Symfony Vs Laravel

19 Jan 2021

Symfony Vs Laravel; Which One Is Better?

The app technologies have surged in the current spectrum, and the credit goes to on-going demands and requirements from the businesses. However, there is not just one app development framework, but a huge glut to choose from.

Indeed, making a decision on which of these will be better for your project could be difficult, and can build or kill your app.

Hence to help you decide among the most popular PHP frameworks, we have brought this post today, so you can check which one is better Laravel or Symfony.

Laravel is preferred by developers for its rapid development, performance, and high-speed. Whereas, Symfony is suitable for the development of complex and large-size web applications effortlessly.

Well, there is much more to dig out and to help you make the informed decision, this post will serve as your guide.

Let’s get on a tour…

Laravel- a quick word

Well, Laravel is an open-source framework having an MVC- model-view-controller design pattern. With this framework, it becomes easy to build a scalable web application effortlessly. From the technological forefront the basic features it consists of are Yii, CodeIgniter, or Ruby on Rails. It is very easy to understand and work with Advanced PHP if you have got the information about the Core PHP. For developers, it is very easy to build an app with it, as it offers a simple coding approach with a reduced development time framework.

What more you should know about Laravel?

Laravel Pros

  • Offers a large ecosystem of additional tools;
  • It is always updated with the newest version of PHP features;
  • Through API, it lets integrating apps with the most popular email services;
  • Compatible with other third-party platforms and libraries.

Laravel Cons

  • Certain apps built with Laravel turn heavier for faster loading on mobile;
  • Updates are not compatible.

Symfony- a quick word

 On the flip side, Symfony is also an app development framework based on open-source PHP projects like Propel, Doctrine, PHPUnit, Twig, and Swift Mailer. The technological components it holds are Symfony YAML, Symfony Event Dispatcher, Symfony Dependency Injector, and Symfony Templating. For the complex enterprise project, Symfony is an irresistible framework to work with.

What more you should know about Symfony?

Symfony Pros

  • Used by well-known platforms like Drupal, Magento, and eZ Publish;
  • Community of developers is ever-growing;
  • Regularly it gets updated as per the web developers’ needs.

Symfony Cons

  • Prebuilt code for multiple uses, requires more time for testing, making the development process slow.
  • Symfony is hard to learn compared to other PHP frameworks;
  • Its dependency on other technologies results in slow loading apps;

Comparison between Symfony and Laravel

To start with, you must remember that both Symfony and Laravel use PHP as their programming language, used for cross-platform app development. Both frameworks use multi-user and multi-language content. 

Based on the differences these two frameworks hold, it can be stated that Symfony is designed and developed for a bit of larger-scale and complex projects. It is a perfect choice to be opted for the apps, having huge features, as it has several platforms to maintain scalability. It uses Twig as a templating engine, which doesn’t support code reusability. On the other hand, the database Symfony uses is Doctrine.

As far as it is concerned with Laravel, then it is related to MVC design and has the templating engine Blade. It enables developers to reuse the code. Laravel offers object-relational mapping for data access with Eloquent. The speed of the app with Laravel is higher as it secures a proper version control system, helping the migration of applications later. 

Which one is better; Laravel or Symfony???

Choosing a good PHP framework offers the right building blocks to make developing your app an irresistible charm.

Well, to be précised, the concept of both frameworks has its own set of advantages. In simpler words, Symfony is the answer for long-term, complex projects. And it is a good choice to personalize your mobile app and gives you a chance to add the required elements without changing the entire project.

On the other hand, Laravel is an ideal choice when quicker app development is in demand at a lesser cost. It comes with ready to use essentials that help the development journey smoother and faster. It becomes a cakewalk to authorize with this framework, and only requires configuring a database and models during migration.

Final thoughts

No wonder, both Laravel and Symphony are popular and trustworthy to initiate your app development journey. However, one of the most significant parts of the development is to remember which project to be launched, what features to be added, and what is the goal to be achieved. Considering these aspects, you can make the final call and select the right framework.

If you are still puzzled to select the right option, then you must get in touch with our team of technocrats to make your development choice clear.

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