting for your substitutes? Then, this is the best time to introduce a subscription model to help you generate higher income. You may run ads encouraging your app users to switch to a premium, ad-free version without distractions. You may also develop numerous subscription plans with different features as per the amount for the audience to have a wider choice.

4. Promotions

Music listeners, small artists, and entertainers also sign up for the app to acquire recognition. Thus, your platform can support and promote young artists, which can be profitable. 

How To Market Your Flawless Music Streaming App?

Do you want to build the right marketing strategies for your music app? Don’t worry because Techugo- a top-notch mobile app development company in UAE has got you!

But before that, here are some of the tips we need you to note down:

1. Analyze Other Music Apps

If you want to chase the top position in the market, you must examine what your competitors offer. Analyzing constantly works like magic, and a little spying will not harm you! (But do not go overboard.) 

 Figure out the pros and cons of the substitute apps, and try working on their loopholes so your product is much more presentable. It will also incline their users towards your app if you offer the long-lost features they were willing to use.

2. Music Brings People Together

When anyone lands on a good song or an album, they are most likely to share it with loved ones. Therefore, here’s when social media integration can be a profitable business. Social media apps will enable the audience to share their music seamlessly, attracting an engaging experience.

How does the idea of music and social app development sound to you?

3. Own It Up!

You must have heard a saying that unless you’re confident in yourself, no one else would value you! Similarly, no one else will if you don’t have faith in your music app. Therefore, you must present your app as the best choice streamers can make. In short, blow the trumpet for your innovation!

4. E-Mail Marketing

No matter which industry you’re working with, e-mail marketing is always a phenomenal option for brand awareness. Therefore, you may collect your app user’s IDs while they are signing up with your app, so you can draft promotional emails from time to time.
It is suggested to send out personalized emails for your customers to feel special and relevant about your music app.

5. Generate Music Blogs

As said, content is king. There are reading enthusiasts, and you must ensure publishing blogs around your mobile app. You may also collaborate with third parties to cover your platform stories for promotion. 

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ALERT: Licensing Essentials for Music App Development!

Navigating Licensing Requirements for Successful Music App DevelopmentNot to mention, license requirement is the key element in music app development. Before diving deep into the process, you must ensure the legal provisions are in place. Additionally, you must regulate to the industry standards, including Public Performance Rights, Sound Recording Licenses, Musical Composition License, and more.

If you’re looking for more insights into legalities and music app development, schedule a consultation with an on-demand app development company today!

To Sum Up!

Embarking on the journey of developing a music app like Anghami presents a unique and exciting opportunity in the ever-evolving world of technology and music consumption. The success of Anghami serves as a testament to the immense potential within the intersection of music and app development.

Ultimately, succeeding in the business of beats with a music app like Anghami demands innovation, user-centric design, and a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic music industry landscape. Fortunately, it is possible with us at Techugo- a top mobile app development company in Dubai that is awaiting for your exceptional app ideas. 

So, bring it on!

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