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Have you ever realized that the more substantial the business’s customer base, the better its reputation and awareness? However, numerous strategies have to be adopted for reaching that level, one of which is integrating push notifications in your app for your customers. 

Mobile apps are not just a concept, but it’s the outcome of loads of thought and effort in building and continuously improving the mobile app. Apart from developing a mobile app, every business owner wants to provide an engaging experience to the users.

Therefore, if you’re expecting your app users to open the app ten times a day, give them a reason to do so intriguing them with exciting notifications! 

So, What is a Push Notification?

Push Notification

These are the short messages, which appear on the user’s mobile screen, without the app running. For example, push notifications can be about the latest offers, app updates, and recent activities, which are opted out by the same user or the other users of the app.

Why Push Notifications?

As the report suggests, the average lifespan of an app can be as short as 30 days; with the integration of push notifications within your mobile app can extend that expiration date and keep your users coming back for more.

Eventually, the users are bifurcated into two categories: Daily Active Users (DAUs) and Monthly Active Users (MAUs). The data collected from these metrics, speak about your apps’ popularity. The push notifications sent by your mobile app motivate your users to open your app. Thus, the clicks and app opened due to push notifications to help you to connect efficiently with your users.

Don’t believe us? Then, take a look at the stats below:

– Push notifications to boost app engagement by 88%

– 65% of users return to an app within 30 days when push is enabled

– 50% of users opt to push and find push messages useful

Push Notification Marketing Strategies 

push notification

If you’re still in a dilemma; fortunately, we’ve put together a list of top-notch strategies to be amalgamated by a business in its mechanisms. 

So, let’s get started! 

1. Monitor a User’s Actions

For running a smooth mechanism, some unique actions have to be set for user’s to realize the benefits they acquire from clicking on your push notifications. Presented below are the cases that will most likely convert your potential customers into subscribers:

– Viewed a Product

If you run an e-commerce app, you may integrate a setting that triggers whenever a customer is looking for a specific product. It’ll demonstrate that the customer is interested in a particular product and, in all likelihood, will buy the same when a push notification is forwarded. 

– Session Count

You could automatize the opt-ins to show up after a user has spent a set amount of time using the mobile application. Doing this will present you with the idea that the customer is well-aware of your products and services, and push notifications may offer value to both parties. 

2. Find the Best Pages for Launching Opt-Ins

It is vital to monitor your best-performing pages on the app that holds the potential to retain your customers or app users. Therefore, you can carry out unique methods of push notification advertising for efficient results. 

Here are some of the best ideas:

– Order Tracking

when customers place their orders within the app, they are likely to visit the order tracking page more often. Thus, you can use the opportunity and ask them if they would like to enable push notifications for the same. 

– Checkout

Retailers or app owners can provide their customers with the option to enable push notifications on the checkout page. Make sure they are aware that allowing push notifications will send them updates regarding new products, deals, discounts, and more. 

– Sold Out or Out of Stock Product

Many times, customers might find that the product they want to buy is either out of stock or sold out. Therefore, you can have your customers subscribe to your push notifications to alert them whenever the product is available.

3. Permission Messages 

As mentioned earlier, it is vital for app users to learn why subscribing to push notifications is important for them. Therefore, a copy must be drafted mentioning the best reasons for them to do so. Here are a few things to keep in mind before drafting: 

– Target Audience

Have you figured out the audience you’re targeting? 

If not, you must think again! 

Once you’ve learned more about the audience buying your products or services, message framing has to be done accordingly. 

– Pros of Push Notifications

The message that has to be conveyed needs to be transparent and loud. Do not compromise on the tone of your drafted message. It is suggested to keep away from something that may come out too strong or offensive. 

– Eye-Catching Headline  

A great headline does a massive job! It must be convincing in a funny, creative, or powerful manner that customers can’t avoid opting for push notiifcations. 

4. Use Different Communication Channels for Encouraging Subscriptions 

There might be an audience not in favor of receiving push notifications; thus, they might not subscribe to the same. It is why you must figure out other methods to reach out to the audience.

What can you do?

You may utilize other channels for providing information regarding products, discounts, offers, and much more. Additionally, you may also integrate links or buttons for your subscribers to easily reach on the landing page. 

5. Make an Offer That Can’t Be Refused

Offering incentives is a proven strategy for acquiring customers’ attention, or converting them into subscribers. The strategy not only invites more sign-ups but convinces people to stay engaged with your platform.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting Started  

Take a look!

1. Build a Strategy

As per a famous adage, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” It implies in every condition, and push notifications are no exception. Therefore, you need to have a well planned and balanced push-notification strategies ready with you to make your app marketing a successful venture.

2. Segregate the Audience

Mobile apps are used by different people with different demands. Therefore, to analyze the exact demand you must sift thoroughly and find out the information based on their interests, gender and their previous actions in your mobile app.

For instance, an e-commerce business owner can send a notification about the latest product, and within the criteria of new and existing customers, you can offer a discount or the accessories to go with.

3. Choose the Right Push Platform

To make your push notifications a successful marking in your app marketing, you need to choose the right push platform like Urban Airship, PushWoosh, Parse, and Carnival. These are the most popular push platforms in the market. Pick the most appropriate option for your app requirement.

4. Set the Frequency

The most crucial factor for any push notification is the frequency. If notifications are sent regularly, unless your app domain is like a news app, it would only harm your app marketing strategy. So set the frequency after doing a full check on your user’s demand.

Also, allow users to opt-out of the push notification, if they want to. Although it sounds risky, if you don’t give the option of “opt-out” to your users, they might uninstall your app.

So to avoid the disastrous consequences of uninstalling, let the users pick the opt-out options, and you can apply e-mail marketing to those users.

To Sum Up

Are you looking forward to more strategic advice on engaging customers with the help of your businesse’s mobile app? Then, get in touch with a top mobile app development company for further assistance! 

Have a good day, and happy innovation!

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