28 May 2018
Updated on July 20th, 2019

How To Attain Success On Social Media Platform For Your Mobile App

Social Media

Can really social media help my app to get popular???

This question often comes to the minds of the app owners, who really look forward to make the most out of their app concept, but they fail to do so, in the absence of right marketing strategies opted for their app venture.

It sounds painful and disturbing as well, but what is the solution???

Well, considering the number of existing mobile app development companies in the app development field, I think it is quite easier to find an app development partner for your mobile app concept, but once the app development process gets accomplished, the very next thing comes in your way is to promote your mobile app.

The app promotion has to be managed and maintained in a way so it can help your mobile app concept to go popular and widely acclaimed.

A mobile app can be promoted through various ways and app marketers have a range of different marketing strategies which help your mobile app to get acknowledged by the wider audience base.

Amongst the all popular app marketing strategies, one of the most well-accepted and widely known app marketing channels is Social Media.

With social media, your app receives a large window of opportunities which help the users to explore your mobile app through their convenient modes.

Although Social media promotion is a much talked and utilized aspect in today’s time, there are certain aspects have to be followed in order to make your mobile app get noticed on the social media platforms by the users.

With this blog, I aim to draw your attention towards those special tips which can help your mobile app in abundance, so without wasting any further moment let’s discuss ahead…

The very first step of marketing suggests that you must get a Promotional Website for your mobile app, which helps your mobile app to get noticed and attain a number of users, much before its official launch, so you must start working from your app landing page…and then you must carry it to the next level that suggests the creation of a social media page for your mobile app.

In your app’s social media page make sure that you must take care of:

The Aesthetic Appeal of Your App’s Social Media Page

Much before you proceed to give a new dimension to your app promotion through the social media platforms, you need to invest a good amount of research about your users’ preferences and accordingly create a social media page for your app.

Make sure that your app’s page includes the cover photo, the profile picture, and the additional info displayed on your page.

Also, there must be clear CTA on your social media page.

Give A Huge Shout On Every Social Platform

Users have different preferences, and not all the potential user base for our mobile app would be available on every possible social media platform, hence if you be selective in making an online presence for your mobile app on specific social platforms, then the chances are there, that you would miss out largely on a potential user base.

Make sure that your app has an online presence on every social media platform, which in return would help your app to get wider audience base.

Manage The Content

Users on social media channels have limited time, and they love to see the content or the feeds which are short, succinct and informative as well.

You need to understand that a large number of users must be checking your app for the very first time, thus the impression from your mobile app must carve an impression on the on lookers.

Don’t rush to publish the relevant content just to mark the presence on the social media platform; rather you must be selective enough to publish the relevant content on the social media.

Your content must create a curiosity bomb amongst your users, in a very interesting manner, so try different content strategies, and give reasons to your users to check the content to download your mobile app consequently.

Don’t  Overdo

It is a healthy practice to follow a consistency in publishing the content about your mobile app on social media pages, but at the same time, you need to ensure that it must not sound the forceful integration.

You need to watch out for the users’ behavior and posting your content accordingly, your post must incur the interest from your users, and it must not be the reason behind the avoidance you receive on your app platform.

Remind your users about your brand not with the marketing pitch but in a language which they can relate to, and also you must set the frequency of your posting as well, to face any deteriorating situation from the users.

Integrate Visually Appealing Content

Many marketers make a huge mistake by only uploading the text-content on the social media platforms, thinking it would suffice the needs of the marketing for their mobile app, but this approach is absolutely wrong, since this approach would create a monotony filled passage for your targeted audience and they would not prefer to cross it every time.

No, I am not at all saying that you must abandon the text content at all, but along with the text content, you must include the interesting video teasers, images, and some trending social media strategy as well, to help your users to stay glued to your app.

Backlinks Must Not Be Avoided

The ultimate reason behind the social media marketing or any other marketing is to bring a number of users on your app, so they would use the services more frequently and help you earn better revenue points.

So in order to optimize the content on the social media pages, it is highly significant that to create backlinks ( a successful strategy from SEO) and create the relevant hashtags to help the targeted audience find information about your app much easier.

Last but not the least, your app will receive the appreciation from the users only when it complements the marketing strategies with the app’s functionalities, features and other required aspects of the mobile app, so you must get your app developed with a leading and top mobile app development company in India to help your mobile app to gain the attention from its targeted audience.

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