App’s Success Post-Launch

25 Sep 2018

Sustaining The App’s Success Post-Launch

The moment your app goes live on the store, the journey doesn’t end there, but a new chapter begins for your app, which let’s new challenges and complexities to feast on your application.

It sounds worrisome and can really let your app to get dwelt into a well of horror; hence it is highly recommended to follow certain strategies to avoid the screeching halt to occur to your mobile app’s success path.

These measures vary from app to app, but if followed well can really make your app go viral.

That sounds amazing!!!


There is much more to this story still left…the moment you think that your app is all doing well, do you know what is the next step?


The success of the apps is not a one time process, there has to be numerous strategies and approaches that have to be followed to perpetuate its position in the app market. It is really necessary to retain the users and keep them intact through the performance and updated versions.

Even after the launch of the app, one has to work upon to make it better and give a tough competition to the competitors so that its popularity and customer loyalty is not hampered. The indulgence of the mobile app developers is must at every step in this race of success retention.

Are you finding it little difficult to maintain then let’s have this post describing the various factors which can help you to make your efforts worthy…

App Users’ Reviews Are Significant

Have you ever wondered that where these reviews come from? 

These are basically the opinions of the users which are developed after using the apps and checking its functionality.

Thus, there is no scope of any kind of favoritism. Genuine reviews will portray a real picture of your app and the kind of outcome it is delivering to the users. If the users are not at all happy then there is an opportunity to find out the shortcomings of the app and reshape the functionality to turn the negative reviews into the positive.

This is how you can address the issues of the users associated with your apps.

Sometimes it is hard to find out the flaws in your app, but do you know this happens due to the human tendency, which only offers us to see what we want to see, and surprisingly we never find any flaws in the app.

But you need to see it not from YOUR OWN perspective, rather your focus must go ahead with the USERS’ PERSPECTIVE to attain a better view and explore the improvement areas.

Check How Far Users Are Engaged With Your App

There are a few aspects which can really make an app worthwhile, is by knowing that what kind of user engagement does your app have? And why the number of app users is experiencing a drop?

Such stats offer valuable data and can help you to adopt the right methodology to move in the right direction.

The drop in the users at times happens due to the issues which were ignored largely during the pre-launch of the apps.

Hence each aspect has its own value in retaining the customers and winning their hearts. Bugs need to be fixed as soon as possible to deliver the refined quality of the apps.

Monitoring the apps should always be a part of the app development process; this will assist you to acquire the right number of users that you have envisaged for the app.

Don’t Chuck The Ranking Game At Any Cost

Ranking of the apps holds the vital importance to attract the users. The more good ranking your app holds, the more noticeable it will be in the app store.

However once attained this ranking has to be managed further, hence you need to make several efforts to make it work for your app.

You need to maintain the relevancy of the keywords, titles etc. so that it doesn’t disappear in the cluster of uncountable apps.

Leaving the apps on their destiny is the most illogical thought that can ruin the goodwill of the apps in the market.

App Version Needs To Be Updated

Considering your app to be a perfect piece causes the hindrance in the app’s success path.

Rather if you want your app to make a pace with the latest technology and the trends, then you must regularly update your app to prevent the users from getting bored and abandon the apps.

Failing to do so, affects the app’s popularity and can be the biggest hindrance in the path of the success. So, there have to be some latest modifications which can result in the building of an app that can please the users and keep them bound.

Keep Offering The Irresistible Offers

Try to attract the users through the various kinds of techniques and strategies.

One of them is by increasing the users’ willingness to share and recommend your apps to others also.

You can’t deny that various offers and discounts work well with users to help them stay encouraged for indirect promotional activities. They will voluntarily share it to get the discount codes and points. This helps in keeping the app alive in the market.

This concentrated version of mentioned aspects can tell you that how the maintenance has to be taken care of after the app launch and believe me getting an app created and leave it, is not the solution, rather you must ask your leading mobile app development company in Australia to help you come up with the latest and the befitting technological solutions to fit the taste of your mobile app and its specific audience.

Last but not the least, an app can only be popular and stay popular when it is always in the process of evolution and does not sit back on its laurels.

Hence make your app an invincible piece in the chaotic jungle of the existing mobile apps, and help it reach the audience in a massive number.



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