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Online Casinos

It’s no secret that AI is integrating deeply and solving unique problems across a variety of industries and sectors. It ...

AI Apps

AI is in VOGUE, and the credit goes to its promising functionality, which has made businesses to add efficiency and effe...

Facial Recognition

Thinking to offer a hyper-personalized experience to your cu...

AI integration model

We all get intrigued by the creative innovation of technology; Read More...

Artificial Intelligence

The year 2020 has been a source of major upheaval due to pandemic in our life, but at the same time AI technology is gro...


Recently BrainBox AI a Canada-based autonomous building technology raised a total of $12 million CAD...

Artificial Intelligence

The rise of Artificial Intelligence is accelerating the transformation...


How AI technology would help in bridging the gaps between teachers and students in the near future? That sounds quite si...

AI Technology

We live in an era where technologies are constantly evolving to help mankind to succeed in their lives. From the simples...

AI App

Who would have thought that Artificial Intelligence (AI) would come such a long way, when it was introduced by John McCa...

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The future is certainly bright for online dating with new technologies like IoT. To know how it will revolutionize virtual dating forever, read this blog post here


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Twitter rolls out Spaces, its Clubhouse rival on Android

#TwitterSpaces #twitterspace #Clubhouse #wednesdaythought

Apple iOS 14.5 Beta 3 re-enables setting up of third-party music player as default.


#apple #iOS145Beta3 #musicplayer #techupdates

WhatsApp Messenger has been updated on iOS and it brings some new features like a new animation for voice messages.


#whatsapp #ios #iosupdates #techupdates

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